I just installed FSX Steam Edition

Having not played FSX in over a year, I downloaded the 10GB install from Steam and strapped in for a blast from the past.

Now… I got really frustrated the other day with the new FS2020 flight dynamics bug, and some scenery glitches, etc etc. I really felt “oh COME ON Asobo this is rubbish! fever for the first time.

I’ve not really been a forum user before FS2020 but this forum has been super useful to help find great mods, free addons, support and advice for workarounds. But recently I’ve really been sucked into a spiral of negativity towards the Sim and had to catch myself.

Back to the point of this post. Seriously, I mean seriously, have you gone back to FSX, loaded a base sim aircraft (I tried the Baron and the A321) at a base sim airport (I tried Bristol EGGD) and had a look around? Tried to learn the G1000? Tried to edit the FMC in the Airbus? Took off and had a fly around?

I know FSX is 15 years old. I know the FS2020 bugs are really annoying, and we all feel irritated about it being so close yet so far from potential awesomeness. I know we all need the basic flight model to be fixed, and the sim needs to be more stable. I really hope it improves soon. CTD are a totally blood boiler 2 hours into a flight. Everyone is entitled to their feelings, I’m not trying to tell anyone they are wrong or should pipe down. Please vent. But me personally, I tried it, it didn’t make me feel any better.

I went back to FSX, without any payware or mods, sat in a plane at a small airport somewhere local. Then hopped back in the same plane in FS2020, without any mods, with with medium settings. not high or ultra. And just looked around and took off.

It just hit me in the face. Wow. Look how far we’ve come. Look at the job they’ve done.

Raising my blood pressure (I shouldn’t, it’s already high) and trying to vent on the forum has not helped, and actually I am going to take a break from the forum for the next few weeks until Sim Update 3 lands.

For others, venting will help. For others, expressing themselves here is important.

But today I’ve really refreshed my view on this simulator and I’ve just decided to take a step back. If this isn’t for you, please don’t be negative towards me on this thread. And this isn’t an us vs them thing, this isn’t to shove in the face of the people who really want features and fixes.

Let’s just try not to loose sight of the giant leap this sim represents, while also giving strong feedback to Asobo about what is really important to us for them to fix as soon as possible.

I’m just sharing my view, hopefully it might help 1 or 2 others who are in a real frustrated spiral at the moment.

Oh and it’s actually getting a bit sunny here in the UK this week! Vitamin D is important, remember to go get some before you strap into a 3 hour VR flight mega session! It makes you feel better (trust me, I’m a theatre sound engineer who usually works in dark London theatre’s all day!)

Hope you’re all well and have some wonderful flights this week :smiley:


Welcome (back) to the club.

I know I get eyeball rolls when I use the term “The Magic is Back (patent pending)” when I talk about GA flying in MSFS 2020.

That aha moment you had? Yep. That’s what I’m talking about.

About the only thing I wish we had in the new Sim is an updated version of Rod Machado’s Flight Lessons from FSX. I can still hear Rod in my head when I take the 152 up for my daily circuits and bumps at KBID (power to 1900 rpm, trim for cruise, look over to the left). Okay, maybe minus the bad jokes he made. :sunglasses:

We have come so far. So much negativity and no one really appreciates how transformative this product is.


Absolutely! Totally get you!

I do also get the anger of a CTD when you’ve been floating over this beautiful landscape for a few hours, and then BAM it’s all over. That does need fixing.

I’ve just realised I cant do both things - I can’t enjoy the sim, AND come here and vent about the issues.

So after today I’m going to go away and just fly for fun for a bit, if I get a CTD just as I’m coming into land at the end of a super fun flight, I’ll go make a cup of tea and take a breath or go for a walk.

These Covid times are too stressful, FS2020 is still fun for me even with the occasional CTD or bug. Others really wont find that acceptable and that is fair too.

I just don’t like wallowing in it and feeling grumpy at the dinner table with my GF because of it, like I did when I was a teenager!


Yesterday I had my first CTD since getting FS2020 for Christmas. But I had it while playing FSX, not FS2020.

