I have a question about achievement named My Way

In order to get this one, I should ‘Complete a non-stop 300+ mile flight from parking to parking spot, without assistance.’

But my question is, what is the exact meaning of ‘without assistance’?

Should I play without a checklist? Do I have to play with ‘True to life’ difficulty? Do I need to play without autopilot? Should I turn off the taxi ribbon on the ground? Or all of them? What if I speed up time during my flight?

It makes me confused… Does anyone know about this? Please give me an advice. Thanks.


I’ve done two 400NM flights now without any assistance, other than talking to ATC and using the autopilot on the A320. I didn’t unlock the achievement.

I even have the taxi ribbon and checklist evaluation options disabled. :frowning:


I guess it’s glitched for most people… Hope there would be a hotfix from devs, or guides, or explanations etc…

no luck here. Did a 300+ nm trek from Tucson to San Diego, gate to gate nothing popped.

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Hey guys, I found the solution for My Way. I followed this method, and it works!



Interesting, so it looks like the only thing I was missing was having a destination parking spot defined in the flight plan. I used a Simbrief plan and just radio’d for a gate when I landed!

Thanks, I’ll give that a go tonight when my Honeycomb arrives - good excuse to try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks Man this worked for me!

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Still no dice for me I’m afraid. Made sure I had a ramp spot selected at my destination and made doubly sure I was parking at the correct one - still no achievement after shutting down.

I am on the Xbox store version FWIW, the guide seems to have had success with Steam.

This link helped me. I think the keys are making sure “True to life” is set properly, and finding the right parking spot. Stumbled around general aviation for about 15 minutes and finally got the right spot. Lol!

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I don’t know if it will help at all, but you don’t need to come to a complete stop or shutdown to get the achievement. I wasn’t quite sure of my parking spot, and slowly drove through parking spots until it dinged. I noticed I didn’t get the refuel option until I was in the right spot from ground services.

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The achievement is definitely glitched. I followed the TrueAchievements guide basically exactly as written, but with the A320 (Hoping not to do this with a Daher). Went with a high altitude IFR. Started and ended in parking, no gates. IKK to ICT. No achievement. The only thing I didn’t do perfectly is answer every radio call within 5 seconds, so a few times ATC told me I was canceled and I would re-initiate IFR when it happened. (But the achievement doesn’t say it has to be IFR anyway!)

I guess I will try again with the Daher and let you know if that one worked.

Just flew an A320 from YMML to YSSY gate to gate, turned off the engines and got the flight complete dialog and still didn’t get the achievement. Something definitely up with this.

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Just did a 340 mile trip in the TBM930 and it didn’t pop. Did True to Life, ran through all the checklists, selected a parking spot on each end of the flight plan, handled all communications, no joy. Used autopilot for most of the trip, not the AI pilot. Parked at the spot with the guy with the sticks, he did the cut signal, and then I shutdown everything. The results box didn’t pop up for some reason?? Maybe that was it, but don’t know why it didn’t come up.

So, I’ve just managed to unlock this achievement but I wasn’t expecting it at all after previous failures.

Started at the gate at EGLL, with no flight plan loaded (i.e. I just selected the departure spot in the World Map, and didn’t load an arrival or a route).

I then put my route into the FMGC and requested IFR clearance over the radio, did a hop over to Shannon EINN, and as soon as my main wheels hit the ground the achievement popped up…

Assists set to ‘True to Life’ with nothing changed. Live wx and traffic but all players enabled.

I’ve tried twice to get this achievement but no luck yet. The first time around I got the Wheels Up, Wheels Down immediately upon landing, but even after parking I didn’t get the My Way achievement. I read the tips beforehand, and I picked a starting parking spot and an arrival parking spot but here’s where I think it goes wrong: I chose a small airport to land at that has 5 parking spots. I picked #1 because it’s on the end nearest the runway. When I arrived, there were planes parked in spots 1, 2, 4, 5 and the ramp guy was guiding me in to #3 in the middle.

Maybe by dumb luck I can get my chosen parking spot. Or if I find a really small airport with 1 spot to park at.

Ok - I’ve tried overthinking and underthinking this achievement. Still no luck.
Does “ctrl-del” for parking brake count as assistance? Might be my problem.
Is ATC assistance required? Tried with and without. (IFR and Direct GPS)
I never use AI
Is checklist required?

My current settings are
True to Life
Live Weather/Traffic/Players
Daher TBM 930
Depart KVVS Parking 5
Arrive KLBT Parking 9 (Nice spot right in the corner of my home airport). I set this as departure once just to verify the spot.

Possible failures:
“ctrl-del” for brake. Won’t do that again
Not using checklist fully. I use it for reference but that’s it
I always use ILS/VOR approach to runway 5, usually switching on final before glideslope

Flying it again now. Love this sim.

Update - Unlocked!!
KAGC > KFAY Parking to parking
ILS Runway 4
IFR Low altitude airways
Blew the approach, went missed, switched NAV1 to LOC
Landed, parked in seemingly random spot that had the ground guys
Lowered crash bar - Complete!

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Sadly no luck for me, tried it from the flight planner, with parking spots selected at both sides. Parked in the correct spot with the signaling guy, but nope, no cheevo for me.

I finally unlocked it after several attempts. I set the AI to control the plane and the checklists. I handled the radio. I did have to adjust the fuel flow via the checklist because the AI only wanted to use one tank (TBM 930). Also, don’t open the VFR map. I think that changes the difficulty from true to life to custom and that counts as assistance.

I still can’t get it… I’ve tried everything I can think of. It’s set to True to Life, I zoomed in to the departure and arrival airports to select parking spots (selecting the arrival parking spot in the drop-down menu caused it to reset to the runway). I made sure both airports had ATC (I’m sure it’s only important for the arrival airport so that there can be ground crew waiting for me). I didn’t touch the Navlog or VFR map. I did use Auto Pilot, but that’s hardly cheating.

I thought the patch today might have fixed it, but nope.