I give up, i take back all that i said, and an update

Since SU9 landed i have had a few flights and not seen much trouble so have been singing from the rooftops how it seemed ok apart from a few jitters.

Today, I do a flight, 30 minutes in the G1000 freezes followed by a total lockup, restarted and tried again, different flight 40 minutes in and locks up fully.

Blood pressure rising, I tried one more flight, different again, this time it get to final, its a GPS visual approach, VNAV takes me down to final altitude, disconnect the AP and the plane instantly goes into a hard nose-up then stalls and crashes, i managed to flip to external view HUD and see trim is +55 deg hence the nose up and stall, naturally I died and my £1.4m DA62 is no more.

Other things i have seen today - the wind is now mad, I set 170deg @ 3kt - the pre-flight ATC tells me 040 at 5?? In-flight i’m getting slammed by heavy winds and the little wind indicator on the NXi is spinning about madly, like a hurricane? The AP could keep it in check but it was working hard all the way, should have been a nice easy flight.

ATC now has the same voice for both tower/ATC as well as the AI traffic so it sounds like ATC is talking to itself now, it also has the same TWR icons for both sides of the AI conversation - useless.

Today has been the worst I have ever had, only been flying 5 months, I bought the XBox and 2020 to help me as I have some mild issues, those that know me have commented how much better I seem since flying, but now I cannot use it at all. I’m probably not going to use it until a known patch or fix has been released because it just causes me such grief in its current state. Until today I had two CTD’s in total :frowning:

I’d possibly buy a PC but it seems the issues are similar?

Apologies for the rant but I am so vexed right now.


why apologize? it’s absolutely justified!


I agree, sad day. I normally sim for about 2-4 hours nearly every day. Since the update way too much stuff broken.

Pause a flight it sticks when you fly again change settings and the cockpit jams up so nothing works anymore. Profile page contents manager won’t load. Flight won’t end. Game won’t closedown. It’s endless and I am tired of it.

Tried to reinstall same result. Prior to this update yes had my share of issues but this has broken the sim and I don’t want to play anymore. Free time to sim is precious and don’t expect to have to try fix issues Asobo don’t get right.

To say I am disgusted would probably be an understatement. You know it has got to a bad stage when even the developers are posting in public forums about the chaos.

There will be no purchasing of any type of add-on from PMDG etc until Asobo stop with the crazy updates it is inappropriate.

Update maybe twice per year and have a stable game before adding little tweaks that break the whole game.


It’s almost like there are server issues for a week or so after every patch.


can’t connect online today :frowning: so many disappointments with this game…

Best way to get issues solved is reporting them as separate bugs in the appropriate category on the forum or via Zendesk.
Sometimes forum members might help with issues if they are described without the drama around it.


Austin Meyer is grinning from ear-to-ear right now. SU9 is the update he’s been waiting for.


Yes, he’s probably relieved they fixed the nouse cursor issues.

Yes I will spend more of my free time reporting stuff over and over for it not to be fixed but more stuff broken. No drama just realism. Luck for you if it works ok. Go enjoy it at lease someone is.


It’s your choice if you do.
Threads like this one certainly won’t help. Properly reporting at least has a chance, and we have a big community to support as well.

But if the purpose is just to vent, then such a thread is certainly the way to go. Same precious free time wasted without constructive effect :+1:

Also remember that you too benefit from proper bug reports written by others who also use their free time. Same for beta testers.


Beta testing :-1: don’t want to get into an argument with you as using mSFS 2020 from day 1 so plenty of hours flying and enjoying the sim. When it works it’s amazing. Frustrating though out of over 2000 flying hours I estimate a good chunk of time fixing issues. I guess there comes a point where it’s time to put the sim in the hanger and de stress. I use to fly to de stress but recently and especially su9 has not helped that process. If we don’t comment on the issues and vocalise our thoughts and roll along and pretend all is well and only give praise, which I have also done on these forums then nothing will ever change. But like I said if for you it works please by all means go enjoy flying. Wish I could but time for a break. Will try again if there is an fix or update at some point.


The point is not if it works for me, the point is to either post constructive reports or just avoid the sim.
Not a day goes by without a thread by someone venting in a destructive manner, making the General Discussion forum a place to avoid since there is not much to get from.

Wasted time for all - the writers and the readers. Especially with such unprecise topic names like this one.
Maybe we should have a “vent” category, to split off all that.

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Yes, we do.

I thought general discussion was ok, i did apologise for the vent but sometimes venting can prevent other things happening. Nobody is forced to read it after all :wink:

I rely on the in sim ATC as i dont fly on vatsim…My god ATC needs to be innproved big time…9 times out of 10 they give me a very late decent then asks me to climb then desend again…and yeah ATC pretty much has the same voice as pilots

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I agree. Remember how everyone used to have a much higher incidence of CTDs on the day of a new update? And then remember how the days after, the reports of CTDs went down (except for those directly related to issues with the program)? I’ve believed that there have been server problems since Day 1 and they have not yet been resolved. On days when the servers are working fine, there are probably fewer CTDs and fewer crazy unexplainable problems. On days when servers are having problems, things like this are reported more often.

===WARNING conspiracist theory ahead===
I believe that’s why we still don’t have log files like XP does. I think MSAsobo knows they have serious server problems and don’t want to introduce a process that might pinpoint them for us to see. I could be wrong, and I hope so.

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Should add the words, “On my system.”

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Except you have to read it to realize you’ve waisted a minute of your life that you’ll never get back.:wink::wink:

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I wonder if the OP had his trim set properly or was it set hard up so that when the AP was disconnected the airplane did exactly what it was set to do… immediately trim nose hard up… hummmmm

I found myself staring at my XBox today, I usually fly 2-3 hours a day but was put off by yesterday’s mess. Having calmed down and also on receiving advice from another source I decided to try once more…

It started up as usual with the connection failure message, its always done that, I wait for it to connect, about 1 minute usually.

The info i had was that it might be connected with the G1000/NXi mod so I went back to the Cessna 152 trainer, loaded world planner - no issues - set a 45nm trip - accepted ok - pressed FLY - all ok.

I always start Dark/cold so I went through my old start up routine, taxi’d out, announced take off (no tower) took off and flew the route using the VFR map. To my surprise it all worked, there we a couple of very slight jitters but have seen far worse before. I made sure to use external view and spin the camera around etc several times. No map freeze etc. Landed ok which surprised me as not flown the 152 for a long time.

I then went on and did some pattern work in the 152 - all worked well.

Happy with the success I stepped back into the Diamond DA62 with the G1000NXi, I set up the exact same route as before, flew it mostly manual but then a bit of GPS followed by a visual approach in the G1000 with VNAV. That sort of worked well, until I released the AP for final and the plane just dived in to the ground, no idea why - i could not pull it out of the descent as there seemed to be no response at all to my inputs.

Now, it was not all roses as the wind is just all kinds of messed up - for these tests I deleted the ground wind layer and set clear skies, ATC and ATIS tells me “winds calm” - this usually means a very smooth flight with pretty much no wind effect at all. The wind socks were all limp.

Now I find I’m getting buffeted about non-stop with what feel like 8-10kt winds, landings were a nightmare and maintaining the course manually was a matter of constant control input, sometimes quite severe. The wind direction arrow in the G1000 MFD was constantly spinning, jumping, the direction was any and all angles all the time.

So, i’m now totally confused, I will certainly test it some more tomorrow but with the winds and control loss I’m not sure how that will go. My current feeling is that the early CTD’s may indeed be server issues but the rest is software based.

As i said, the trim was set to some silly number like 55% - no idea why as they rarely go beyond 12-15% and in straight flight about 5%