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Designed to deliver excellent performance throughout the flight envelope, The H145 is the latest member of its 4-ton-class twin-engine rotorcraft product range – with designed-in mission capability and flexibility, especially in high and hot operating conditions. Compact in size, this helicopter’s small footprint and large, flexible cabin make it the aircraft of choice for a variety of civil or military missions. The best-selling H145 family (BK117, EC145 and H145) has more than 1,350 helicopters in service around the world and has clocked more than 5.5 million flight hours.

Highly detailed 3D model, textures and animation

  • Three (3) model variants (Civilian, Luxury, Military) included in the bundle
  • Extremely detailed professionally modeled interior and exterior, all PBR textures
  • Cockpit is completely interactive, supporting the modern Cockpit Interaction System
  • VR Cockpit Zoom supported, aircraft designed from the ground up around VR
  • Rotor animations including blade droop, blade flap
  • Working doors, windshield wipers, all flight controls animated
  • Rotor downwash effects (water, snow, dirt/sand), engine heat blur and emissive effects
  • Functional emergency floats (Luxury variant only) with manual and automatic deployment options
  • Configurable Wire Strike Protection System, Skid Settling Preventers
  • Choose to fly with doors installed or removed
  • Each variant includes four (4) stunning liveries in 4K quality
  • Hundreds of free liveries available for download on flightsim.to
  • Paint kit available

Advanced avionics & detailed systems

  • High quality Airbus Helionix avionics - the most modern and safe avionics suite
  • First Limit Indicator containing TRQ, N1 and TOT limits combined in an intuitive pilot display
  • Synthetic Vision System on all 3 MFDs is supported without restriction
  • Map display options including the ability to use any OpenStreetMap/slippy tile provider you may choose
  • Maps are combined with sim flight plan, OSM underlay, and weather or HTAWS (Height Above Terrain) overlay
  • Maps operate in light or dark mode
  • Fully functional weather radar with configurable external radome
  • Online weather service available on the tablet and DMAP system
  • Included Tablet with powerful apps including Navigraph charts, LittleNavMap moving map, Neofly, Documents library, Maps, utilities & games
  • Stream video and websites with our exclusive EFBConnect app for PC
  • Configurable hardware options
  • Full compatibility with the GTN750 Flight Management System (by pms50)
  • Add custom key bindings for over 350 cockpit actions (no extra software required)
  • Home Cockpit friendly with L:Vars and H:Events for almost all functionality
  • Great for both IFR and VFR flight

Powerful 4-axis Autopilot

  • State of the art auto-flight control system with Stability Augmentation System (SAS)
  • GTC: Ground trajectory command: Maintain longitudinal and lateral ground speed. So called “follow the boat” mode
  • GTC.H: Ground trajectory command with hover: This is an automatic hover mode which will acquire a position and maintain it in crosswinds up to the aircraft limit of 30kt
  • LOC/GS APP/V.APP: Traditional precision approach and GPS approach modes
  • Fully capable of flying a hands-off ILS-to-minimums approach
  • Automatic level-off when approaching the ground to avoid Controlled Flight into Terrain
  • Beep Trim (traditional trim mode and AFCS mode)
  • AFCS and SAS may also be disengaged for a more challenging flight regime

Helicopter flight model

  • Helicopter flight model featuring fundamental flight dynamics like Effective Translational Lift, Ground Effect and advanced flight dynamics such as Vortex Ring State
  • H145 uses an advanced Stability Augmentation System (SAS) to stabilize the helicopter using computer controlled actuators
  • Support for All-Engines-Operative, One-Engine-Inoperative or Autorotation flight condition
  • Operate in both Realistic and Arcade modes - enjoy with a controller or higher end hardware

Immersive Sounds

  • Realistic turbine, rotor, cabin, alert and environmental sounds
  • Authentic sounds recorded from real H145 aircraft
  • Floats deployment / floating on water
  • Doors mixed with environment and exterior sounds when open or removed
  • More than 50 custom sounds included

H145 Beta 5 is now live and available for download. Check your email or go directly to H145 Download Center.

Here is the full changelog:

New Sounds

  • Power-Split (takeoff with one engine only, or fail engine in flight)
  • Passenger doors
  • Rotor brake
  • ELT activation
  • Pax vent blower
  • Snow
  • Dawn
  • Floating on water

New Apps

  • METAR lookup app
  • Documents app replaces Charts app
  • EFB Connect - Streaming Web Browser / Watch youtube etc (half screen + maps or full screen)
  • Flappy bird game
  • LittleNavMap (run Webserver in LNM app)
  • Navigraph charts
  • Alarms & Timers
  • Activity Log


  • Added many new status indications to the tablet, including doors-open
  • Added ability to configure fuel units, temperature units
  • Added many new L:Vars and H:Events for home cockpit
  • User may add unlimited PNG/JPG documents
  • Add a Realism Level switch to disable VRS and rotor over/underspeed (advanced rotor dynamics)
  • Flight Model: Add Vortex Ring State simulation
  • Added the ability to do doors-off flight
  • Added Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Tablet battery will discharge based on DC RECEPT + main aircraft battery (plugged in)
  • Flight model: adjusted rotor inertia
  • Flight model: Autorotation is enabled again with a new simulation
  • ELT will now activate with very hard landings
  • Cockpit displays are photo-sensitive reducing the need for adjusting the master brightness
  • Fuel flow sensor is now optional equipment
  • You may now set weight and fuel from within the cockpit


