HP Reverb G2, cockpit shaking since installing windows 11

Doesn’t DCS require SteamVR? I’m using OpenXR for MSFS so maybe related to that. Personally I don’t find it that much of a problem, an annoyance yes but not stopping me from using VR at all.

I will hope DX12 will resolve the Problem. To little Posts and Votes than Asobo will fixes that.

reducing the scaling fixes this!

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Render scaling? Doesn’t seem to fix it my end. Still overly sensitive head movements in the cockpit and micro shakes even when trying to keep my head extremely still.

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Did you try it more than one time?
I have the same if I set it over 100…

I also had it with OPENxr running… I dont use this tool anymore cause
it causes so many VR-bugs… Without any 3rd Party tools VR runs much

I’ve tried it a few times yes.

Currently running with render scale below 100 > 75 and OpenXR render at 100%. Tried without OpenXR tool and without custom render scale. Doesn’t make any difference unfortunately.

I have noticed a bit more cockpit shakiness when moving my head in VR, but not enough for me to go back to Windows 10, and I don’t think I’ll ever give up on VR.

Even if you put the glasses on a table, the cockpit trembles. It get worse when you use Cockpit Focus.

Found any solutions? No improvement with brand new nvidia driver 496.49 WHQL.

Yes, I roll back to windows 10, ha ha !

I have the same issue RTX 3090 + Windows 11 + latest NVDIA Driver

Same issue for me. If I try to stay still, I can even see movements with my pulse, that’s good sensitive it is

Same exact experiences as everyone here (Win 11 - G2). Been driving me insane. I did some experimenting with using SteamVR runtime (beta ver. 1.20.4). No shaking with SteamVR, but definitely returns when I switch back to the Mixed Reality OpenXR runtime. Must be an issue on the WMR side? SteamVR is stable for me with near identical performance, so I’ll be sticking with that until a fix is discovered.

How do you use steam vr? When I enabled it in advanced settings to make default runtime to steamvr, framerate drops quite a lot. It’s unplayable. In wmr, works much more smooth.

Also in that framerate, cockpit shake is looks same for me. Am I missing something?

Openxr turned off
Motion smoothing off (steam vr and open xr)
Everything is updated
Gpu is rtx2080

I’d try to adjust the custom resolution multiplier to get the performance how you prefer it (in SteamVR per application video settings). Mine is set to 40%. My specs: 9900K, 2080ti, 32GB RAM

I found the same as you. SteamVR just doesn’t work as smooth as OpenXR and found very little difference in the cockpit shake with SteamVR.

Oh no, just reading all this whilst I’m expecting my Reverb to arrive today :frowning:

We need the tag status “bug-logged”. Please vote.

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Totally agree its a problem. Not sure why I am having success with SteamVR while others aren’t. My biggest test indicating the shaking had gone away was placing the goggles stationary on the desk and not seeing the cockpit shake at all (as described by a post in this topic), like it had been with MR OpenXR. I much prefer the simplicity of the WMR runtime. For the record, with SteamVR set at 40% custom resolution multiplier, I’m getting FPS in the low-mid 30s on the ground and low-mid 40s at altitude. I will say that the framerate isn’t quite as stable with SteamVR, but it is still just as smooth, save to some stuttering at low altitude over photogrammetry cities, but that happens to me with MR OpenXR also. Hope this helps!

The same issue over here Amd 3900, asus Rtx 3090, newest drivers, win 11.