I miss trains

We definitively need trains. It would add a lot to the realism.
Think Japan, where you would likely see more trains than cars in VFR and also a lot of the urban landscape is made of train stations and tracks and trains would make it living.
Also Europe, with regional train and High Speed such as TGV in France, Frecciarossa and Italo in Italy, ICE in Germany. But also Shinkansen in Japan. And for US and Canada, spotting and following long freight trains. But guess many other countries as well. It would be nice if Microsoft adds basic train and train lines, and addons could be developed by third party to depict actual train by country, with real speeds and stations.


yup, definitely want some trains! Would add a lot to the immersion.

Yes, trains are definitely missing! But what I also miss is the elevated railway like in New York or Chicago. The routes are there, but cars and trucks drive over the routes!

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All suburban railway and metro would add a lot of realism to the cities. New York, Chicago, Japanese cities, London, most of Europe really

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Don’t think trains are coming any time soon. This thread was listed on the update yesterday at #25. It has a unique status of “not a priority” - not even part of the sizeable backlog!

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This was kind of funny :slight_smile: It’s the only item on the feedback snapshot that got a “not a priority” stamp haha

I agree, we need trains. I’ve been flying for a month now and see lots of cars and trucks, but no trains. I was wondering where they are, but apparently there aren’t any. Let’s have trains!

I guess it’s an invitation for a third party developer to step in… They want to focus on other more important aspects…

It might also be they fear the competition, MSFS2020 dealing with planes, they don’t want to be bothered with trains, especially since it’s a fact that for journeys of less than 300-500 km on major backbones, trains are a better choice, pollute less. See what happened in Italy, France, Germany, Japan and more recently China with HSR…
Also, more legroom, less crowded, no queues for boarding/unboarding, no security checks
Anyway, would be fantastic to spot train when flying, trying to chase, see what it is… That could be a good add on… But still believe the basics train routes shall be a priority

I suspect if they did add trains they would be generic, and if you started chasing one, it would suddenly disappear like automobiles and trucks do.


What we need is not only trains, but a more realistic implementation of railways. As for now railways are very difficult to see in most areas. This is important landmarks for VFR. Another point is that sometimes blackshark.ai as identified trains as buildings. Moving trains is not a priority for me, but been able to follow a railway line, to identify railway stations (even with a generic building) could be a great improvement. I think that there is databases with that information, so it must be more or less the same job as for roads.

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You got my vote, I’d really like to see this at some point in the future :slight_smile:

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You got my vote too, moreover a graphics improvement for road traffic vehicles would also be amazing, they somehow look ‘cranky’ and ‘cheesy’. Maybe by using models instead, matching in quality the airport ground vehicles already wandering about on the apron.

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It would be pretty cool to have them as a future update.
and the cars need to turn a bit more smoothly around corners imo



It is your opinion and all but I don’t see the point.

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I’ve seen running trains in X-Plane and I find they do add to the immersion, even more in a region which you happen to know.


Maybe the OP is disappointed he couldn’t go racing Shinkansen after the Japan update :slight_smile:

Like cars and ships, it would be a nice addition to immersion, but we need to get stable flight, landscape and weather environment first. Then if the servers and our rigs can handle it look to extend the representation of other modes of transport significantly visible in VFR flight.


immersion mate that’s the point, eventually with all the optimizations and future world updates trains would be quite nice to see also.
I am not saying it should be done now haha.


This would be cool. Good for VFR if nothing else!


yeah with all the updates later on that gets the sim to a stable point for flying and performance it’ll be something nice to add to the scenery.
the VFR realism would be so immersive