Hype Performance Group & Developer David Amenta - Airbus H135 Helicopter


Hype Performance Group is best known for our Icon A5 - 2021 Performance Edition where we improved the performance of the Icon A5, added autopilot and upgraded its avionics. Since then we’ve also added autopilot and upgraded avionics to the CTSL and the Long EZ .

We are now teaming up with developer Destroyer121 to release the Airbus H135 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Our model of the H135 is extremely high quality and will all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a payware developer like Carenado, but completely for FREE.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can confirm that At our 1.0 release our H135 will have a custom flight model as well as a fully working cockpit interior with custom avionics.


Aside from modding in Microsoft Flight Simulator Destroyer121 & I also make content on YouTube related to flight sims . Our Discord is just a friendly group of sim fans and fans of our YouTube channels.

Test versions with new features and bug fixes are offered exclusively via Discord and this is the quickest and most efficient way to receive troubleshooting help as our team and community are active throughout the day.



  • Unzip and place the folder into your community folder

Community Folder Default Locations:

For those who purchased the game from Windows Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard\LocalCache\Packages\



* PharaohSteve - MediaHypeTrain – Co-Founder, Producer

* davux3 (David “Dave” Amenta) – Co-Founder, Lead Developer (Flight model, Gauges, Aircraft systems)

* Destroyer121 – 3D Artist, Developer

* zangeeef – Developer

* Crispy136 – 3D & Livery Artist


* Flightsim Squadron’s EggMan & kingdmac for their early modeling advice

* SJFLY2 who was the very first creator to make a heliport for our Airbus H135!

* mnpostema and FireFx for their sound design contributions

* Tonypezz, GBZH35, benimix, kubay, AeroLynx who have each contributed modeling advice or work


Incredible photos provided by BilingualHarp7 aka Crispy136!

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Update 0.62 is available now from Flightsim.to and contains the following:

  • Updated skid strut textures
  • Lighting kit installed and updated
  • Copilot moved back in their seat to a more realistic position
  • Windshield glass now working in rain (no rain droplet effects)
  • Doors no longer open at start, also no longer bound to beacon light
  • Many flight dynamics improvements, including transitional lift and ground effect
  • Better keyboard and controller support, you can now use your defaults mappings for engine and propeller controls - please note that rudder hotkeys and split-axis rudder are still not supported
  • Upgraded glass cockpit displays (still very basic, but now includes flight planning, nearby, direct-to, radio/transponder control, synthetic vision, touch map with route, airspeed starting at 1kts, dual compass)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

This build contains fixes supplied by @zangeeef#5195, @JD3 (ChrisPiAviation)#9004 and of course our very own @Crispy136#4207!

Help our team out with a 5 star rating on Flightsim.to! As always, thank you all for your support!

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a person can explain the correct joystick setting for a helicopter i use the X45 from saitekle sim plant has opening

help me to configure my joytick to configure a helicopter

@PharaohSteve668 - do you have any tips or recommendations for @Revil2000 on his controller settings please? Thanks!

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I found that if you map the throttle slider on your joystick to the propeller controls that will let you control the 135. You may have to reverse the axis to get a realistic setting. I tried just using the propeller keyboard settings I normally used, but this did not bring a satisfactory result. The heli works this way, but the 135 is extremely sensitive to small changes, especially when just starting. I’m still messing with the joystick sensitivity to get a reasonable response.
To do this, you should make a new joystick profile. Be sure to use the copy feature to make the new profile and remove the throttle binding to the slider and add the propeller binding.

By making a copy, it will keep your other joystick button configurations.

I have the X56, I can not get it to go higher than ground effect. Its pretty cool, but I have propeller pitch 1 mapped, it does something and allows the aircraft to settle to ground, but when I roll it the otherway, I can not get any higher than 30Kts airspeed, and no altitude, its like it has no collective controls.

I have my Helicopter rsting, so it wojld be fun if this actually worked like the aerofly 2 ones do, They fly really nice.

Most of your standard mappings will work fine with H135, you just need to ensure that you have critical controls mapped.

Your throttle can remain mapped as it is by default or through your custom mappings. Remember however that you need to assign propeller controls to fully control the H135 - these can be mapped as you wish.

Zangeeef has provided an example of critical mappings for a X56 HOTAS in the attached photo.

