Hype Performance Group & Developer David Amenta - Airbus H135 Helicopter

Just for fun, then a live stream flying around Southern California in the awesome Airbus H135. You can pick it up the aircraft and the sound pack with the links in the description of the video. Please throw a like an subscribe if you enjoyed the video. And if you feel my content is worthy I do have some donation links as well in the video description. Thank you very much for watching the video, it means a lot. Enjoy

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Hello guys,

Nice work on this helicopter, looks very promising.

I tried to use it, but I could only do the first flight in correct conditions.
Since, my controls seem totally useless, the helicopter takes off alone and the crash after a while, with no steering in between.
I tried to start on parking place, no engine. The engine starts, and when the power reaches a certain value, the heli take off. No handling at all.
I tried to launch the game after removing the folder, to initialize the flight model, then put back the folder, but no success.

I will wait for next release to see if it corrects the issue.

same for me unable to make a corecy configuration

Is there a way to totally remove the flight model files ?
I found some in :
I deleted them, uninstalled the community folder, relaunched the game, stopped it, reinstalled the community folder, relaunched the game… same issue : no control (or at least there is a huge time before any control is taken into account).

Wo, why did it work for the first flight ???

To those having problems, please try the new update and join us on Discord.

Airbus H135 v0.75 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slight_smile:

  • FADEC now controls engine RPM and the user’s throttle controls collective, it’s now unnecessary to bind a propeller axis
  • LOAD on the center G3000 display now sorta shows torque/collective power and no longer follows engine throttle
  • Thanks to @FireRx, @mnpostema & @Erik1520y’all have got some new turbine engine sounds
  • Disabled annoying sounds from airplane logic (spin around in a circle to notice)
  • Lights updated by @JD3 (ChrisPiAviation)
  • Load factor reduced so you now can have crashes. Be careful with the pre-flight cinematics if you use the advanced flight model. Use developer mode to disable crash detection if you have problems.
  • Enhanced feel of landings
  • Weather/Terrain settings added back
  • Color changes now for the flight model in use
  • ENG stop/start buttons on center display
  • GEN1/2 indication/buttons on the center display
  • Added ground power support with toggle available on center display
  • Fixed ground power button state
  • Added parking brake indication and toggle on center display (helpful for users of virtual airlines, VATSIM, etc)
  • Lights panel added to pilot’s G3000 display
  • Contact points tweaked
  • Repack 75 blackscreen fix
  • Tweaked EIS
  • Single engine support
  • Battery capacity to spec
  • Generator capacity to spec
  • Engine goes to 100% rpm now
  • Multiple interior lighting improvements
  • Translational guidance indication (green dot) on HSI… centered is zero lateral/forward translation… automatically shows up when at very low speeds at any altitude
  • Engine power now scales to collective in failures
  • Density altitude now drives collective as you ascend
  • PITOT HEAT toggle added on pilot’s G3000 display
  • Users wanting to map FADEC on their input hardware can map the toggle to variometer - don’t use the set binding option, only the toggle one


Hello all,

I had the same issue as before after installing the new H135 version : no handling at all after engine reached 100% and heli lifts by itself.
I went on discord server, and got help from davux3.
I my case, the issue came from a file in my Windows document folder : SimConnect.cfg.
I removed it and relaunched the sim ; now it flies great !

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Out and about with Neofly. Discuss a little about the update and fly to drop zone on a Sunday afternoon. Awesome aircraft of Joy.
Filmed in glorious 1080P 60FPS goodness please like & subscribe it is most appreciated.

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Hello friends,
I just upgraded version 0.75.
No matter how I start a flight with this beautiful bird, nothing works.
The flight starts with the engines running.
I wait 2 or 3 minutes before I touch anything.
When I push the throttle the Engine and Rotor speed goes up to 100% with the throttle in full position.
The pedestal lights remain red.
The FADEC button turns green when I click on it.
The centering is correct.
MODERN or HISTORIC flight mode has no effect.
Flying with a plane before choosing Helicopter has no effect.
I hope that the problems will be identified as we go along because
this mod is fantastic but grounded for me …

Sounds like you may have a SimConnect.cfg file blocking the wasm from loading. Remove a file called SimConnect.cfg in your Documents folder and then restart the sim.

Thank you very much for the reply but I don’t have any SimConnect.CFG file in Documents, nor in C drive:
The only SimConnect.cfg files are in an SD (E : ) where P3D is installed.
A SimConnect.dll file is located in a LittleNavMap subfolder
The installation of MSFS is on an SD named FS2020 (F : )

I have the same problem and I do not have any SimConnect.cfg

Waiting for the Ctrl +e

ctrl+e works to start the engines. turn on the FADEC on the center screen.

