What are you using to control your, "Helicopters"?

With the recent release of the freeware Airbus H135 Helicopter, I’m wondering what might be the best control devices to pilot such a craft.

I’ve recently installed the H135 and am using my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle, as well as Logitech Pedals. It’s a challenge to put it mildly, but I’m having fun with it, and it brings a whole new value to the wonderful scenery and terrain.

Obviously some sort of HOTAS would be preferred, I just wonder if anyone with experience would share their thoughts and opinions.


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Thrustmaster Hotas 4 - I’ve got pedals also but managing quite well without them. The throttle becomes the collective but then everything else worked “out of the box”.

i find this cheating

But also very cool and i want one

I’ve also got the Alpha yoke and it’s … not quite right. :wink:

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Okay, so I bit the bullet and ordered a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro. Cheap, entry level device that got great reviews everywhere I looked. It arrived today and I just installed it for MSFS. The software found it (while I was already in the main menu) and everything configured plug and play. At first, since I have pedals, I unassigned the Rudder on the Twist axis, but then I reassigned it, so I have either option. I need to learn to use the pedals correctly, but that Twist rudder can really spoil you.

Anyone struggling to fly the Helicopter with the Alpha Yoke… go ahead and get a Joystick. This Logitech Extreme 3d Pro was only $32.99 USD on Amazon.


I fly RC Helicopters, for me the most realistic control, I describe and show how to build your own. ( March 11 ) Do not have the space for an arrangement like described.

It obviously works well with airplanes too.

Just finished flying the EURO ( on default 1 Option = mixed engine+colective)
Will try Option 2 next ( More realistic )
These options are specific for this heli.


Hi, how did you set it up in MSFS? I have it and calibrated it - but it does not control any heli (Cowan B206 etc.) I have the Puma X config file; where do I install that? Good feeling controls - but not an easy install. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I dont have it, but setting up should take only a few minutes.

My virpil setup was also less than 10 minutes.

Start with a new controller profile and bind the essentials:

Bind cyclic axis to the cyclic axis, pov switch to cyclic trims, throttle to collective throttle and collective axis to collective. And then the rest of the buttons as one wish.

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