I’ve lost all but two aircraft after fresh reinstall

Hi all, I’ve looked all over but can not find what I believe to be a relevant answer so will ask here.

I had to reinstall my standard version of FS2020 due to getting a bigger SSD.

I went to steam, pressed download and all went well.

However when I opened the game for the first time and subsequent times I only have two aircraft, a Cessna 152 and a TBM 930. No jets or anything else.

They can not be downloaded that I can see so just wondering what happens next? On the plus side my Microsoft Sidewinder worked out the box this time, I didn’t need to reprogramme it :joy:

Many thanks


Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Please be aware that you do not install the Upgrades via the Microsoft Store. Please ensure that the Premium and Deluxe content is not available and ready for download in the content manager. To do so, follow the steps outlined in this knowledge base article: Only 2 aircraft in the hangar - How to install additional content?

  • If you see the error message “(this content) does not work on this device” please ensure that you are correctly logged in to the Microsoft Store app and to the sim with the Microsoft Account used to purchase a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    For additional troubleshooting steps, see our dedicated knowledge base article: Microsoft Store error message “(this content) does not work on this device”

Sorry I forgot to upload an image.



I had this same issue. You have to go into your content and tell msfs to download everything. After it literally takes 6-8 hours to install the sim.

Thankyou Nyx1819 and Grybeard2, I have found the content part and started downloading.

Many thanks



This is entirely user specific. The longest download I have encountered since Aug was the initial download at purchase. Took all of 45 minutes. The largest update since was 30 min +/-.

Downloads are determined by your internet connection and server throttling/saturation enroute to your computer.

6-8 hours? Did we go back to the days of 28.8 modems? What am I missing?

I had to do a fresh install today after installing two new 1TB M.2 drives on my motherboard. I have a 50Mbs fibre connection and it took 6 1/2 hours to download the basic sim and then it’s going to take maybe 2 1/2 hours more to download all the extra content. I rarely got above 45Mbs on some files and others it was dawdling along at 9-12 Mbs.

Some users have reported having slow downloads, despite having good internet connections. These issues have been reported on or off since launch.

I wonder if there is an issue with the content delivery system and/or the download client is unable to handle temporary issues by switching to other nodes.

Personally, I have only experienced this issue once since launch, when I downloaded the VR update seven days after launch.

I have a reasonable connection of min 300 Mbps but it can still take anything between 3-4 hours for the base content to download and then one has to go to content manager and download another 15-20 Gb content.

I guess I am spoiled. I have fibre optic right to my modem and run between .9 - 1.2 Gbs. Iforget there are people still running under 100Mbs. Have never noticed a slowdown from the servers. I guess the question to ask is who is their provider and do the use node sharing in their infrastructure.

Prior to my current connection, you could tell when there was nothing good on tv. Netflix would start buffering as everyone in the neighborhood was jumping online. There are still plenty of providers that are using throttling on shared bandwidth. You can usually notice it if you try running a speed test using a large file. Starts out screaming and then drops to a whimper.

I know that questioning someone’s internet connection is like suggesting their spouse is cheating but it might be time to read the fine print on your service agreement. I have seen lots of plans that say “Unlimited Data” that don’t limit your total but will drop your bandwidth as your usage increases. This “keeps it fair” for all their users.

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I suspect there’s something going on with Asobo’s CDN. I have Gigabit fibre optic as well. It’s rock solid and I’m always getting top tier speeds. Except when downloading MSFS files.

Most of the time my download the the sim content is around 100 Mbits, although for a couple of the updates, I saw speeds upwards of 300. The latter is the exception, not the rule.

The funny part is that right before one of the updates dropped, I had just downloaded the Windows 10 Pro ISO from MS, and I was downloading at about 900 Mbits. Not minutes later, I was downloading MSFS at under 100 MBit.

I have to wonder if it is geographical as well then. Same as you and I having completely different Live weather experiences. I would have to go log digging but I remember the initial installation took about 45 min from starting the download to “setting my experience”. I know because it takes me 30 to mow the lawn and that’s what I did after starting the download. :slight_smile:

Since then, I only remember the Japan and US updates. both about 30 min or so. The math would suggest 700-800Mbs?

There are a lot of people with 300+ Mbit connections that have reported sub 100 and sub 50 Mbit transfer rates. If you look in the sim release threads (yeah, those are long…), many folks have posted screen shots of their download speeds while the updates were downloading. People with A-grade internet connections that are otherwise rock solid and blazing fast were posting results in line with “high speed” internet of 20 years ago.

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