If you guys have a red DO NOT FLY on the lower screen, your wasm didn’t compile, you can open the dev tools and look at the console log to see why.

Airbus H135 v0.78 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slight_smile:

  • Screen brightness controls added to pilot’s G3000 display (BRT+/BRT- soft keys, bottom of the PFD on the right)
  • Windshield reflection reduced, but unfortunately rain will cause some visual glitching for now
  • Electrical monitoring instruments added to center G3000 MFD display
  • Main battery and added to center G3000 MFD display
  • Very large standby battery temporarily added to mitigate electrical issues
  • Cold & dark is now cold and dark, Toggle the battery switch between the two seats to power up.
  • “Green ball” now visible up to about 25kts
  • Tweak strobe light color
  • SVT (Synthetic terrain) has an attitude sky/ground wash added to improve readability of overlays
  • Power now scaled with current weight
  • Prevent illicit spoiler deployment
  • Rotor blur lowered to more closely match engine start
  • Engine start time slightly lengthened
  • Attempt at better sounds. NOTE there are better sounds coming!
  • Fixed: GTN: Minimums page clicking home doesn’t go back to MFD Home

davux3Trusted 3rd Party Developer


ctrl+e works to start the engines. turn on the FADEC on the center screen.

If you guys have a red DO NOT FLY on the lower screen, your wasm didn’t compile, you can open the dev tools and look at the console log to see why.


After updating to v0.78 I have the same problem.
I thought it might be the SDK version that was too old.
I downloaded the latest version with the menu DevMode / Help / SDK Installer then I installed with the downloaded file: MSFS_SDK_Installer_0.10.0.0.msi.
Everything worked fine, I guided the installation of the SDK on the same SD as MSFS to have it in the same place.
Then after start MSFS I launched the Console from the DevMode / Windows / Console menu.
I see in the results many error lines with a red cross (668 of which 198 relate to the H135) implying “Model behaviors XML”. I select an error and in the “Details” window I see that it is the HL35 file .XML which is involved.
I saved 3 .txt files with the “Copy all” function.
The 1st file with MSFS loaded up to the world map.
The 2nd file with the H135 chosen as the device to fly.
The 3rd file with the only errors filtered out for the H135.
I absolutely do not know how to interpret these files and i can’t join them to my message.
Thank you for help me :wink:
Maybe these links are good for dowmload the 3 files

Airbus H135 v0.79 is now up on Flightsim.to! Leave us a 5 star review :slightly_smiling_face:

  • XBOX CONTROLLER SUPPORT(rudder split axis, rudder buttons, aileron buttons, elevator buttons)
  • KEYBOARD SUPPORT (same as noted above for Xbox)
  • Flight model updates centering around transitional lift. (more tweaks here, mostly Advanced is feeling great other modes need tweaking)
  • Updated cameras (thanks to @Archer374!)
  • Fixed the ‘float off the runway’ bug, though it might be on its nose if you let it go through the whole ATC sequence and pull onto the runway - starting from a parking spot or ramp will put you into a cold & dark state so you don’t have to deal with this bug
  • Added a WASM failed indicator on the center G3000 MFD display

Our development team has released a tutorial video that was created using this build


So I deleted the old file from the community folder and reloaded the newer version. Somehow the sim remembered the view settings I had saved. Where is the file located that saves these settings? Maybe this has something to do with why I can’t get the throttle to work.

Try going one folder up from your community folder and see if there is another H135 folder there, if so it will only contain cache files and will be safe to delete.

You could also be saying you saved custom views, those are stored at the following TYPICALLY:

For the Microsoft Store installation, the path is as follows:

For Steam installation the path is:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects

The error you have is this:

WASM: Compiling module RotorControl.wasm
WASM: ERR_FATAL_FILE_ERROR (-239 / ffffff11)

We have no idea why the sim is unable to compile. You could check that you have enough free disk space. Nobody has resolved this yet nor fully understands what it means. You could try reinstalling the game but there is no promise that helps.

Ok i found it but its only camera definitions. I have no idea why my throttle on my T1600 doesn’t work for this heli. I tried all kinds of sensitivities settings and bindings, emptied my community folder, created a new profile. etc. the slider goes down, but then pops right back up like there’s conflict somewhere. I have no idea where. I pressed fadec and tired both engines on and off, an a cold start. Yikes I give up.
It worked when the ordinal had the propeller binding so I guess theres a setting saved somewhere. Sorry I can’t use this fun plane.