I havent enjoyed flight sim this much in years!

I do not have rudder pedals. For a couple reasons: 1 I have a slight disability in my legs so I’m concerned how that will work, we’ll see. 2 and possibly the more important reason, now I want the Charlie pedals! I’m a sucker for a good ‘system’. Hopefully your Bravo gets to you soon. I was about to lose my mind waiting on it last weekend. Cheers!

Nice! That sounds awesome.

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Wait! What?? How’s this work? What is this wizardry you speak of??? Do you have a link you’d care to share?

I feel your pain, I havent been back to the office for a year, so now I’m feeling like I dont have to leave. If I could figure out a way to do the flight sim, snowrunner and work all from one area, I’d be good.


Bring 'em on!

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You can find a few options in this useful post.


I wonder how that will work with just an xbox controller?? Hmm, maybe they’ll bring out yokes etc just for the XBox. My wife would kill me…lol

Direct link to the app with instructions: https://smoothtrack.app/

It’s well worth the investment :slight_smile:

If you need any more help or tips to set it up feel free to dm me.

There actually flight simming attachments that are available for xbox controllers, and they look “cool”!! Not sure remember where I saw them, If I do, I will post a link.

The Charlie rudder pedals were a cause of concern for me too as I’d already decided on the Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant and wanted the matching set. But they aren’t released until the second half of this year and probably will be impossible to get at launch anyway.

So I toyed with buying a cheap set to tide me over until then but felt that would be wasting money if I wsa going to replace them in a few months anyway. So I looked for what was better than the Charlie pedals would likely be and came across the Thurstmaster TPR pedals.

Although I don’t get to use them much they are the favourite part of my setup. Unlike the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle they aren’t made of plastic but rather all metal and steel. They look and feel amazing and just feel really professional imo.

They are hard to use in realistic mode. The plane wants to pull left all the time, but then if there’s a crosswind it will without warning lurch right, and if you’re already steering right to counteract the left pull when it shifts the plane just quickly careers off the runway.

I don’t yet know if this is due to realistic flight modeling that I don’t understand, or if I just suck at flying, but either it way its a steep learning curve. Very satifying though.

Top tip: don’t use rudder pedals if you have a chair with wheels - the rudders don’t move and you end up zipping across the room/cockpit :grin:

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It so good to have Flight Simulator back. I can’t stop playing, the level of detail is perfect to explore the entire world. I’m on day 227 of my world tour, nearing 2,000 flight hours, and what amazes me the most is that the game continues to amaze me!

Sure there are some problems here and there but the good always outweighs the minor setbacks. I’m enjoying it in 1080p on a simple 1060 laptop, 20 fps, and it looks stunning.

I’m braced!!

I am jealous I have the Alpha Yoke but not the throttle.Wish they were in stock @MSRP.

I looked at those too, but given that the wife let me spend 500.00 so far to get the Alpha and Bravo, I just didnt want to get something to tide me over, so I have that assist on…lol. One thing I’ve been able to say is these will last me for some time, she seems ok if it’s quality kit. Thus far, anyway :grinning:

I feel your pain. All I did was sign up to be made aware when they came available and had a paid off credit card standing by! I made sure to pay it off again.

That’s freakin’ awesome. Keep at it. So long as you are enjoying it, that’s all that matters.

Great thread. I stumbled upon that freeware Tiger Moth on the weekend. (think I found through a youtube video; it’s that great Ants Airplanes Moth run through the convertor) I had it in FSX, then FSW, but in this sim, what an experience! With a half hour to spare, took it from Pisa to Florence this evening at about 1000 ft. AGL using the fair weather, few clouds preset. That’s entertainment kids!

That’s Awesome! I just flew through the lessons. I think tomorrow I’ll start the flight academy VFR lessons again. Tiger Moth? I don’t know that one, I’ll have to look it up.

Thanks for that, I’ll make sure to take a look!

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