  • Fixes for tablet wallpaper being black
  • Fixes to the FND and VMS rotor gauge visuals, including the extended danger rings
  • Engines will indicate IDLE until they accelerate to a suitable rpm for flight
  • Fix a bug where toggling the HTAWS switch would trigger the power on sequence display for the MFDs
  • Fix delayed wind speed indicator
  • Updated sounds for engine fire test
  • Fixes to engine sounds
  • Fixed bugs in FADEC logic preventing taking engines to IDLE in flight
  • Floats will now add flight model drag
  • Key binding added for fill floats
  • Fix default 2d/VR cameras (divergence, tilt down 2d view)
  • Fix bugs with message list flashing
  • Combined various functions in tablet action center
  • Make it easier to activate the front cockpit light by clicking it direct
  • Reduce screen bounce light and cockpit ambient light
  • Fix bug allowing use of AP without relevant systems available
  • Fix sound phasing between doors
  • AFCS modes flash now when moving to a degraded state
  • N2 and NR metrics adjusted
  • Rotor startup timing adjusted
  • Fixed cockpit rear spotlight not emitting light
  • Air Conditioning feature is limited to lux variant
  • Fix decals on cockpit doors
  • Fix rain/windshield flickering
  • Fixed some metrics on NAVD page

H145 Beta 7 is now available for download!

We’ve been busy this past week adding rotor downwash effects (dust, dirt/sand, water and snow), doing even more performance work, adding new visual effects, added infinite key bindings, resolving an important bug with the flight model relating to your sim fps and much more. We’ve also heard your feedback and due to the aggressive icing model in the sim, we’ve added an anti-ice system to the DEFOG knob.

Full changelog is included below:

  • Add rotor downwash effects
  • Enable livery authors to select skid struct caps on/off (on by default, no user option)
  • Various performance improvements for low end machines
  • Fix flight model, rotor animation, N2/NR acceleration and strobe/beacon lights to not be connected to sim fps
  • VNE and VY are now corrected calculated and presented on the airspeed tape
  • Changes to basic weight of lux and civil variants
  • Rework most built-in bindings to use H:Events
  • Switch away from /Held/ bindings (Engine Up/Down) to avoid key repeat
  • Slightly reduce engine starter .wav sound
  • Adjust VMS WEIGHT page knob increment (100kg large, 5kg small)
  • Fix for excessive engine N1 / hot starts
  • Add weight stations for civil variant (3+2+3 pax + 2 crew = 10 total)
  • Add MFD bounce light
  • Reduce drag just a bit as both variants are very quick now
  • Maximum speed aural based on IAS now
  • Added a key bindings system to UserSetup to define any H145 bindings without additional software
  • Added an anti-icing system to DEFOG
  • Fix inverted EMER SHED BUS bindings


Happy Friday everybody!

We have temporarily reduced the price of our H145 - Early Access Civilian, Luxury & Military Variant Bundle from $42.99 USD to $34.99 USD !

The discount will automatically be applied at checkout. This sale is for a limited time only and is available only from our website HypePerformanceGroup.com


Shame I missed it, having just checked the price.

How does icing effects work with this helicopter? is it factored in to the current version?


Sale is still going :slight_smile:

Visual icing present and if you fail to turn on PITOT heat you will get icing and lack of airspeed, and the AFCS goes nuts if you do that.

There is no icing model for the rotor right now, but we’re discussing internally, also remember the H145 is not rated for icing conditions - but we do allow for the deicing via a switch in the cockpit.


Awesome - thanks for the reply!

I somehow missed the part of your ad that states “The discount will automatically be applied at checkout” sorry about that!, I am going to go and purchase it now!

It looks great!

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Hey guys, what the heck do you call the trim button for helos where you press and hold, reposition the stick, then release to change the “center”? I need to map this for the 145 and can’t remember the name!

It’s called “trim release”
The binding to use is in the manual (sorry, not at the PC or I’d look it up)

The Hype H 145 helicopter is amazing! Thank you so much for the work of the development team!

Amazing, high quality exterior model, cockpit! I’m happy! I also like the flight dynamics of the helicopter.

I ask the Hype development team to make a classic Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter. I would like to see the Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter made in high quality.


I only just saw this announcement and now its full price again. :disappointed:

Our Holiday Sale will be ending tomorrow 11:59PM (EST) on New Year’s Eve! This is your last chance to buy the H145 Early Access bundle at $34.99 instead of its normal price of $42.99!

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That’s great, thank you, but it still says $42.99 when I go to that page.

The price changes to $34.99 once in checkout :slight_smile:

Discount is automatically applied.

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thank you, I just noticed that and have just bought a copy. Many thanks for extending your offer.

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It’s a great helo guys. I got it last week.

MSFS flight model has it’s limitations, but that will be fixed. Hype is really focused on systems depth and they are very responsive to community suggestions.

As a real life pilot, it’s one of the few MSFS purchases I’ve actually been happy with. Worth the 43 bucks, and a good deal at 35.


@PharaohEo Wow, what a great Helicopter. I like the H135 but this one is amazing. Just did my first journey, a trip along the south coast of England. Love this, will be using it a lot. Thanks for the hard work, and also the sale extension. :+1:


Great photos! Glad you’re enjoying it, England is a great locale for heli ops.

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I was really enjoying the H135 after one of the last big updates, it is nice and controllable/easy to fly for me (a heli novice) It converted me over to enjoying helis. I have to say the H145 is an absolute pleasure to fly, it is soo smooth. I could cruise about sightseeing in it all day. In fact I may park my other new aircraft this weekend to do just that.