HP Reverb G2, cockpit shaking since installing windows 11

Since installing Windows 11, I have shaking issues with the HP Reverb G2 in cockpit mode. Especially when I raise or lower my head. With windows 10, everything was ok. Can you confirm to me that you also have this problem?

Windows 11 here and also have the shaky cockpit in Reverb G2. It’s like head movement is extremely sensitive and even when I try to keep my head perfectly still there is still very fine shaking.
I think the position of the camera is wonky in VR and just doesn’t feel right. For instance, If I nod my head the cockpit flies up and down in a very exaggerated motion. Do you also notice this? I don’t think its Windows 11 specific though as it was the same in Windows 10 for me.


Same for me.

Same here for me.

I never had this problem with windows 10, at least maybe but much less exaggerate. Now the cockpit vibrates so much that I come close to getting sick


Yes and it is very difficult to read the instruments.

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Im keeping well away from windows 11 for a least a year

Yep, same here with G2 and win 11. Thinking about reinstalling 10. If I do I`ll post if it has a vr shake improvement.


I also have this problem with win11 and latest drivers. I tried to lower graphic settings, clear/reset wmr environmental settings, change open xr settings etc. but nothing helped. In windows 10 I also had this issue but I solved it with clear environmental data and setup room boundry again.

I tried both room boundry settings but still same. I am putting my vr to my desk and just flicking my table and watching vr shake through my monitor. It’s shaking like hell.

OK, gone back to win 10 latest version and latest 496.13 driver all as a fresh install. Latest SU6 patch in msfs. No vr shake in the cockpit with my G2. Yay!!! Sticking with win 10 for now.


I also went back to windows 10 and the problem disappeared. I will therefore wait a long time before returning to windows 11, too bad!


Glad you confirmed win 11 as the problem.

Yes I have this problem too, tried everything including the windows 11 update today to fix Ryzen bug and new chipset drivers from amd. I thought it might have been the L3 latency issue but its not.

I have this problem too, since switching to windows 11, and I have an intel cpu and nvidia 3080ti.

Is this something to do with Nvidia cards? Or does it effect everyone with G2 regardless?Can someone with a AMD video card post here?

Same thing here with a 3090.

Same, since W11 installation. RTX 3060ti. Enywhere habe a solution? I can´t fly so and the Win rollback function is exceeded.

I checked the head movement option in the simulator and I feel like it does it less. Not sure.

Same for me. Too sensitive head movement that makes you feel sick

I have the problem too but I’m not sure it’s a Windows 11 related issue: zero problems in dcs with VR and Reverb g2 in win 11, so it’s related with win 11 but msfs too. Considering they’re both from Microsoft, I expect a fix as soon as possible…