HTC Vive Pro 2 issue with MSFS Pop-Up Windows

As noted in the title I have been unable to resolve an issue with the pop-up windows when opened from the ribbon menu in VR in the new Vive Pro 2. The problem is the window (for example the ATC window) always glues itself to each eyeball. This means the mouse can never find the window to interact or move it, and the double vision of the window at point blank range is nothing short of bliniding. Ultimately this results in MSFS being unusable at this current time for me with the Vive Pro 2.

Has anybody else discovered this “feature”, or even better does anybody have any advice on how to resolve this?

Solved the problem, it has been highlighted elsewhere; since last update you have to reset the panels from the ribbon cog … each … and … every … time … you … load … a … flight!

Please Asobo, fix this soon, it’s highly annoying.

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Just got my Pro 2. So many issues. Can’t use the pop up windows. stuck at 30 FPS no matter the SS settings (gpu util goes down but frames stay at 30) Motion reprojection is horrible. I know it is early but thinking I might send it back and stick with the G2.

Open the Ribbon, use the Cog on the right, select “reset panels” … yeah it is a pain having to do this everytime you load the sim. I expect a fix will be out for this at some point though.

Motion Smoothing is all but unusable in MSFS2020. It’s actually not that bad in DCS though with the right settings in-game.

The clarity isn’t anywhere near that of the G2, granted. But you can get it close by getting your eyes closer to the lenses. I found the 10mm VR Cover replacement facial pads to do the trick here. It also reduces the horrible binocular overlap, which is the biggest contested “feature” of the Pro 2.

I posted in-depth reasons why I would and wouldn;t want to stick with the Pro 2 on another thread. Still on the fence about it. That is, until I used it for HL Alyx; still not as pixel perfect as the G2, but the extra FoV is actually quite nice, even in MSFS2020 once you’ve tweaked it as per above.

As for the 30fps. I aim for that anyway. I feel the state of both MSFS and VR at the moment means this is the (less than) “ideal” target for most gfx cards and VR hardware right now. However, an observation is that if the sim drop to below 30fps, then the real stutter fest issues arise, which are handled more elequently by the G2. But keep it at of above 30, then its actually quite a nice experience with Mothion Smoothing disabled. Put about 20hours of flight time into it like this so far and decided not to send it back after all.

In summary:
Not perfect, but not a total washout either with a few hardware level “tweaks” like replacing the facial pad, and being a bit realistic with MSFS settings (I generally aim for around 2500x2500 actual render resolution in-game even with the G2, and remove fps hogs like ambient occlusion and contact shadows (which do add a bit inside the cockpit, but not enough to suffer through the stutter fest of dropping below 30fps)

For ease of use with Index Controllers in other titles, then yeah, it’s better visually than the Index, if not less comfortable.

Yes I saw the post about the resetting windows. HAGS is off on my system. Are you running the steam version or MS Store version. I’m running the MS Store version and that might introduce more issues. I posted a bit more info in this thread: Switching from HP Reverb G2 to HTC Vive Pro (2) - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums about my findings so far. I need a bit more time to come to a final conclusion on this headset. I already swapped the pads out for a VR cover, I’ve got a bunch of them. I did notice that this headset is designed for a wider face than mine and I’m going to have to print some wedges for the sides so I don’t get light leaking in from the sides. Tracking for me has been spot on (V2 x 2 lighthouse and index controllers) and I like the fact I don’t need to have lights on in the room. The god rays don’t bother me but the out of control glare does. I tried an evening flight and it was pretty bad. And I totally agree about HL:Alyx super nice looking the colors and contrast is much better on the Pro 2. While the center image isn’t quite as good on the Pro 2 the drop off on clarity is better than the G2. You don’t notice that sharp to blurry edge as much on the Pro 2. We might wan to start filing ZenDesk bugs so Asobo can work with HTC to get these issues sorted.

I bought a Vive Pro 2 with Index controllers as a premium upgrade over my Quest 2. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The screens are nice and the colours are great but the lenses are terrible compared to the Quest 2.

I have a high-end setup with a 10850k, 32GB ram and a 3090 GPU. I was able to run the Vive Pro 2 on both extreme and ultra settings but despite the high resolution screens the clarity isn’t noticeably better than the Quest 2, due to lens glare and blurring, it’s like the headset is smeared with grease.

Also, I didn’t realise just how much the Quest 2 and link has improved in recent months.

I played Half Life Alyx and compared between both headsets. I had previously played and completed Alyx on my older Rift S so this was the first time I’d played on my Quest 2 since getting my new PC.

For all the talk in reviews about how good the Vive Pro 2 was for being able to clearly read the back of drinks cans in that games, the Quest 2 easily matches it.

I run it at its correct render resolution 5408 x 2736 corrected for barrell distortion and I can see every detail just as detailed as the Pro 2. I couldn’t believe how good it looked!

The Quest 2 lenses are far better as well with a great sweet spot, edge to edge clarity and no glare so the overall image I actually preferred on the Quest 2.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Vive Pro 2 headset gets extremely hot, so much so that after an hour I had to take it off as it was burning my forehead.

I’m returning it tomorrow. I was going to buy a G2 but honestly the Quest 2 is so good running at 5408 x 2736 with a encode bit rate of 450 on my 3090 that I don’t need any extra clarity.

One tip. I am using VRCovers new minimal facial interface with the Quest 2 now. It’s the slimmest cover they have ever done that allows you to get exceptionally close to the lenses.

The vertical FOV is better than the Vive Pro 2 and the horizontal is about 10 degrees less. Because the shape is more oval and less rectangular than then Vive Pro 2 to my eyes it feels more natural.

I’m so disappointed with the Vive Pro 2. I was hoping for a spectacular upgrade over the Quest # but after using for a week I would choose the Quest 2 over it even if they were both the same price.