I can’t believe the vibe at the moment…

The negativity, the suspicion, the wild guessing, the name calling, the anger. What is happening to the forum? Seems like many simmers here are overly emotional. I’ve really never seen anything like this in my life. It’s not MSobo who should be ashamed, that’s for sure…
They are only releasing the next version of their platform, with support for the current one.
We don’t know anything do we? They just released a trailer, a teaser. Nothing what they do seems to be good enough for many people here. It’s just never, never to their liking.
Yes they run a very successful formula. They take it to the next level and, hold on to your b*tt, you will likely have to ‘pay’ for this. Maybe between 40 and 60 bucks (another wild guess).
But here’s the deal: you won’t have to. You are completely free to stay at version 1, with everything that it offers.
And if we know more about the next release you can always decide to take the jump.
This is called ‘development’. This is also called: smart marketing. Most people won’t have a problem to give MS another 50 or so, if the content is to satisfaction.
Didn’t we need to pay for ‘Windows sequels’ as well, or whichever software that runs through multiple iterations.
So my advice, and plead, would be: stop the nonsensical, disrespectful, disproportional whining already! It’s on the brink of hysterical.
Sit back, relax, and let the franchise unfold.


LOL “Omg~! I might haz to pay $100 next year for the next vershun!” -entitled whiners.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

PS, no one is forcing anyone to buy anything.
PPS, just wait and see what is different and if it is worth it to you as the consumer whether you want to buy it or not. smh


Completely agree. What was particularly appalling was some “members” calling out CM’s directly and demanding information immediately. It was disgraceful behaviour and absolute entitlement from having spent £100 2 years ago. I don’t care how much anyone has spent, there is absolutely no amount of money that entitles people to behave like that. If it was a walk in shop they would be prosecuted for harassment (in the UK). :pensive:


Also I bought FS 2020 when it came out and every couple months thereafter I’ve gotten huge new features that weren’t in the original product.

FS2020 now has helicopters, better flight models, and I have some amazing aircraft that I didn’t have when I started.


Give it a rest. Were you upset when FS98, 2000, 2002, 2004 came out? We got 4 years out of this one, with support continuing. An improved new version is more than welcome.


As a reminder, MSFS is a franchise. Look at the 80s-90s! I don’t remember people grabbing pitchforks. Some definitely chose to stick to older versions, as you’ll be able to with MSFS 2020 (i.e., no “promises” have been broken.) The sim has historically had a 2-year cadence until recently.



The cynicism. Where does that come from I wonder.
Did we react the same way with the FIFA sequels, sim city, ms office, etc.
What’s wrong with getting rich from working your behind off for a very successful business model?


People are losing their sxxt which is kind of hilarious as if they just stopped and breathed for a second you can see everything is going to be OK.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a Gamepass service which makes money off on in app purchases like Fortnite does, it doesn’t need an MSFS 2024 game to be released, that’s purely for smart marketing to get the community engagement high and attract new prospective simmers to Gamepass.

You can’t create hype announcing sim update 17 or world update 22, you need a sequel to make MSFS huge news in the gaming world again and drive that massive uptick in user engagement.

Obviously, it’s going to replace 2020 completely. Microsoft do not want to have to host and support two products across both PC and Xbox thus four platforms, that would be insane. They are also not going to demand money from existing owners and if they don’t pay they lose their flight sim, that would be completely unethical.

MSFS 2024 base version is clearly going to be made freely available to every current 2020 customer, with the optional career mode addon available for $29.99 or therabouts if you want it.

For new customers the sim will replace MSFS 2020 on sale and retail for $60 base version and $99 for the full version with the career add on.

This is the most likely scenario by far.

So why the poor communication from Asobo? It’s obviously by design. They want everyone talking about MSFS 2024, tweeting about it, making Youtube videos about it.
Maximum viewer and user engagement.

