I hope to allow external windows to enter VR space

I hope to allow external windows to enter VR space. Gees and Skypark are currently unavailable in VR mode.

I am adding my vote, as it would be great if this could be achieved natively in the sim via a nice looking ipad style tablet etc… without 3rd party apps, but having said that OVR Toolkit (payware, and available on steam) is my current solution and it works really well for me while I wait for other options.

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It looks good. There are two problems. First of all, can this tool be used in the cockpit? Secondly, because I personally think the best way to interact with the cockpit is an analog peripheral that you can use with your eyes closed and a mouse. So, can this tool be used with a mouse?

Not sure that I fully understand your question, but you can overlay windows into the VR space and place them wherever you like. Personally for Skypark, I shrink the Skypad window down to around ipad mini size in VR, turn off ‘eco mode’ for the window, and place it in the centre of the yoke as if It was an IRL ipad.

The trick is to run MSFS in windowed mode and place the skypad window directly next to it on your IRL monitor in ‘always on top mode’. I also use the windows virtual desktop functionality to ensure that the only 2 windows open to alt tab between are msfs2020 and the skypark’s skypad window. Then in VR you can enable OVR toolkit sim mode with F8 then alt tab out of MSFS and just move your mouse across to the Skypad. I have programmed the alt tab to the middle mouse click on my Logitech gaming mouse so I simply click the middle mouse and move the pointer left.

There are tons of options, and different ways of using the program. It supports VR controllers as well as mouse/keyboard and joystick button allocations. My advice would be to join the discord and chat to the dev directly if you have a requirement that is not immediately met by the program. He is very active and posts constant updates.

good luck. I find this setup extremely immersive and performant.

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OVR works great. I doubt anything Asobo do will end up as robust and polished as OVR which has years of development behind it.

There are two problems. First, I switch MSFS to window mode, and FPS in VR mode will be reduced from 36 to 10. Is there any solution?
Second, my MSFS is the Microsoft Store version. Can I use OVR Toolbox?

For the Microsoft store WMR people, this should be easily fixed once the devs come across it. There is no third party toolkit needed - feel free to upvote here:

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