How well will the HTC Vive XR Elite work with MSFS?

Looking like it can play any PC VR games (at least Steam VR), and MSFS is supposed to support any VR headset now.

110 degree field of vision and possibly even 2 hours of untethered play via Wi-Fi, sounds like it can really be a blast to use with MSFS but would anyone on here know if it is poised to work with MSFS?

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It should work when using SteamVR’s OpenXR runtime then, just like the previous HTC Vive headsets.

I haven’t owned a VR headset since the DK2. At the time it was fun to play around with but the resolution sucked, it was uncomfortable to wear, and I could never get comfortable with not being able to see my surroundings.

I know VR has come along way in terms of resolution since then but this is one of the first headsets that looks to tackle my other two gripes. The Pico 4 looks interesting as well but it’s not easily available in the US and as I understand it there are some privacy concerns with the company that makes it.

I’m considering giving the Vive XR Elite a try, primarily forMSFS

@ChaseyDogOne I got my new Vive XR Elite headset a few days ago and have got it working very well with msfs using the stock wireless streamer. It runs through SteamVR so you need to set it to SteamVR as the openxr runtime. I also tried it wired with a usb3 link cable and this works a tiny bit better. I still prefer the freedom of wireless though. I do have a very strong gaming PC (i9 13900k/rtx4090/32Gb 5200 ram) and a very good router/wifi setup so this probably helps. The headset is very comfortable and I like that it has diopters so I don’t need to wear my glasses, or get inserts.

I also have a +3 month old pre-ordered Quest Pro and this also works great with msfs, wireless with Air Link. After adding a top strap to my QPro it’s also very comfortable.

It’s a bit too early for me to be able to say which one I prefer. Right now, I like both and will probably keep both of them. I think it’s nice to keep a foot in both Meta and HTC camps.

Thanks. Just placed an order for the Vive XR Elite. I’ve got a 5800x3D, 32GB of 3200, and a 4080FE, not as strong as your system, but I’m hopeful it will still provide good performance for MSFS in VR

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@ChaseyDogOne Your PC should handle things fine imho. Good luck with your XR Elite. I think you’re going to like it. Cheers.

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I run MSFS in VR (HP Reverb G2) mostly fine with my 2080 super, I’m sure you will be fine. I’m starting to consider an upgrade, though.

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So, does it mean that those type of Headsets do not work with the MS-Store version like the G2?

Does the Vive XR Elite still rely on Vive Console on the top of SteamVR like the Cosmos and Vive Pro 2 line?

@ptisinge77 No, thankfully it does not need or rely on Vive Console. This was the first thing asked Vive Support about before I preodered, lol! It does need you to use the Vive Streaming Hub app but this is only required to set quality and bitrates, much like other streaming applications. You can download this app from the Vive Support website and have a look at its layout/settings.

The second thing had asked them was if, like the Pico 4 (which I don’t have because its not sold in Australia yet), was using Virtual Desktop going to be necessary in order to get good results. They told me that no, this was not going to be necessary. While I still need to do a little more finetuning, can confirm that their streaming app seems to work well, either wired with a Link cable or wireless with a good router/wifi (5, 6, or 6e) setup (same requirements as Air Link and Virtual Desktop).

Guy Goddin (VD developer) has confirmed that he is almost finished a version for the XR Elite, and in fact it is already showing up as ‘coming soon’ on the XR Elite VivePort store. For some, this may allow for a bit more finetuning and maybe some further improvements with wireless PCVR. Time will tell I guess.

Pretty well all I can tell you for now. Before giving any pro/con comparisons to my Quest Pro (and Vive Pro) I need to be confident I’m getting the best possible results out my new Vive XR Elite. I will say it’s looking pretty promising so far. Cheers.

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Definitely looking forward to your comparison of the two devices. Thank you for your testing efforts!

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That’s nice that you were able to get your hands on one early. Just wondering though, how is the audio quality? From what I heard, audio is built in but the speakers must be small as they have to fit inside the fabric of the unit?

The audio is a bit better than the Quest Pro, but not by a lot. Much better than the Quest 2 though imho.

Wait…the Vive XR Elite has been released?

Their website says it was supposed to release in “early March 2023” but I see NO reputable reviews of this device on YouTube.

What’s the deal?

Can you please share your VR configuration? I am thinking of buying the XR elite, my pc specs are exactelly the same as yours?

Do the mixed reality help on flight simulator? or do you think it could be usefull?



@JMsoo8137 MSFS settings for the XR Elite with my high end rtx4090 PC are the same as with my Quest Pro. That is, mostly Ultra and high on a few things like clouds. Once I’m confident that my XR Elite is performing at its best I’ll post some detailed settings and give you my impressions of it as to how it compared to my Quest Pro.

My Vive XR Elite still has some PCVR streaming software issues that hopefully will be resolved soon. If you are thinking about buying a Vive XR Elite I’d recommend you wait at least a few more weeks, maybe a month, in order for Vive to address some of these issues and for more units to be shipped and in the hands of regular users like ourselves.

@SunlitAlpaca141 Another Aussie user here.
Also having problems with PCVR streaming. I have the added wrinkle of having an Radeon 7900xt. I have a support ticket logged with HTC/Vive.
Can get MSFS to stream but is unreliable and GPU crashes within 30seconds.

Fortunately with my rtx4090 I don’t actually have any problems starting up msfs and running it. It works very well with both a Link cable and wireless with their streaming hub app.

My main problem is exiting SteamVR after exiting msfs. Unless I get the timing just right (exit StreamVR then quickly exit the streaming app) my PC hangs and I then need to do a hard reset (press/hold PC power button). This is very annoying and I doubt it’s doing my PC any good.

I’m sad to say that since Vive Support has not been able to provide me a fix, together with Vive’s very short 14 day return window, I’ve started a return for refund process. This is progressing fine and Vive sent a courier over to my house yesterday to pick it up and return it to their Australian return center.

Again, all too bad but I don’t think I had any other sensible options. Maybe when the dust settles and early XR Elite bugs are squashed, I’ll consider purchasing this again. For now I’ll just stick with my Quest Pro and OG Vive Pro 1. I hope that new XR Elite users have better luck. Cheers.

@SunlitAlpaca141 I have A GPU crash when quitting MSFS after a VR session.
I exit MSFS, SteamVR and StreamingHub in that order which is the reverse of my startup order.

Thanks for the info I will hold for the moment and see more reviews.