We’ll get an official announcement most likely in one of the developer update streams with a proud and beaming Jorg telling us how us loyal customers will get this new version completely for free as a way of thanking the loyal and amazing members of this wonderful MSFS community.

This is just marketing 101.

Personally, I can’t wait!


Glad you said this, In all my life. Shameful stuff. Can I have an ‘MSFS 2024’ forum filter please??


Very much agreed. Anything I say positive, it gets swallowed up in the sea of negativity.

I for one am looking very much forward to the new sim. I fly a lot around Africa. Killamanjaro in the promo looked amazing. Africa FEELS like Africa in the promo. I didn’t even notice if the cows were the African variety.

MSFS does the terrain of the world quite well. There are hills and valleys where there are hills and valleys in real life. But I will be honest. If someone spawned me into a flight while I wasn’t watching, and I came back to the session, I would probably be hard pressed to guess where I was. Sometimes flying around South Africa doesn’t feel any different than flying around some parts of California. Imagine if we not only get all the terrain topography, but we get the personality of each area too. What if I spawned into a random flight and could immediately tell I was in Africa.

And for the level of detail increase that was shown in the promo, there still appeared to be great FPS. We know right now with the sim, if you do an upgrade from an RTX 3080 to a RTX4090, the performance boost can be tremendous. But if you go from an I9 10980 processor to an I9 13900 processor, you only get maybe 6-9 FPS. That is because the sim really mainly utilizes just the main thread. What if you can utilize all the threads of your processor. What if like DCS you get can a truly multithreaded MSFS. Would that not be amazing?

I mean multithreaded has obviously not been confirmed yet, but if all the graphics improvements they showed are in the sim, then if that was done in the sim right now, it would slow the FPS to a crawl. Now imagine getting the full performance of your hardware.

I will probably try the career mode. I will probably try the new mission types. I don’t know if I will like them or not. But if I got true multihtreading. If I got improved graphics, if I got region personality. Those are all things I would GLADLY pay for a new version for.

I am just stunned the community is reactiving so negatively to this news.


If you go to https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/msfs/msfs-2024/ and use the wee bell :bell: icon on the top right you can Mute all and no posts will appear in Latest…


But just for that thread? They are multiplying, expanding in a cascade of madness and inanity.


You can mute a whole section if you wish so.


I don’t want to come back with negativity, but from one trailer, where do you see the graphics improvements? Trailers are always prerendered and therefore fps of a trailer really says nothing.

I don’t want to join the club of negativity neither the clappers of positivity, but from on trailer, without any further details, it is impossible to say anything about this atm.

Maybe FS24 is just a carreer mode based on the core msfs game and for msfs nothing changes at all? who knows?


Indeed. You might be right. But we’ve also seen red bull racing didn’t we? And seasons, and a Hurricane, and walking people, and what did I miss? And they could easily have released a career mode as a paid add-on, like the sky park. But they won’t. So something in me speculates that it’s something more impactful.

But turn it either way, there’s no reason to get so upset like many people are at the moment, is there? Nothing wrong with being neutral…


Beside those walking people, I think nearly all shown things exist already as addons, so its either nice if they get pulled into an “action” msfs or its nice that those still work in an “action” msfs.

Things that make me suspicious:
*) hpg announcing the super tanker shortly before we hear that there will be fire fighting
*) rex accuseason announcing something about 2.0
*) the twin otter being pulled off with the comment that it will return in some other way

Let’s stay calm and wait what fs24 will be. will it be a spin off or really a next version of the platform.

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It looks massively better! Improved 3D trees, seasons added, much better lighting, possibly ray traced. Additional wind based effects that impacts on foilage. New ortho, less rounded mountains, grand canyon significantly improved. Did we watch the same trailer?


I stopped in trusting trailers ages ago :wink: . Let’s wait for the first live footage and the hardware it runs on.

(and this is not about msfs, all trailers of all games are always “improved”)


Maybe Rex is doing something similar like WT, who knows?

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The comments on the Official trailer are 99% positive , there is hope…

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