I miss trains

It was one of the good things about XP11. You’d be busy flying about and suddenly spot a long train far down below snaking its way slowly through the landscape. Bring A.I. trains to MSFS 2020!


I agree, if they’ve got the time to do animated animals I’m sure they can bring us some trains.


AI trains would be fantastic.


Even better if there was the equivalent of real flight traffic that mapped real trains.


It’s probably possible. The GIS data they have through Bing maps will no doubt identify railway lines. But I think they need to improve the road car behaviour before they think about putting a more complicated train model in the sim


Now they need to team up with the train simulator game and put them all in the same world


Now that it was mentioned, I have not seen trains. It is very common in the southwest USA to spot trains when flying.

It would be nice to see a few.


Trains would be a very good add


I hope more people vote this as well. Trains are really needed. Flying in Italy or France or Germany or UK, High Speed trains and regional trains would add a lot of realism and fun. In Tokyo and Japan, you really need trains as they are everywhere and you probably see more trains than cars. E.g. Yamanote Line, Chuo Line but also the Shinkansen HSR. And China as well and Korea. Please add these, and I am sure people and the community would even enhance this!


I agree 100%! It would definitely be a great addition to the Sim.

I saw a post on the MicrosoftFlightSim
sub-Reddit just a minute ago asking about trains. So I posted a link over here hoping to get more visibility to this item.

Whenever I see a mention of a cool item like this, I always drop a reply and point people to the wish list section.

I think it’s awesome that they implemented the vote feature here for the Bugs and Wishlist sections. And they’re pulling this information and including it in the Developers Updates. So we know that the people that really matter are seeing this information. Very very cool.


Imagine using Bing maps for flying, and trains. Two simulators in one :crazy_face:


Another vote for trains!


I miss radio towers.


Oh yes please.

I am a train tragic. I know whenever I fly in Australia to another city - I can usually locate myself looking out the window just by the railway lines and I’m often quite excited to see trains out the window… and even at 8-10,000ft, I’m already trying to identify what model it is.

:steam_locomotive: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car:


Here is an idea - use MSFS world to create a train sim :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be much good, train sims have much more detail and at ground level the MFS World isn’t that great.

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Better yet combine all Flight Simulator, Train Simulator, Truck Simulator, and Ship Simulator into one product and call it Microsoft Simulator. The multiplayer should be able to see all those people playing. I would love to have a race with high speed train in a plane.


Some time next year, this would be nice.

I vote for this one. We have mass trainyards locally and it’s a bit odd to fly around locally, low and slow, and there are no trains. About 30-40 go through the city every day…and I miss that!!!


Would be nice to be able to follow a half mile american consist or race a TGV from Bordeaux to Paris