I deleted MSFS2020 from my computer. I’m done

I finally gave up and deleted MSFS from my computer. It’s simply not worth the mental anguish anymore. I’m sick & tired of reading thousands of posts on performance tweaks when the simple fact is that what started out as a great experience on my “dedicated” flight sim system (i9-10900K, RTX 3090, 64Gb) is now pure garbage. 26fps at any major airport under clear skies with no add-ons in the default 787? Seriously? I’ve tried the patch, I’ve tried turning off the menu icons, I’ve tried modifying the rolling cache, I’ve tried just about everything members of this site have suggested to no avail. Very depressing. So it’s back to XP-11 for me…the scenery sucks but at least Vulkan is fluid.
Perhaps a real flight sim will be developed sometime during my life, but I’m beginning to think that’s just a like-dream. You guys are really smart and have been very helpful over the last 6 months but Im just done…can’t waste any more precious time. …


Can I buy your 3090?


I feel a bid war coming. :grin: :drooling_face:


Indeed i have to agree with you bro…
The performance of this game is just horrible. Im really tired of this because of that, impossible have a decent gameplay…they are not ready to a game like this dimension i guess…
I suffer a lot of low fps and stutters…a lot and i think i dont have a bad pc…

My pc is this:

i7 - 9700K + RTX 3070 OC Gaming + 32GB DDR4 + SSD 1TB + HD 1TB , and i have serious issues with performance…


Strange, i have largely that same system, but with a rtx2070 , and i have had plenty of good experiences with MSFS, in VR no less.
The primary difference for me is large airliners dont interest me, i fly smaller GA aircraft on 50ish mile hops, rarely higher than 3k AGL


What gets me the most is the degradation of performance over time. At launch it was gorgeous, with trees and buildings visible as far as the eye could see. And at all ultra (I mean max EVERYTHING), I was able to tyically run 45-50 fps, even hitting in the high 50s at flight levels. It was like that for months.

Then the December VR update came along. That robbed me of about 15 fps. Had to start lowering settings in order to maintain 40+. That wasn’t so bad. Then World Update 3 robbed me of another 15 fps, and nothing setting wise could get that back.

Then Sim Update 3 plunged me down into single digits. I was getting ready to temporarily retire my cockpit, as there was just nothing I could do to make it an acceptable experence. Even on all low settings, all online services disabled, traffic off, etc, I was barely breaking 10 fps.

Last week’s patch brought me back up to playable levels, but I’m still not even at my pre-SU3 performance levels.

And through all that, draw distances have gotten closer and closer and object detail seems to deteriorate.

At this point, I literally fear what the next update will bring. I honestly don’t have much hope that things will get better in any short term.


buy some of the latest hardware you should expect some teething issues, as drivers have not matured enough relative to some older generations that are much better understood.

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These issues have nothing to do with the latest hardware. People with all grades of hardware are reporting the same issues associated with the same patches / updates.


Sincerely after the last update i have noticed a lot of improvement… gained a lot of fps! I have a 8700k, 32gb and 3090!!! Ah… i play in 4k and have 4 monitors


I understand you. My setup is similar to yours, which means much higher than recommended specs…and it does not runs the sim!

but relatively speaking the Nvidia drivers are much less optimised for the RTX 3090 than they are for the GTX 2080ti or the GTX 1080it, the latter two being better understood and optimised by Nvidia to extract their potential for example.


Sorry you are frustrated and out the purchase price. Very odd your top end system won’t run the sim smoothly when many can. Happy flights to you on X-plane.


Agreed. But that’s still not the problem. I’m experiencing the same issues others with all grades of hardware have. I have a Ryzen 2700X and a 2080. People are reporting these same issues across multiple generations of hardware from nVidia, AMD and Intel. It’s not an issue with the latest hardware nor drivers. It’s the sim.


I agree with you.
But this Forum isn’t helping FS2020.

There are too many Posts and Threads covering the same topics and problems
to get any benefit from trying to follow it.

Maybe it is me. I try to follow the topics but it is hard to distinguish what the real
problem or solution is.

I did pick up some significant knowledge and insight but at a very large commitment
in tons of time trying to keep up.

I could have been flying.

Granted, I did not do a specific search for the real problem I am having.
But on the specific searches that I did, I still had to figure who had the winning point or solution among many posts…

Guess that I am just getting tired and I’m not getting any benefit from this Forum for the time required to follow it.

My apology to the Forum creator, Jimmi?, and to the Moderators. I do understand how massive this Forum has become and the amount of work you have to try to moderate it.

I am just tired.



but it tends to be issues for newer generations of hardware, newer than my hardware being an I7-6900K and a GTX1070.

the GTX 20## have much more issues than the GTX 10## have in general, because the drivers still haven’t finished maturing for the GTX 20## yet alone the RTX 30##.

likewise the GTX 20## and RTX 30## are much more orientated to DX12, while the GTX 10## still had a significant DX11 orientation


I have a 4 or 5 year old computers it’s so old that I can’t remember it’s exact age. I put a Gtx970 in it a few years ago and an ssd. Also a 32 inch 250 x1440p monitor. I bought this sim when it came out and have ignored all the “advice” about improving graphics etc. I started o medium settings and over time adjusted some of them upwards. For me this sim has been great, much better than FSX and xplane which I also have. . I have had no crash to desk tops or problems loading etc. I think you people with your graphics cards which cost more than my computer expect to much and should stop looking at Fps rates etc, just enjoy the sim. My old crock is at the moment running with a Lod of 175, buildings on ultra and most other things on high. I don’t turn on fps but it runs fairly smoothly with slight juddering over cities like London and this doesn’t have any effect on the way aircraft fly


If you’re not having issues, that’s fine. Best of luck to you. Hopefully the next update doesn’t take you down.

But many people with hardware similar to yours in vintage are having the same issues. Just like people with the latest and greatest are having no issues at all.

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what are you doing for cooling ? What are your temperatures with MSFS?

My sim is running great now after the latest patch, but I do feel compassion and understanding toward fellow simmers with this sentiment. Hopefully one day you reinstall it later on down the line when its running at it’s tip top efficiency through optimization.:beers:
Give it some time bud, it hasn’t even been released a year yet.


I totally feel you on this, i had a 2070 super and i was fed up with the performance.
So I decided to get myself a 3070 and i still have the same bad performance.

People suggest turning on this, turn off that.
install this software, disable x and x.

Nothing really helps, and Asobo decided to remove “summer” from their DX12 patch list and made it 2021 instead.
This simulator is by far the best in all aspects EXCEPT performance.
It’s just horrible.

I see myself tweaking more with the settings and trying to find optimization tips than simming.