Hype Performance Group’s EC 135 helicopter

In 2022, the developer plans to release the helicopters. I hope we can start beta testing in 2021. I am very confident that steps have been taken to prepare for the development of helicopters …

Hype Performance Group’s free EC 135 helicopter has shown that interest in and demand for helicopters is very high! Nobody thought of that! The detailed landscape makes the use of helicopters enjoyable …


Well their wish list says “not started” which is disappointing.
If they truly want to make ones that compete with DCS or Aerofly for flight model they need to have started in 2019, not rush them out the door in 6 months.
If they end up with default helis that fly like FSX they will lose a ton of credibility.


While you wait why dont you share your love to helicopters to make Asobo decide? :smiley:

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What I find sad is that a cottage development team of three part timers for fun have developed a pretty good helicopter with no help from Asobo in any way. Asobo with their millions and MS backing can;t even say they have started the project.

I know its not a perfect helicopter but its good enough to pass for an FSX helicopter which is amazing given its made for free. Asobo have really let the helicopter community down.


Why are you confident as the fixed wing are not great and they have not even started the helicopter project yet.

They will be delayed for years with X Box I would say so we are lucky we have the H135 from Hype as I think that’s all we will get for a long time.

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Yeah i have so many hours in the H135, it’s getting good.

In my opinion, the XBOX version will be released in the summer of 2021. There may be a few months delay.

The Hype Eurocopter EC135 helicopter project is good for drawing attention to the importance of helicopters.

I tested the Hype helicopter, very poor quality. The external model is inaccurate in several places, the helicopter rotor hub is rough, inaccurate, the rotor effect is ugly. The cockpit is also of poor quality. No flight dynamics, no physics, nothing to do with the helicopter.

I appreciate I respect the work of the Hype team, but it’s a little … It’s more of a game … However, more people enjoy this helicopter, and it’s good!

I am confident that we can start beta testing helicopters in 2021 …


its the best that we have , and its an starting point and may be with the help of the Eurocopter 135 Asobo could awake a bit and give us some love, finally!

At the end we know that helicopters will dominate the MFS2020 :stuck_out_tongue: !


Have you tested the latest build? It has changed a lot recently…

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I flew with a real helicopter … Hype is not like a helicopter with real helicopter flight physics. I know the developer Asobo didn’t add the helicopter physics …

I’m used to Carenado quality. Developer Carenado makes an amazing exterior model, an amazing cockpit, instruments with a high resolution texture. I can’t let go of the quality …

this is exactly what I fear what we get in MSFS… a flight-model like a GTA5 Heli made for XBox Controllers :frowning:


You are comparing a commercial company with professional 3D modelers with a team of passionate people that have made a flying heli for free. I can find plenty of mistakes regarding the expensive Carenado models. The H135 is free and improves everyday.
A few weeks ago it was a good arcade machine, now it is able to do skid contact on slopes, auto from real flight situation and so much more.


For a realistic helicopter model - Good flight dynamics, realistic helicopter physics - I would pay $ 80-100. Good things come at a price …

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yep, the same price we payed for our MFS2020…so we will get our Helis!

Have you tried the flight dynamics of the latest build in advanced mode?

I spend now ten minutes and tried the H135 ( Adv. mode, pink )… short comment about these ten mins…
It have potential :slight_smile: … The flight model is of course not comparable with e.g. DCS, same for details, but for a first pre version… for free… oookayyyy for having bit fun. Of course because of the current physics, its not possible to crash that heli :joy:

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I haven’t been able to try out the H135 yet, so I can’t comment on the flight model yet. But I would say the hype H135 is already doing its job very well, because after all, the helicopters on the wish list have risen to the top 5 within a short time and soon to the top 4. So there is definitely interest in helicopters :+1: :+1:
I hope one of the next feedback snapshots finally says “Started” at Helicopters are must :helicopter:

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While I don’t expect the official flight model will satisfy helicopter fans any more than FSX did, I also don’t think it’ll be nearly as basic as we’re seeing right now with Hype’s H135. Don’t forget that the H135 is being shoe-horned into a fixed-wing flight model, likely with a lot of “faking it” required.

I think things will look better for helicopters once there’s a proper foundation in the sim to be built upon.


The H135 is good fun. The physics are very arcade like. In fact flying it about reminds me a lot of flying the helicopters in GTA, but in real life locations. I think what it does do is give you a little glimpse of what flying helicopters in the sim is going to be like when they’re brought in properly. They’ll be especially amazing in VR.

Clearly a lot of work needs to be done to do it right though so I can see why Asobo are saying sometime later in 2022 is when to expect them.

If you look at what these guys (HPG) have accomplished, by taking an airplane, pointing it straight up, and modifying the flight characteristics to emulate a helicopter… I think it’s phenomenal.

They’ve accomplished more since the software’s release, by Frankensteining an airplane model than Asobo has in fixing bugs that were brought to light way back in Alpha testing.

Just sayin’