I am getting anxious - upcoming airplanes

Amen ! I agree.
My preference is that BUGS that have been in the sim since it was released for purchase, be FIXED before anything else.

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If I were a developer, this would be a major concern of mine. After release, there could be many updates required to an aircraft as sim updates are released. Those coding efforts put the ROI at risk. Even years later, it may be needed to keep updates going or risk reputation loss.

Hopefully, future sim updates will not keep affecting completed projects.

Yeah I’ve noticed there’s a lot of great new third party planes on the horizon. My wallet it going to take some battering. Really looking forward to flying the Twin Otter and the Hawk T1. Both of those could be released in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to the DC Designs Conchord of course and the ATR. Both of those look closer to Xmas or early next Year though.

Oh yeah, i can read your anxiety very clearly, but you should read mine as well.

I just can’t wait for the PMDG 737, iniBuilds A310, FBW A380 and for other features such as GSX ground handling, AIG/Asobo AI traffic improvements, future sim updates, better looking airports and scenarios, SDK improvements and much much more!

I just can’t wait to get even more and more of this amazing platform. Well, i guess my anxiety just won’t stop at all. :muscle::joy:

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Waiting for a AT-6 texan ( Harvard) and a C-130 or so…

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No one mentioned the JF Fokker, which I am waiting.


Yes! The FBW A380 is another one I am very exited to get a hold on but pretty sure won’t be soon. I didn’t know GSX is being developed for this platform, good to know about it

Any tentative release date for this one?

That’s the one I’m most excited about as well!

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Everybody is waiting for PMDG to trailblaze or fail spectacularly :). Depending on how they do with 738 Q1 Q2 next year flood gates of quality payware addons might finally open.

Can u please provide feedback either here or on YouTube video so our wallets can decide if they want to be battered or wait to be battered later😂?

I wouldn’t be surprised that the hangar doors will be opening up, and new aircraft rolling out after the SU6 update.

There is a lot to look forward to!

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I haven’t seen the :rainbow: in the last couple of updates. May the Aviation god’s bless this update and Asobo development .

Msfs and the sdk are still in alpha ( not officially) so don’texpect much, ongoing sdk and sim changes hit devs hard. Also fixes are needed.

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I think I’m going to have to spend time looking at reviews and decide between the Twin Otter and the Kodiak.


Twin Otter will have steam gauges if that makes a difference to you. :slight_smile:

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SWS is about to release the Kodiak as well. Seems quite a few are waiting for this week’s Sim Update to incorporate new functionality and fix whatever issues the patch may cause.

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Aerosoft confirmed the Twin Otter for release in week 42, which is now. The beta testing is ironing out the last hick ups.

I don’t know why exactly but I feel the Maddog MD80 might drop in quite unexpectedly and hopefully pretty soon. I suppose Leonardo just isn’t known for a lot of slick PR and just let their work speak for itself, as with the release of quite a lot of uncommented video’s lately showing it in action.

On a personal note… I think I’m even more anxious about the MD80 than I’m about the PMDG 737. (Did he dare say it?! :exploding_head:). I always loved how his aircraft is so smoothly trimmed and I so much enjoy its 80’s flight systems, carefully looking towards automation.

Back in the days there once was a huge survey among airline passengers about wether they preffered the MD80 or the 737 and the MD80 won it by a landslide. If you fly it in the sim that’s just not hard to imagine.


The Twin Otter release, much like the Kodiak & Hawk, is dependent on whether or not SU6 breaks anything. They also have to implement any new features provided by the update.