I cannot use the flight simulator anymore

If launch the software the simulator tells me it needs a new update. But the store does not offer one. If I deinstall and reinstall the same happens again. I cant get the hotfix - i am totally blocked.

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Try reinstalling the sim again

Open your Microsoft Store app, search for XBOX app (not XBOX COMPANION). Install it, login, then check for updates in the Microsoft Store app.



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Thanks. But I already did these steps and I even fully uninstalled Flight simulator, but story repeats over and over.

restore system to an earlier restore point when the sim was working…

Does not help, i can do whatever I want, I just get the old version from MS store. Maybe I just need to wait… Maybe one of their server is not up to date, time will fix, I hope.

Have you tried Repair App option ? It helped some people in the other topic,


I did, repair and uninstall, but store just delivers the previous version to me.

Try to reset windows or repair windows. Maybe uninstall MS Store and the other XBox apps and reinstall.

It could be a complete windows re-install is in order.

I do not think anymore that this error is on my side, it is a server synchronization error. Seems some server are delayed.


That is a very generic and poor response.

I can’t even use the sim no more I updated now it just load if I am lucky to run it and load on airport then is like old game graphics bad FPS like 3 FPS :roll_eyes:

Had this problem too. Eventually I just left the Xbox app open then went back to the Microsoft Store. After a minute or so it automatically started to download the update.

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Airbus privileges revoked. The plane, albeit a European project is mostly built in France.

I had this issue last month. Nothing I did would fix it. After 3 weeks everything mysteriously started working again. I know the issue for me was with Microsoft/Asobo.

MS Store is complete disaster, I feel sorry for you.


One more thing to try. Make very sure that Windows is completely updated. Manually check for windows updates and install everything it offer (except maybe video drivers).

I remember this helping this one guy with WU6.

it is and it was for years, xbox app too or play with your friends multiplayer…totally broken. Steam on the other hand, super easy and works-and this on Windows its made by MS.

Anyway i guess you must fill a ticket.

I had exactly the same problem, to solve it i just started the game and under DATA options i just turned everything on ON (it was set OFF) for no reason.
This was the way i got the Update… was trying for 1 Day and this was the solution