I finally found peace

Just realized something really nice and that is that I finally seem to have found peace with flight simulators. I’ve been busy playing flight simulators since SubLogic FS 2 on the Commodore 64 and since then I’ve always been hungry for more. Better scenery, better airplanes, better clouds, better performance, etc. New flight simulators came and they always added more, but the hunger for even more came back just after a few days. You might recognize this.

When X-Plane came with it’s VR expansion I thought we were getting there, but performance was terrible (with clouds enabled) and the everlasting hunt for more photoreal scenery, better graphics, more planes and better clouds kept me from actually flying it most of the time.

Then MSFS came, I was one of the first Technical Alpha participants and MSFS seemed to be able to still the hunger for much longer, but then it returned. The performance was okay-ish, but never good enough and there were still so many bugs. The sim was way more satisfying for me, but the lack of VR left a hole unfilled. Upgrading to an RTX3080 helped and playing MSFS in 4K was so overwhelming.

Then the VR update landed, heaven seemed close because it looked better than I dared to dream, but the performance seemed to throw everything in the water. When I actually got the performance to an adequate level 2 weeks ago things clicked into place for me.

I’ve never done so much flying without tweaking and worrying in my life. The scenery is gorgeous, the planes look and handle wonderfully, the clouds are stunning and the graphics are awesome. Sure there is room for improvement, but for the first time there is a team behind this sim that actually cares about the same things many of us care about AND they actually have the resources to provide these. They also want a sim that is almost as real as it can get and they are listening to us and open in there development. But the main thing is, this sim is finally just enough in it’s default form, everything is satisfying enough to not cause that hunger for more and more. No more feelings like “When I get this cloud add-on I can finally go and enjoy flying”.

So I stopped hunting for things to make the experience better, sure I bought some nice airports and planes (the Aermacchi is great for example), but the rest of the sim is good enough already. There is no need to buy scenery areas anymore, you can just go somewhere and it will look like the real area most of the time. No need to buy tweaks to make it look better as it already looks more than good enough. And with the team working on even more areas, better performance, better graphics and more features I finally can go with the flow and just enjoy flying around till the next update. I would love to have better pushback and good ATC and realistic AI traffic with liveries one day, but knowing that they are working on these things is enough for me.

I would just like to thank the team for this great product, it’s getting better and better by the month and we have something to look forward to again and again. Can’t wait for the UK update and especially for the Netherlands update because that’s where I live.


I grow weary of the complainers. I’d much prefer chasing increased performance than finding content to use. Other than small things along the way, this is an unbelievable achievement. You get it. I applaud you. Too bad more people don’t understand that.


Well said. I’ve flown simulators since the beginning and I too always wanted more. Looking back, I think I spent more time tweaking with settings than actually flying. That’s sad. This go around I was able to buy a really nice setup and spend the majority of time flying. I still tweak settings, because that too is enjoyable to me, but the priority is getting in the air and enjoying myself.


Couldn’t agree more. Very well put. Like you I’ve been flying Sims since the C64 days and remember only too well trying to land the Cessna at Meigs and just as you were trying to adjust your approach slightly a whirring noise kicked in as the 1541 disk drive started loading scenery and the whole thing froze! Happy days.

MSFS is outstanding, even with the various problems, but as you say, they’re working on it.


Also, I’ve never been into multi-player games until this sim. Now, I look forward to joining the Bush League Legends twice weekly in an Around the World group flight. There’s currently between 25 and 40 on any given evening. We fly modded XCubs. If you’re interested, look them up.


I couldn’t afford the floppy, at first. I used a cassette drive.


I still have that cassette drive in my Spectrum! And I also occasionally still fire up Tomahawk :slightly_smiling_face:

That was my first “flight sim”.


Nicely said.

Whatever anyone might think about the opportunities, omissions, errors and so on, for me two things have become apparent

The world is a VERY big place of endless variation

With the weather, lighting and scenery together, every flight I make is a different experience

No other flight sim (no other application of any kind) has done this before. Truly revolutionary.


There we go a positive thread. I always come across the bad and seem to miss the good ones. :slight_smile:
Also one of the first Alpha participants and ever since there has been rarely any day I got tired of using this sim oh and there is more to come. Looking forward to contrails and supersonic flight. Hopefully its not far off! Replay system will be gold when its out.


Yes, this is something that makes it revolutionary and keeps it interesting. I like to come back to several places I know from the real world again and again, but they can be vastly different on each visit indeed. Now with the possibility of having snow coverage this can be even more dramatic. And when they implement seasons locations will be even more different on each visit. So great to have these improvements coming our way periodically.

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I just have to say that I totally agree with the OP. I was enjoying the experience even with a sub-par system i5 6400, GTX1060 6mb and settings on mostly mid-range, but when I watched YouTube videos of guys flying with much higher performing systems and seeing the beautiful scenery I just had to upgrade.

Now flying with an I7 10700K, RTX 3070 and the sim is simply magnificent with most settings on ultra. I have the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant on order and can’t wait to receive them to take me to the next level of flight. The boundaries of this SIM seem to be endless. I’m really excited to get into VATSIM but not quite ready. I think this sim will keep me occupied for a long while. And I haven’t even yet felt the need for third party add-ons. I’m sure that will open up a whole new world.


