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Dear VR friends,

I have been the proud owner of an HP Reverb G2 since December. Despite my (still) weak graphics performance (RTX 2060 Super), my first entry into the cockpit of the A320 (Mod) was an absolutely stunning experience! My first time in a VR cockpit. I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling of sitting in a “real” A320 cockpit. Of course, I had to set pretty much all the settings in the MSFS2020 to low on my medium graphics card so that I could even take off somewhat “smoothly”. And despite these low graphic settings, I was completely flashed by everything even during the flight. Yes, that out there was still pretty blurry and angular, but still overwhelming! Yes, you have to invest a little for this experience so that everything runs a little clearer and more smoothly, and I ordered a new graphics card. I can’t understand the many reviews from users who describe VR progress as completely inadequate and unsatisfactory. If I’m already completely overwhelmed with an RTX2060 (Super) and the lowest settings, what do users expect with a 2080Ti or a 3080 (or higher)? That everything in VR runs on “Ultra” completely smoothly and in 8K quality? At this point I just have to say that great work has been done in the field to date! I can’t use X-Plane with my graphics card in VR, here I only have 2-10 fps. VR is only just beginning in MSFS2020 and I think it’s already very well developed and I sincerely hope that VR will not be ruined again, like 3D at the time. Since I’ve been flying VR I never want to fly in 2D in front of a monitor again, so dear developers, please carry on! You’re doing a great job with a great immersion and a great experience! Thanks!



Hi! Welcome to VR!

I agree, for not even a month in the official release, I’d say it’s a very good start.

Some people are just expecting too much of it too fast, right now. I bet some of them would see stutters in a real airplanes :slight_smile: and complain that there is too much fog. It will take time.

VR is highly addictive, and that’s an issue in itself. It’s a journey of tweaking and testing that can seriously consume your flying time. I would really encourage you to read the numerous and very informative CptLucky8 topics, they are a great base to start improving your experience without falling too deep, on you own, into the rabbit hole.

Happy flying… and hangar time of course


For sure. VR in the cockpit of the A320/TBM with glass is really good. In something like the Savage Cub, Carbon or Grravel, in terrain, in snow showers, is amazing. Being able to look up in a diving turn, or looking over the top in the Extra is just immersive. And this is the first release, imagine in two years, or five.

Solid start and I love it.

G2 + 2080Ti + decent PC


I just love tooling around it the steam gauge 152. I can spend hours just doing ILS touch and goes at the local airport (KSMS). Wish the 152 had instrument lights though…

Great to hear! 2080TI is beast with vr and I run great frames almost fluid depending on clouds as I use Rex but nothing it can’t handle.

Hej @MarkiMarkBln !
I have the Rift S and a RTX2080. Impressive performance so far. I think it has something to do with the Rift S’s smaller resolution than some of the other Headsets. Less painful for the GPU. And I mean I have almost everything in High, Some things in Ultra, and a couple in Medium with render scale 100%. Unbelievable smooth. Some people complains about the lower res in VR compared to Flat screen, and it is true but it is not the only truth. All of us know very well that VR adds an immersion element that can not be easily described by words. It is not like playing a game, it is like been in the game. Amazing!
And of course, most people doing flat screen sim will still use the zoom function to interact with the instruments. Just like we do when we need to read something (and it is worth mentioning that not always I do need to lean to read something, most of the information I can read quite easy but the small letters in the screen require an approach). The Diamond DA40NG has a very nice set of analog instruments just above the screens that are very easy and fast to read with just a look.
I encourage everyone to try VR in FS. But be aware that “It is a one way ticket” and there is no going back…
Happy flying!!!


I can only agree.
The G2 just arrived last week. Against all expectations, even on my 2017 rig sporting a slightly overclocked 1080ti and a Core i7-7820X CPU I am enjoying smooth performance, with both the 172 and the A320FBW at rather high settings, not much different from my 2D settings.
If you focus on sharpness you will see blurry areas, but if you focus on flying the plane you will enjoy unbelievable immersion and more fun than ever before.
For me, it was worth every €cent and I won’t invest in a new rig soon.