I do not know piloting the helicopter, but one of my friends made this little tutorial on youtube, in french:

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I have a t1600 that only has one slider. If I map the propeller to the slider, I can see the blades start to spin and the helicopter rises, if I zero the slider, the blades slow or stop and the copter lands. I think the way it should work, is that throttle controls makes the rotors spin at a constant speed, and prop controls change the angle of the blades.
Usually controlled by the collective I guess. I’m not sure how to achieve this or if it’s really set up to work this way.

OMG this is amazing! You’ve done it, you’ve really done it – a true helicopter experience in MSFS, today, not in 2022. <3

I’m using a Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant; I created a separate “Helicopter” profile with the single throttle and prop axes, and it works pretty well with the default config (since prop is up at the top by default, which is where you want the engine if you start at the runway).

Because my yoke isn’t really ideal for a helicopter, I’m using an Xbox controller as control stick – I’ll get a separate joystick if I find I fly this a lot! :smiley:

“Mad props” as they say, to all involved.

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What is the correct configuration for throttle Hotas Warthog for helicopter

Thanks for the help, I got it working.
I had to just utilize throttle axis.
I made a new config, with just throttle axis, not throttle axis 1, 2, etc…

I normally run the throttle axis separately, so I can move twins on the ground better with variable thrust.

Its nice MSFS allows for additional preset saved options in the pulldown menu for the flight controllers, so now just need to change that back,and forth, and helicopter flies…

With the configuration shown of Trottle Hotas Warthog it does not serve me much the propeller (it is hardly noticeable if I move up/down the lever), only with the throttle I can go up/down and take speed.

read the docs :). propeller should be put on 100% somewhere around engine start, keep it untill engine shut off. You use the throttle axis as your collective

I don´t know if I have understand you well. If I read docs., that I haven´t read -forgiveness-:

  • To avoid an annoying bug, exercise (move up and down) your throttle and propeller axis when loading into the game. If you don’t do this, you may find the aircraft flies away without any input. We will work out this bug soon. - When you load a new version of H135, the first 30 to 90 seconds are initializing the flight control module. If you take off prior to completion, you will find unpredictable flight controls. This occurs only once per version, so waiting before takoff for a minute or two will avoid this problem. Later, there will be an indication on the panels of this process.
  • You really must use PROPELLER AXIS and THROTTLE AXIS. You cannot use THROTTLE AXIS 1 and you cannot use RUDDER AXIS RIGHT and RUDDER AXIS LEFT. These will come later.

So I understand now that I have to use propeller axis and throttle axis at the same time; and I thnk -I am not sure- that I have to use in the same position, not one further ahead or behind the other.

Hmm you’re right. I thought I read that somewhere, but might have been a brainfart.

In that case you use both, throttle (collective) for speed, propeller for RPM. Not exactly sure how it was as it’s been a while I flew choppers, but I think you can move them independent from each other

Update 0.65 is now up on Flightsim.to - Airbus H135 Helicopter Project • Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Disabled copilot (if you have problems, make sure to clear your Community package cache)

  • Flight model changes: higher speeds now attainable, no more getting “stuck” at 60 or 90kts

  • Flight model changes: smoother flight, especially in high speed. Reduced “pitch jerking”

  • Elevator trim is now ROTOR TRIM

  • Fixed rotor trim not working when starting while flying (vs at a gate or on a runway)

  • Quicklook default left/right camera positions fixed

  • Autopilot disabled (for now) to prevent uncontrollable rotor trim

  • Fix added to attempt to prevent incorrect crashing

  • Collective and antitorque application now has an acceleration factor, preventing yanking to immediately achieve a higher collective pitch or torque.

  • Toggle between the following flight models in flight by using the flight model button on the GTN.

  • NEW: Advanced Flight Model: For simmers looking for the real deal. This adds the need to apply antitorque using your rudder axis configuration as well as other effects.

  • NEW: Xbox Flight Model: For simmers looking for something even easier than the default BASIC model.

  • Indication of DO NOT FLY on the GTN when the rotor control module is compiling / not yet initialized

  • Disabled features on GTN that don’t work yet

  • You are no longer able to fly upside down

  • Flight model setting is saved between sessions

  • Interior flooring and seat textures improved


What docs?