I really dont understand the complains. Please give them time and have some faith

You want them to pull performance out of their @#$?
There will always be some adjustments made if you want some meaningful performance. In this case it was in the form of visibility and occlusion culling. All the latest games utilize this rendering technique because its highly effective. Now ofcourse they need to further improve it so the popping is barely noticeable but your whining is not helping at all.

Secondly some of you want them to roll back to sim update 4. That is the biggest what the $%#@ for me. There were thousands of people who were barely reaching 30fps in cities like Newyork. Now these simmers can run at 40+ fps AND at higher settings. You dont see them here. They are too busy enjoying the sim. Not everyone has a 5900x and a 3080. As for the simmers who do have the 3080s and 5900x, I am guessing you guys were already pretty happy with the sim pre sim update 5 because you were already getting adequate frame rates. Will you be happy if you moved back to 30 fps from your current 50fps at ultra settings? I am very sure most of you wont be. The visual degradation if there is any is an after effect of the massive optimisation that went in for the console which WILL be rectified in the upcoming patch. Its not like devs abandoned the game.

The extra frames will surely help in the long run when game gets visually upgraded with advanced effects like raytracing. The 3080 users will be singing praises for Asobo when they will be able to play at 4k30 WITH RTX ON. Sim update 4 was in no way ready for these upcoming visual upgrades. Sim was already using an insane amount of VRAM in photogrammetric cities and dont even get me started on the RAM usage which was always north of 20gbs. 16gb ram was the minimum if you wanted to fly an airliner in a big city on medium settings.

Please give them time. Its a 10 year project.


Ummmm… ̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶ very few people are complaining about performance after SU5. Performance is better for everyone across the board. For some, it’s only a few extra frames. For some, it’s a lot. The biggest plus is the more consistent frame times and smoother experince without constant, nonstop stuttering. And I’ve yet to read any post saying anything to the contrary.

What people are complaining about constant crashes, not being able to start flights, not being able to install the sim, issues with temperatures at altitude (preventing users of VATSIM and other live ATC networks from flying), and a slew of other bugs with popular planes - particularly the planes in the Premium Deluxe edition that we paid extra for.

This is easily the least stable build since the sim launched 11 months ago. Without question. And probably the one with the most new bugs in 1 update ever. And there’s legit reason to complain.

Where you got the idea that people are complaining about performance is beyond me. Have you been reading old posts?


A lot of people own computers and have no idea what they are doing. Just spend a day working tech support phones. They think everything should just work. Then they reload Windows etc. and make things worse. These folks DO need an X-Box.

With the exception of the crashes after the X-port, many have never had a problem.

Then there are the people not watching the Dev updates on what will be fixed or what is coming, filling the place with hysterical posts.

Then there are the haters. You know who you are and why you are here.


We’ve had patience for nearly a year. SU5 took all the progress that has been made and swept it away so the game could get a console release.

Cool, I get better frame rate at the cost of actual quality. The current Ultra setting is the old Medium setting. LOD, draw distance, and pop-in is dreadful, weather is completely inconsistent in this build. Cockpit interaction is frustrating for keyboard/mouse users. And the game’s stability is once again in question.

I sang this game’s praises at the progress they made on these very forums 2 months ago and all that progress is gone. This is not the quality product I paid for. This is not the sim that I fell in love with and made my primary flight sim. In its current state this game is a joke.

Personally I was ready for a quality hit. Console fans and producers alike can boast about their power and performance all they like. At the end of the day a console is still a low-mid tier pre-built PC and building to that standard means making sacrifices somewhere. But the amount that has been taken away has just set this game back so far.


Really, if you cannot see how they have fubard the graphics, have fun watching it decline for the next 10 years


Give them time?? We have given them - A YEAR to get things right!

I am complaining because every time they release an update they break things that were not broken before, such as volumetric lighting this time, which was working perfectly before… Can’t they just leave things alone.


Seriously? It’s been a year . Enough said .


The above user is attempting to rile you and the community up. Don’t bother responding.


It’s TEN YEAR mission, commanders.
Get used to it.


I know, but they are not getting away with it after the money spent by customers to make it as good as it could be with addons and expensive componants , GPU’s etc


Than you wait 10 years for it. I paid for a product to work as they said it would work when it was released!


They said that, they also said they wouldn’t nerf the PC user experience to make it work on console.

Clearly they can’t be trusted


It’s odd things as well since SU5

the mouse no longer works on screen in game as it dud before it flickers it vanishes and no more name of button appears if you hover a v useful thing esp in more complex aircraft.

Let’s be honest even away from the graphics issues It’s just not as good as it was.


It never stated last August they were going to downgrade the graphiics on the PC version for Xbox or those that wont get their PC’s up to spec, then there would be no argument.

Then you have the constant CTD’s that had been gone for at least 2 months
40c temp issue at alt
etc, etc


Personally, the degradation of graphics is not one of my complaints. I’m totally fine with it (long story). I have absolutely no complaints against Asobo either. They are some of the most talented developers in the world. It’s the several “other” things the producer guy Jorg did to the “flight” simmer community and 3rd party aircraft developers that I’m not comfortable with. I’ll never believe another word that comes out of his mouth. He will never earn my time, money and faith again. Never ever! It’s done.


Perfectly written, he is as trust worthy as a politician.

Makes sense really, his survival depends on internal politics. If he doesn’t make the right people happy, out the window he goes. Clearly paying customers aren’t even close to the right people here.


What do you mean? The Legalese of it all?
3rd Party Devs not having proper license?

Until MS runs two parallel development lines: for PC and Xbox (and that will probably never happen), PC owners will be “pulled” down.
Right now, after SU5 (the fix for Xboxes) there is a reduction in the quality of simulation for PC users. It will be because Xbox will never have the same performance as a good PC.
XBox is money and profit for MS, so I wouldn’t expect the situation to change. MSFS will oscillate towards xBox users and thus become a program more entertaining than simulation.
I don’t want to be ■■■■■■ here, but if you’re into a real flight sim in addition to exploring the world, I think it’s worth the wait for the XP12. There is a great passion not only for $$$.


Its a 10 year Project, so i have to wait another 9 until the sim is Finally in a Good State? Why do we have to pay before it’s nearly finished? Looks like this is a early access title!


Asobo lost my thrust already they said u can play on the Xbox soon, but if u want the best experience pc is the best platform to play.