I can't save sensitive settings anymore

Problem to save Sensitive settings - YouTube

I can’t save sensitive settings anymore…
I tried reset this settings…change USB port and nothing worked…

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Click apply and save after changing profile.
Jets → Propeller → apply and save
Propeller → Jets → apply and save

:pensive: I did that …
and in every way you can imagine,
this is weird to me.

I have seen this issue reported before as a potential bug in Sim Update 8. Try doing a search on it.

yeah…i I understand, I hope they fix it before the SU9 because it’s boring, I usually make a sensitive adjustment for each plane… and it’s tiring to keep changing it all the time.

I suggest you move your topic into the bugs and issues category so that people can vote on it. This might be something that needs to be addressed in the game code.

Have you tried editing the controller profiles manually in Notepad++?

Not…i dont even knew that i could do that via notepad lol
Can I move the topic without create a new topic?


You can
profiles are stored in

hello, i’m using steam version, can’t found this folder…im going to “appdata/roaming/microsof…”

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Same issues. :expressionless:

Did not see your post, so unfortunately I have another post (merge all of them?). Not sure when this started. Maybe when i duplicated my settings and removed the earlier setting, OR its just beacuse of latest SU. But from what I can tell, its ONLY sensitivy settings thats not saved right (even though the spinning thing is…well, spinning). I also hade some question regarding sync from cloud or from local drive at one time.

Any solution so far? Check my other post and see if you can add something. A bug is reported regarding this problem, but I relly do find it to be a quite severe bug, and I certanly hope they will fix this ASAP.


nothing until now…
:frowning: this is a bug reported at SU8 …
i was expecting some minor update by Asobo, but nothing has been done so far.
get this topic too SU8: Control dead zones and reactivity settings not saving - Bug Reports / Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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now… if users not open many topics for same thing, you would get also more votes… but just this topic is a duplicate :wink:

I’m able to save sensitivity profile except for the “dead zone extremity” that i have to modify every time I start MFS up.

In the profile file, I guess that the line is missing :

	<Axis AxisName="X" AxisSensitivy="-100" AxisSensitivyMinus="-100" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="100"/>
	<Axis AxisName="Y" AxisSensitivy="-84" AxisSensitivyMinus="-72" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="100"/>
	<Axis AxisName="Z" AxisSensitivy="1" AxisSensitivyMinus="1" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0"/>
	<Axis AxisName="rX" AxisSensitivy="1" AxisSensitivyMinus="1" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0"/>
	<Axis AxisName="rY" AxisSensitivy="1" AxisSensitivyMinus="1" AxisNeutral="0" AxisDeadZone="0"/>

I’m sorry, but where was this file located? Im about to give up. The weird part is that from time to time it seems like the figures in the sensitiviy settings are changed (often to odd values). That has not been altered by med. Whats going on?

Oh guys!! Won’t Asobo fix this?
after update
STILL BROKEN ! can’t save sensitive options!

hin no problem.
In wgs folder you can find a set of numbers folder (like 000901FA0CE48546_00000…).
open it and a bunch of folder matches with each device profile you have. Just find the one you need.

There also seems to be a FlightSimulator.CFG as well as UserCfg.opt file Whats those for?

Not sure if I possibly can feel more stupid, Im sorry. What should I do to fix the problem?

There is also a folder just called “t” in the wgs folder…

Is it possible just to reset the settings that are including the sensitivity? Is the cloud backup f-uped, or something else?


This is a bug since the last world Update. My sensitivity settings save, but extremity deadzone and reactivity sliders don’t save when you close the sim and restart it. Both sliders are set back to their default position. They save fine during the current session but are lost once you close MFS. Very irritating to have to set these every time you start the sim again. Hopefully MS fixes this with the next update. Some aircraft like the Kodiak required the extremity deadzone and reactivity sliders to be changed so fuel cutoff and steering work properly.

This is fixed for PC in SU-9 Beta.
X-box Series X is still having an issue saving Extremity Deadzone settings, when using Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS One.
[[115] Extremity Dead Zone and Reactivity Settings]