I don't understand why it shows stereoscopic VR

I don’t understand why it shows stereoscopic VR.

When using VR, I am curious about the reason for showing the left eye and the right eye separately on the PC monitor, that is, showing stereoscopic VR.

It is correct that YouTube streamers and spectators should provide a video that is more understandable by providing a wide FOV, but I am curious about the reason why the screen provides a useless video separated by two.

The stereoscopic VR video that goes into both eyes is enough with the LCD screen inside the VR headset.

It is useless to show two separate screens on a PC monitor.

The PC monitor should only show a single view (e.g. right eye view or combined view).
(The important thing at this time is the value of the wide FOV)

If you’re concerned about creating 180VR videos, Microsoft should at least give you the option of choosing a single view mode. (Many games support single view)

I am a YouTube content creator. Two separate VR images of the flight simulator were recorded and enlarged in an editing program to produce a video with a loss of pixel quality.

At this time, an image with a vertically long field of view is produced.

I tried using Oculus Mirror as the next best thing.
However, jittering occurred, image quality was degraded, the FOV was also narrow, and color loss occurred.
And when you rotate your head (when you urgently look at a part that doesn’t render), the phenomenon of black streaks is something you can’t see in other games.

While MSFS VR is not satisfactory enough, it has an overall optimization problem, especially for YouTube streamers.

I ask VR single view support in the next update.

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I Guess the reason for this is that it’s only a copy of the image for the headset so not that much work for the GPU.
Single image must be a total new image with a lot to do for the GPU

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Because it’s just a copy of the buffer shown on screen.

Otherwise you would have to render the 2d- image again in the resolution of the monitor (would need much much much much … more performance than just copy the vr-image from the buffer and show it on the monitor)


My question is not a real question. :slight_smile:

If the intention of showing stereoscopic (SBS) by simply duplicating the VR screen is to reduce CPU and GPU load, then OK.

However, there are many games that are displayed in single view on the PC screen.

The point of my question is this.
Is there a reason for the VR screen (stereoscopic) to appear on the PC monitor? There is not.

It is enough to show a single view of a wide FOV on the PC screen.
I think this is simply possible without the extra GPU rendering load.

Have a look here for some workarounds:

What is the record button on the Windows Media Bar?
I’m using Oculus CV1. without WMR.
My PC screen is stereoscopic, and when I record, it is recorded in stereoscopic.
Stereoscopic = SBS video (left eye and right eye separated video)
The only way I know is to use OCULUS MIRROR. But this is not a solution.
Can I get a single view video with wide FOV by pressing the record button on the Windows Media Bar?

That’s just to record it. You can also use nvidia or OBS. It’s called the Windows Game Bar and is another overlay for games. Press Win + G to enable it when in a game.

Thank you for your kind and quick response. :slight_smile:
I am using NVIDIA recording, and I already know how to record.
I can still get it by recording a single view screen.
BUT, this method causes image quality loss due to the top and bottom cropping of the image and the enlargement of the image. The FOV is also narrow.
It is not a fundamental solution.
I haven’t used OBS, but I think I can’t get a 16:9 full-size wide single view (one eye) screen.

I would actually love to have stereoscopic (SBS) picture on my TV(that I use as a monitor). My TV supports stereoscopic/SBS input which it converts to 3D (and using passive 3D glasses I can have a 3D experience). I don’t have any VR hardware or headset. How would I realise stereoscopic mode on my monitor/tv? Do I just enable VR mode in MSFS2020 (using the hotkey in MSFS2020)? Do I need to install a driver? like for example openXR? Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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