I even went back to x-plane for a moment to compare where they are with VR and I must say that - for me - MSFS is doing better already now. Better cockpit textures in the A320 (compared to FF) and I also like the 3D mouse better than using the controllers with laser rays. Not to talk about the outside views…

cheers, Sailando

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i agree, VR gives you that “never go back” feeling. But especially the G2 is an resource eater de luxe.

You can expect about 30fps with an well tuned 2080ti rig and maybe some 3 fps more for 3080 and again for 3090. No idea how team red plays in this challenge with their newest releases, but possibly also in this range. All that with 100% render scaling and LOD’s and medium to high settings. Ah, and a 2080ti for example draws around 310W from your power supply running full throttle all the time.

I noticed that the cockpit rendering benefits more from higher settings than outside, buildings allways goes relatively late to their full resolution. At 100% render scaling and 100% openVR resolution you get razor sharp interiors without changing much outside. LOD’s of course effects the environment stronger. So 100/100/100 is a good start, try to save up somewhere else.

To get full potential from the G2 we need at least an (hypothetical) “5080ti” (to have some overhead at 90fps you will need the triple power of an 3080…) and massively increased cpu power for sure (either through faster cores and/or better parallelization), nothing I can see in the actual or next hardware generation, neither from intel/amd, nor from nvidia/amd. For the next 2-3 years we will run from one bottleneck into another. Or some coding genius solves the dilemme :wink:

But all that doesn’t mean it’s not fun now.

Got the smoothest play last night. I have G1 w/ 2080Ti, limit the background program to 90fps from nvidia cp per app settings, that seemed associated to vr tracking and mouse movement. Then limit fs2020 to 24fps, let the motion vectoring/smoothing take care of the frames. This is on top of all vr tweeking advice like vsync-ultra, fps monitoring app-disabled, etc

No effects on DCS though which leads mo to believe DCS already has that sync in their app.

You can verify it’s effect by going to 20fps with the background and see how it mess up the tracking as well as mouse movement, same for the fs2020 app at 24 is acceptable that it leaves some room for the processor and gpu

There isn’t anyone who can run VR on Ultra in 8K and get smooth performance. That would be 200 super sampling and you’d pretty much get a slide show :wink:. But it sounds fun, I’d love to do that some day :slight_smile:. I was also blown away. After I completed my training exercises, was first ever VR experience for me in the plane cockpit. I was blown away. Even on medium-high settings, with SS 80, it is already breathtaking realistic experience. I’ve been flying every day since for a few hours. Hope my eyes will be ok.

Yep - the G2 is a game changer, pun intended. Only downside is the fact that I cannot manage more than 20 mins before I get a headache from the blurry-sweetspot-issue, but that’s the case in an VR game I play unfortunately.

I got my G2 a few weeks ago (in Australia) and just upgraded from a 2070 Super to a 3090. I’m running at 110 SS and its smooth as silk, graphics set to High across the board. For me, totally worth the upgrade.

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Why don’t you move the lenses further apart or closer together. It fixed my sweet spot issue. My lenses are about 90% out to the sides and that puts sweet spot right in front of my pupils.

Be interesting to see where the sim is at in a few years with hardware and optimisation. There’s so much bottle necking with the CPU and all that data streaming. There’s a lot going on under the bonnet for the CPU to worry about. I’ve watched a few of those bench mark youtube videos and they all say from a purely graphics point of view the sim isn’t a particularly big hitter. Its not like its got crazy particle effects and other fancy visual things going on that some big AAA games have. The whole thing is a such a CPU hungry monster though.

One thing for shure. We will have spend a lot of money into it and our partners will call us morons all the time because we spend it into the sim and not to them :slight_smile:

if ever it is even somewhere in a few years though… Well it will always be somewhere but I do hope it will be there with us :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I posted this on Youtube!
Just know that Youtube applies an extra compression. The experience is actually better.
Here is a link to the .MKV directly from OBS:

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