Hype Performance Group & Developer David Amenta - Airbus H135 Helicopter


Hype Performance Group is best known for our Icon A5 - 2021 Performance Edition where we improved the performance of the Icon A5, added autopilot and upgraded its avionics. Since then we’ve also added autopilot and upgraded avionics to the CTSL and the Long EZ .

We are now teaming up with developer Destroyer121 to release the Airbus H135 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Our model of the H135 is extremely high quality and will all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a payware developer like Carenado, but completely for FREE.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can confirm that At our 1.0 release our H135 will have a custom flight model as well as a fully working cockpit interior with custom avionics.


Aside from modding in Microsoft Flight Simulator Destroyer121 & I also make content on YouTube related to flight sims . Our Discord is just a friendly group of sim fans and fans of our YouTube channels.

Test versions with new features and bug fixes are offered exclusively via Discord and this is the quickest and most efficient way to receive troubleshooting help as our team and community are active throughout the day.



  • Unzip and place the folder into your community folder

Community Folder Default Locations:

For those who purchased the game from Windows Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator\LocalCache\Packages\

For those who purchased the game from Steam Store:

  • C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard\LocalCache\Packages\



* PharaohSteve - MediaHypeTrain – Co-Founder, Producer

* davux3 (David “Dave” Amenta) – Co-Founder, Lead Developer (Flight model, Gauges, Aircraft systems)

* Destroyer121 – 3D Artist, Developer

* zangeeef – Developer

* Crispy136 – 3D & Livery Artist


* Flightsim Squadron’s EggMan & kingdmac for their early modeling advice

* SJFLY2 who was the very first creator to make a heliport for our Airbus H135!

* mnpostema and FireFx for their sound design contributions

* Tonypezz, GBZH35, benimix, kubay, AeroLynx who have each contributed modeling advice or work


Incredible photos provided by BilingualHarp7 aka Crispy136!

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Update 0.62 is available now from Flightsim.to and contains the following:

  • Updated skid strut textures
  • Lighting kit installed and updated
  • Copilot moved back in their seat to a more realistic position
  • Windshield glass now working in rain (no rain droplet effects)
  • Doors no longer open at start, also no longer bound to beacon light
  • Many flight dynamics improvements, including transitional lift and ground effect
  • Better keyboard and controller support, you can now use your defaults mappings for engine and propeller controls - please note that rudder hotkeys and split-axis rudder are still not supported
  • Upgraded glass cockpit displays (still very basic, but now includes flight planning, nearby, direct-to, radio/transponder control, synthetic vision, touch map with route, airspeed starting at 1kts, dual compass)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

This build contains fixes supplied by @zangeeef#5195, @JD3 (ChrisPiAviation)#9004 and of course our very own @Crispy136#4207!

Help our team out with a 5 star rating on Flightsim.to! As always, thank you all for your support!

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Okay folks - if you haven’t tried heli flying in the sim yet, absolutely have to try out MHT’s latest build of the H135! I know helos aren’t officially supported yet, but just incredible work from the freeware community to get us closer…
Airbus H135 Helicopter Project • Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hi, would anyone know how to remove the co-pilot in the Airbus H-135 helicopter? I just cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks!

Click on the co-pilot’s seatbelt buckle.

Thanks! I will give it a try soon.

This does not work for me. I only just downloaded it today, but immediately I’ve googled trying to figure out how to get rid of that guy! No luck so far… The seat belt lights blue when I mouse over but doesn’t actually do anything.

if this is true then a team of freeware developers has a H -135 before MSFS could say boo!

A team of developers whom had nothing has achieved something that for so long we were told would be nothing but hard and needed extensive research and development and time … BOOM and …

“And then along came Jones
Tall, thin Jones
Slow-walkin’ Jones
Slow-talkin’ Jones
Along came lonely, lanky Jones”

Thanks Media Hype our Chppper Hero!


This will open a few mouths in awe!

Not for me though as I think helicopters only exist to kill me as fast as possible!

Can’t wait to see how this pans out.


Get VR makes flying choppers much easier!

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Actually I think I might know why I have such difficulty. You see, I’m really interested in crop circles and such things. I’ve found the easiest way to make them, in theory anyway, is to fly the chopper upside down and use the rotors to cut the perfect circle in the cornfield. It’s then I crash and burn.

I wonder if I’m doing summat wrong?



I wouldn’t get my hopes up. First of all helicopter flight model is not supported, so it won’t be even close to realistic. Secondly - it looks horrible. If they show the cockpit only at night and it already looks very bad, you know not to expect much.

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The only reason to fly helicopters are the unique flight characteristics: hovering, turning on a dime, flying sideways and backwards, descending/ascending on the spot. And all that with believable flight dynamics/physics.

Somehow I doubt that will be possible with this. Of course, I might be wrong.

To be fair, this is probably a very early version and they may be focusing on the underlying tech over the visuals, since the look is easily changed but it’s pointless to waste time on that if the mechanics don’t work properly (which should always come first), so I’m sure the visuals will improve or other clever devs use the underlying mechanics to make good looking helicopters :slight_smile: .

I agree it’s probably setting up for dissapointment to expect too much but I love that people are trying things like this just to see if it can be done, just means more content for the rest of us :smiley:


If it works, why stop?



Oh wait a minute, isn’t there something about explosions, and help help save me, in that little tune as well?

Choplifter! Loved that in the arcade.

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He’s using the A320’s flight conputer… smh

No that takes a lot of skill like the pilots that make chem trails Heheh!

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