I’m restarting my virtual airline career with the Majestic Q400. There I was at the gate when poof!


Well said ! That gave me a new perspective. I will just sit back and enjoy the sim while the MSFS teams fix some of the Core Sim issues. You are so right, the simulator is so much more advanced and the little things that got me sidetracked are not that important at the moment. They will be fixed. I will sit back and enjoy life, it is short.


Great post. With you 100%. I still fire up FS2004 daily, albeit briefly, for various reasons in relation to my Dev work, because it loads so fast. Sometimes I take a quick spin to check on something. So yes, I’m with you and I get it.

I’ve been simming since FS2 and have been wowed with almost every new release except, I have to say, FSX. For some reason that one never did it for me and I was on the beta team too! But this latest beast is the dog’s wobbly bits, even if some of those bits keep dropping off. But then they do in the real world too, don’t they? As recent events have shown. At least this is just a gaming sim.

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It must have been a painful experience.

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Haha it was a little! A real eye opener.

I remember FSX blowing my mind back in 2006!

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I can’t go back to FSX or it’s derivatives.
This sim is just too nice when it works.
Fortunately, the two aircraft I like to fly (C172old and the A320 Custom FBW) work very well in the sim.
I’m going to stumble my way through the start up issues.
Thank you forum members, I don’t think the sim would be useable without you!!!


You’ve hit the nail on the head there!

One day the base sim might get to the level that many forum members and mod’s have gotten it to.

Then the community will take it even further! So exciting.


FSX still has better multiplayer and missions than MSFS.


I fire up FSX occasionally for a couple payware planes I like to fly IFR, but the cockpit interface is hard to go back to that’s for sure. And it’s only tolerable as I spent hundreds of dollars in add-ons over the years to improve the sim. MSFS2020 has a LOT to offer, out of the box, just wish they would work out the bugs. Hopefully in the next couple months.

Great post!!

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For me , on my simulation, missions and multiplayer aren’t important.

I still enjoy FSX alongside MSFS.
As a matter of fact…In VR FSX is just as beautiful.
Only thing it lacks is modern lighting,ambient occlusion,shadows and modern object/terrain textures.
I use REX Clouds and all of the ORBX FTX/LC bells and whistles and FSX Shade.
I still get absolutely stunning breathtaking experiences with FSX as everything is rendered in stereoscopic 3D from the VR. Which even makes the outdated FSX graphics look great and pop out at you with the convergence.
I enjoy just sitting in FSX and watching ai planes(Traffic 360) land and take off in full scale as I sit on the tarmac with the ORBX Bob mod.


Yep, Rod’s lessons and Grandma advice were so cool to learn flying :smiley:

But the lady examiner was so atrocious, as cold as ice, terrible! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you sir! Well I live in Kent and sun? Today’s raining !
Yes I took a step back too, due to the buggies and crashes etc, and fired up my other modded for years sims. Frankly, fs2020 can wait until the matter sorts out. Its a lovely sim, but on the shelf for now. Lots of us are beating a hasty retreat. We have not abandoned fs2020, its just plain unflyable now. I’d rather spend time flying peaceful, productive flights I work so hard to plan, than fly with worry about sudden ctd after being so engrossed in it, truly so. If life give you lemons, make lemonade, enjoy the other sims. Lifes too short to stress out on msfs 2020. Relax, take it easy. The sim will work out in time a real self test of true patience.

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…and not to mention the sleepless nights and days and weekends off trying to download and fly and restart over and over again…more faults more bugs…ain’t worth it…

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Yeah, good points. FSX does feel more “alive”, even stock. The AI planes and vehicles (and ATC) seem completely mindless in MSFS. I liked in FSX when I was queued up behind other planes for take off, or I had to hold short for an inbound plane landing. I even had some scenery add-ons that added birds flying, etc.


Thats why I still have and fly p3d now, love lining up to take off, and proper traffic!!! After all its still fsx modified, and I love the atcchatter!!
That sim is alive!!!