I made my first airport! KNZY - North Island NAS (Halsey Field) (USA)

Hi All,

This is the first time I’ve made any kind of creation for any Flight Simulators but I wanted to give it a try when I had to fly to this airport for FSEconomy and it wasn’t in the base game. I downloaded the SDK, read a bunch of guides and played around a lot and finally got it to a point where I feel like I could be happy releasing it for others to have. I’m really quite proud of it based on how far I’ve come from not knowing anything.

Anyways, feel free to check it out and download it. I would like to keep working on this airport and making it look nicer including getting Google maps models in as well. Making this was a lot of fun and I hope to make more airports in the future.

Link: GitHub - julysfire/MSFS2020-KNZY: First time making anything like this, making KNZY because it isn't in the base game and FSEconomy uses it quite a bit.

Screenshots: KNZY - MS2020 - Album on Imgur

Edit: Updated screenshot album: KNZY - North Island Naval Air Station MSF2020 - Album on Imgur


I’ll check it out this weekend. Thanks for sharing with the community

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I haven’t have a chance to try it out yet but I compared your screenshots to the 3D views on G maps and it looks great! Thank you for the work and for sharing.

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Thanks! The buildings are currently made with a lot of MSFS 2020 generic buildings that I thought fit it as best as possible. It is in essence a “lightweight” version. I’m working on importing 3D buildings using GMAP data and those are a lot larger in size but they will have as accurate as possible buildings.

Everything else like the aprons, taxiways, painted lines, ect was all drawn with the SDK by hand.


Very nice job. Well done. You should be proud of this as your first one!

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Thats amazing! I cant emphasize how great the ability of us being able to edit and improve the default (and amazing) job Microsoft/Asobo has done is. Im looking forward to create and edit airports, to further enchance our simming.

FHAW and FHSH, for example, both mid atlantic, important airports, used primarily as alternatives in ETOPS flights between South America and Africa are inexistent.

Great job and keep it up!!

I’m extremely happy how accessible the SDK is for MSFS2020. I’m not sure how it was for FSX or P3D but it never crossed my mind back then to hop in and start creating. When I saw the opportunity with this airport, I figured why not and let’s see what happens. The SDK is fairly accessible (def a long way to go, but a lot of great people have made great guides) and it was a ton of fun. I can’t wait to see what other people make as well!

Could you share the guides that you used to learn? I’m interested as well.


This was my favorite guide for creating airports. Has pretty much everything you need

/r/FS2020Creation has a lot of good stuff as well.

The SDK Discussion section of the discord has people too who are willing to help when you get stuck

Where do you download the SDK?

This may be helpful.

Thank you!

Hi everyone! Can someone Help me saving my scenery? I know there are Pdf´s that explain it but they dont work for me and I also know that there is a special section for questions like mine but since nobody wants to answer my questions there im going to ask here! So now imagine are at an Airport with the Dev Mode on, which keys do you press now? I made it so far that I could place all the Objects from the world editor. But then I dont know how to save. Please someone make a seperate topic on this and send the link or just reply to this here. Im really struggeling with this

Great scenery, so thank you for your efforts. I am experiencing an issue when using with the Navigraph AIRAC addon. Without your addon and now that MSFS has a default KNZY, I have the Navigraph approaches available. Unfortunately, the default KNZY doesn’t have any parking spaces. If I add your great addon, then I don’t have any approaches available.

EDIT: From Navigraph:
it seems that this is an scenery issue, which deletes the terminal procedures. That has nothing todo with our data.
Please report this to the scenery designer