HP Reverb reduce Blue saturation help

So one thing I’ve noticed as I’m flying in VR is that there is too much blue saturation going on. I believe this is down to the LCD display inside the HP Reverb. In X-Plane I was able to reduce this in the Steam VR settings but I can’t seem to find anything similar in MSFS.

Does anyone know of a setting where I can reduce the Blue in the RGB values?

Thanks in advance!

You refer to G2 or Pro version ? Either way its an IPD problem so you need to adjust that. For G2 you have a slider, for pro version its software only. With G2 I found more chromatic aberration due to the distance from the lenses which is too far away from me. You need to find the sweets spot and look right through the middle of the lenses to reduce that effect!

I can’t help you, but I’m interested in seeing where this thread goes, so I’m “subscribing” by posting. I have a Reverb G2, and can’t say I’ve noticed any overly exaggerated blue saturation, but then again I wasn’t looking for it, and not sure what I’d be looking for even if I was. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from this thread…

Do you mean everything blue like the ocean is too blue, or, you can see blue fringe along the edges of white lines (like gauge needles or aircraft wing)?

Besides, there is no SteamVR setting that I know of adjusting the G2 RGB gains. It is only with the Valve Index (maybe Vive too).

I can see a very small blue tint to the overall picture in MY G1 Pro Headset. I manage to reduce this in steamVR for X-Plane 11

But how do you do this in SteamVR?

Hmmm this is interesting.

I don’t think this is simply a headset thing. Over the past couple of months, I have been feeling that the vegetation textures are far too blue. Comparing MSFS views to google street view for example, or real vs sim views on the comparison thread for example … it seems that the grass / trees / fields in temperate landscapes are just not green enough. The color ‘grass green’ is so named for a reason…

I generally find that sky, clouds, sea & buildings etc. are pretty good (excepting the sometimes overly orange dawn & dusk), so this isn’t a simple overall color cast. Haven’t noticed this to be any different on my monitor or G2.

I’ve been a bit surprised it hasn’t been raised and was thinking it was perhaps just me. But the more I look at comparisons, the more I convince myself that plants just aren’t green enough.

Anyone else think the same?

I feel the reverse! I find green in the G2 too green actually, reds and blues ok though.

Aww nuts! that’s blown my theory out of the water!

Just flew into Cape Town on a fine sunny afternoon and found another detailed airport that I wasn’t expecting and which performed okay in VR. So I’m happy :slight_smile:

Here’s how you do it.

Inside your SteamVR config file add the following under the steamvr section: “hmdDisplayColorGainB” : 0.9 - adjust the value to your liking. You can go above 1.0.

You also have: hmdDisplayColorGainR & hmdDisplayColorGainG

Does WMR or MSFS have anything similar?

I fear not, been looking for a solution for over saturated colors in OLED headsets for a while, no solution in sight for FS2020

IIRC hmdDisplayColorGain applies only to Index (and maybe Vive). These are directly controlling values inside the headset non volatile memory which the headset firmware is using to controlling RGB (and there is another setting just for brightness) gains at the panel level. These are therefore not changing the RGB values of the pixels and therefore not creating banding.

I didn’t say it was creating banding, merely I use this hack to reduce the blue output of the sim via SteamVR for X-PLANE 11 ONLY - have been using it for well over a year now. I’m not using SteamVR for MSFS as WMR does a far better job IMO.

I’m asking for anything that would affect WMR in the same way. Something in the registry values perhaps? The HPReverb G1 is still outputting RGB values sent to it via a cable unless this has miraculously changed for LCD screens since the G1 came out :joy:

To your question about WMR: no similar setting that I know of but it has been requested and you can vote too:
Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR

However about the SteamVR settings you got me puzzled:

hmdDisplayColorGain# as well as analogGain are SteamVR settings only affecting Index headsets and are not affecting therefore any other headset (G1, G2, etc…). These have nothing to do with the application you’re using it with either, they are just SteamVR settings for Valve headsets, and this works directly at the LCD panel level.

However there is OVR Toolkit offering RGB adjustments to other headsets but it is not at the LCD panel level. Instead, it is overlaying the display with a tinted transparent layer which is changing the color but also altering the luminosity and the dynamic range, because it is modifying pixels values in the sRGB domain and in 8 bits resolution.

It is possible OVR Toolkit is “re-using” the same SteamVR json values for its own use but I doubt it.


It definitely works as I reduced the value all the way to 0.1 and the result was horrible. I’m also using an old version of SteamVR, it could be the code to lock the functionality down to Index etc hadn’t been added yet, or something to that effect. One extra thing I did was to to make the config file read-only to prevent SteamVR from overwriting my change. I refuse to update when everything is working perfectly.

There are many things that could cause it to work that I wouldn’t know as every system is unique - all I know is it works for my setup and the above comments are what I did - makes X-Plane 11 with True Earth Global enjoyable (minus the stutters of course).

Thanks for your input.

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I use a Pimax 8KX, and I see it too; it isn’t the Headset but MSFS2020 with a blue haze on your face.

Do you mean a blue haze like this (front and back):

Or like this (back only):

Or like this (gradually from front to back):

No worse than those.

Worse in intensity?

If this is the case and intensity aside, what type would it be?

Maybe a through the lens photo to illustrate might help?

It would be great if we had something like SimTweaks.