HP Reverb G2 Cockpit Shakes Violently Since Nvidia 479.09 & 479.29 Drivers


The Nvidia 479.29 driver release did fix the rampant CTD and Purple squares on terrain in both monitor and VR modes, but a new problem remains. Since the 479.09 driver release, frequently (but not always) my HP Reverb G2 will act like its lost tracking in the cockpit. This makes everything shake violently when I move my head around, and the cockpit and terrain are out of sync with eachother as well. The game menus appear to stay stable when looking at them, but gameplay itself is impossible.

This happens sometimes; usually mid-flight, and not every flight, but probably 50%. Everything will be fine, then all of the sudden the tracking goes all crazy. I usually have to reboot to solve the issue.

Again, this started with (and had NEVER occured before) the 479.09 drivers. Given the many issues that driver caused with FS2020, my guess is this is just one bug that got missed with the 479.29 fix.

I had same issue recently when I tested Resizable Bar and HAGS ON. I blamed the issue on one of those, disabled them back, and did not have it so far.

I stayed with 471.96, no issues, and running on WIN 11, game mode off, Graphics set for high performance. GTX1080

Same problem here using a Samsung Odyssey. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next driver release and/or an update from Asobo

Turning HAGS off fixed this problem for me.

Based on one of the above posts in the thread mentioning “HAGS”, I am left wondering if this post about specific NVIDIA drivers might be related to this post (linked). Based on what is written there, I wonder if there is a relationship between specific NVIDIA drivers and Windows 11.

I’m curious to know what OS people are running.