I have a question, What Flight Planner do you guys use for MSFS 2020?

Hi there, I just wanted some opinions about which Flight Planner do you guys use when you setup your flights? Any Information is greatly appreciated. TIA

I use Navigraph Charts to map it out and then use Simbrief to create the plan. I use E6BX to do all the calcuations for flight time, speed, fuel requirements etc.

Simbrief will do that for you as well, I just like doing it myself.

Also has a downloader for a large number of aircraft and the sim itself to easily get the flight plan in to where you want it.

Simbrief is free, Navigraph is a paid subscription.

Little Nav Map is another great free choice, and there’s also skyvector.

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Navigraph Charts and SimBrief :+1:

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Navigraph. Love it. It’s worth every cent(or whatever your home country’s currency is).

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For IFR, most of the time a combination of Navigraph (maps and charts), Skyvector (general orientation and quick measurements), and PFPX (detailed route and flight plan generation). I have used SimBrief as well, it is a decent, free, but less capable alternative to PFPX (which is fine if you do not need those capabilities). Topcat for takeoff and landing performance planning for supported aircraft.

For VFR, either no real flight planning or pen + paper + E6B because it is fun. Occasionally Little Navmap for VFR, but not for IFR.

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Simbrief preferably, and Little NavMap for aircraft that don’t have a simbrief profile. I use Navigraph charts, but not usually for planning. Pilot2ATC usually assigns SID, STARS, etc.

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You can also create aircraft profiles in Simbrief for ones that are missing.

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Navigraph Charts and Simbrief

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Navigraph is the way. But if you want a free alternative use ChartFox. :+1:


In addition to what the others have said I strongly recommend the free LittleNavMap.


Even if you dont use its flight plan capabilities it makes for an excellent moving map - specially if you have a multi monitor setup. As a bonus you can also grab additional free maps for it including Google Roads/Terrain/Satellite.

Its really amazing with gazillions of features, a true gift to the community.

I did not know about this, thanks for this info :grinning:


ForeFlight and/or SimBrief.

I use skyvector and download the ILS Approach plates, airport diagrams to a special directory on PC, then when setting up flight I just bring up the chart I want to use and setup the flight in World Map. I will use a SID or STAR but most of the time, WM/MSFS does not have the same route as displayed on chart, or it takes you a weird way. Part of issue will be getting the AP and FMS aligned so AP can actually do what you want to happen. Still working on FMS to make sure I get it.

SkyVector as it suits my style of flying (light GA under VFR and IFR) and I enjoy drumming up my own flight plans. It also has all the instrument charts I need. I keep it pulled up on another monitor or my iPad. I also have a handful of paper VFR and IFR charts and an A/FD book for the southwest US (I fly there the most on VATSIM). I additionally have an E6B that helps loads, the amount of things it can do is awesome.

SimBrief and EFB2 from Aivlasoft

Navigraph + Simbrief for flight planning and I often open the simbrief flightplan in LittleNavMap for easy access destination airport expectations such as weather and familiarization.

Forgive the plug, but I wrote and use GTFP. It has some unique features, is easy to use, is free, and worth a look, IMHO.

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ForeFlight for planning. Unfortunately it can’t be manipulated in VR, so I use Sky4Sim and the Navigraph panel once in VR. But for planning purposes, you can’t beat ForeFlight.

Navigraph and SkyVector, mostly. Don’t forget you can get current, real-world flight plans from FlightAware.com (mostly for airliners), and they take the current winds aloft into account. It can be interesting to watch a route change from day to day as winds aloft shift.

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