I’ve finally arrived at my peace as well. As one of the more outspoken critics of the simulator throughout the alpha and beta period, I’ve got to say I’ve never been happier with a sim than I am right now with this one. Almost every evening I’m in Skypark looking for a new unique hop in some part of the world I’ve not been to yet. Volanta tracks all the flights I make so I can recall where I’ve been and what happened on each flight. Addons like the Working Title CJ4 (which could easily pass as $60+ payware now) and Carenado Mooney have kept my interest for the past couple months. The CJ4 is honestly what I’ve wanted from a sim for at least 15 years now. The fact that we have a great biz jet so soon (and for FREE!!!) is almost incomprehensible. Every time those little vacuum cleaner engines wind up I get excited to see where they take me.

There are still a huge laundry list of things wrong and missing, but the weight of what’s right has finally shifted the balance and my attitude towards the sim. I no longer have the urge to fly or even look at X-Plane or P3D. While I miss a handful of the detailed airplanes from those platforms, I know it is only a matter of time until they migrate over too. With my eyes focused more on flying and less on the community, sim updates, and FPS indicator, my outlook has changed entirely. I’ve also got a RealSimGear GNS 530 coming sometime in Feb after they get back in stock and I can’t wait to see how that enhances the experience.


I must add my two cents. Started in 1982 with an Apple II system (cassette drive) and have used every MS Flightsim product since. I am now 82 years old and this sim makes me feel like a kid again!! I bought a gaming system last summer in anticipation of MSFS coming out and have since added a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Makes flying so much more enjoyable and realistic!! BUT . . . the real icing on the cake was delivered by FedEx yesterday . . . the HP Reverb G2 VR headset!! I had never seen VR of any kind before, but after reading comments in the VR Forum here, decided to bite the bullet. What better way to spend the $600 stimulus payment? Anyway, I am just blown away – I have to pry myself away from the computer at times because I am so immersed.

Anyway, that’s my story and like so many others, I try to look at the bright side of what we have and what we have to look forward to. MS and Asobo have done a bang-up job and it will only get better!!


I have added quite a few places to my real world “must visit post-COVID” list after seeing them in MSFS.

Flying Milford Sound in NZ with the freeware flightsim.to addon installed is just one example of that.


I didn’t really start flying in sims until FS2K4 but I have been enjoying flying games since '83. I started playing Buck Rogers on the Coleco ADAM and then on consoles like Top Gun on the Nintendo and a few others. Then Ace Combat came out and I enjoyed those type games but I really wanted to see what it would be like to actually (virtually) fly a plane. FS2K4 was my first simulator and I enjoyed it as well. I played that for a couple of years and then for some reason, I just stopped. I didn’t start simming again until 2018 when I ran into X-Plane 11. I had no idea the leaps and bounds flight sim had come along since 2K4! I ditched my sidewinder pro joystick for an X52 pro HOTAS and then eventually got my Honeycomb Alpha and bought a Gladiator stick with the MK-IV rudder pedals and then of course the add ons that go along with flight simming. It is an expensive hobby but I honestly can’t think of a better way to escape for a few hours and just get into a plane and fly where you want to and when you want to! I have added to my arsenal of flight sim paraphernalia (lol, I make it sound like a drug!), as recently as yesterday, the Class Echo and six months and 22 days after pre-ordering it, the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Flying via flight sim is fun and even though FS 2020 is riddled with bugs, this sim came OUT OF THE BOX, with the most amazing scenery and aircraft I have seen in a sim without having to spend hundreds of dollars or multiple TB of ortho. FS 2020 is in it’s infancy and I for one cannot wait to see how it grows! This is what my setup looks like now. I wish I had a picture of when I simmed on 2K4 vs. now!

Happy simming!


Here here!! Well said! The team do a fantastic job and now I am addicted to vr!

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Did it for Me! The Uncle had it on his Win95 PC.

What is that a 3D Printer or an Expresso machine on the left :slight_smile:


I actually seem to remember the disk drive was slower than the cassette on sequential reads.

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Thank you! We need more positivity on these forums. MSFS is a thing of wonder and while it will always be a work in progress its good to sit back and just admire what Asobo has created.


Nice thread!!

I‘m with you guys! This is a wonderful piece of software! I also spent hours if not days tweaking the ancient sims until nothing worked :joy:. Those days are finally over! Thank you Microsoft for letting the franchise live up again and ASOBO for doing such a great job! Thanks to COVID 19 I spend very much time with the sim. It‘s very, very fun to be able to explore the whole planet! Awesome, guys! The only question now is where to go next!!

Oh, and one more thing. Some say that MSFS2020 isn’t a real sim yet, because there aren’t enough sophisticated jets to fly. Well, from my perspective it is the first real sim, because you can do so much more than takeoff and let the autopilot take over for endless hours to find out, that you’re out of memory (remember?) the moment you want to land. Man, that was frustrating!!!