I need help with what parts to get for the simulator on a custom PC build

I am getting a PC built but i can choose all the parts.

I specifically want a pc that can run HIGH graphics, I’m not too bothered on ultra because I see no difference.

Right now i have chosen the Intel i5-12600K and RTX 3070 with 32GB ram. would this be ok? also a gigabyte z690 DDR4 motherboard with 750W of power supply.

i also have a VR headset with a USB-C wire so would that be ok to use with the sim with these specs too?

thanks so much to the Flight Simulator community, there is so many helpful people here and im very grateful for taking your time to help someone like me! have a nice rest of your day! -Steamy

parts picker

Hi Steamy
I am running custom build desktop (see spec. In my profil) updated to win 11 without any problems, only those programmed by Asobo.
Please note, pick a big power supply.

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what power supply do you recommend?

MSFS runs best on a balanced system however this is a bit of a moving target and emphasis changes with every update. Try and imagine the direction the sim is heading, where you think upgrades might be needed and the cost of doing so. High end is expensive but satisfaction need not be, as another poster said, you could run MSFS on a potato if you are happy to make compromises.

PS with that set up even an 850w PSU is questionable, it’s better to go large. A lower rating does not mean you will use less electricity.

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go large? what do you mean by this

What is your monitor resolution? Do you intend to run the sim at 4K, 1440p or 1080p?

not sure on the resolution but im playing at 1080p

What it says on the tin, better a 850 than 750 especially if you ever want to upgrade and better now if prices are similar. I have no doubt a 750 will run that build but it will be pushing the psu pretty hard which could eventually lead to spikes.

ahh i see, i will consider this thanks!

oh wow! you werent kidding when you said prices were similar its a $11 increase :rofl:

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Yup add in a couple of NVme’s and say a capture card and a 750 would be smoking and all for the sake of $11

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yeah, im getting the samsung 870 sata and 970 NVMe ssds

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also would you say 1000w is good for a $33 increase?

@1080p you should be fine with a 12600K and 3070, even at ultra settings.

Intel will release a new chip in January, called 12400. It is like the 12600K without the eco cores, a slightly lower cache, no overclocking and without the built in graphics chip.

So if you are only going to use your computer for gaming, no professional level video editing, etc, and are not in a hurry, 12400 will likely provide a nearly identical gaming experience to 12600, at about a hundred dollars less or so.
Also new motherboards coming out in the next month or so, cheaper than the Z690.

But your Z690 / 12600K / 3070 combo is a fantastic choice IMHO, given your performance objectives.

Please note my comment above is for enjoying the sim on a regular monitor, I don’t know enough about VR to chime in.

Also I agree with @DensestSnail693 invest in a beefy and quality PSU, it’s a good investment. I would go as high as 1000W to future proof it. You can always keep the PSU if you decide to upgrade your GPU down the line, so it’s money well spent.

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haha, im glad you like the combo but yeah ill be sure to check out the 12400 although i do plan to use premier pro for video editing so we will see.

Only really if you ever plan on a 3080/90 in the future and probably a cpu upgrade to go with it, 850 would leave you short.

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870 as in the ssd?

True, however 40 series are rumored to be quite power hungry too, I was thinking 1000W as next gen future proof for the PSU :wink:

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corrected finger slipped

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