I want to love FS 2020 but I hate it

I guess it’s not that people want to run the sim in 60 FPS, it’s rather they just want a relatively smooth experience as they had before the latest, with a reasonable 25 - 40 FPS range depending on the complexity of the area of flying.

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So you can get 35fps. You just don’t want to accept the limitations even your top end system has to achieve it. This sim is limited by its reliance on an outdated code and delivery method, so no current processor can squeeze all that information through a core fast enough to achieve 4k at Ultra at fast frame rates while your GPU waits for it.

You’ve got the best availible, Just love it for what it is.


I am playing the game at 1440p with a mixture of high and ultra settings, 100% render scaling. I have an i7 9700K @5GHz, 16GB 3466 C16 RAM and a GTX 1080 and I have a pretty good performance. Is the 3950X really that bad? I thought it can easily keep up with any i7. But optimization is really a problem, even my 8-core CPU can’t perform at its full potential.

Hmm i am constantly over 50FPS on Ultra Settings at 1980x1400 with Ryzen 9 3900, RTX 2080Ti, 32GB DDR4 RAM and an old B450 Motherboard, i would check your Hardware o.O

The OP is talking about ULTRA at 4k not 1440p at the most demanding airport surrounded by PG in an airliner with probable busy live player traffic (one of the most popular airports in the game) and AI traffic cranked up to at least 50% … there is no machine that can run this in 30fps even. Even you get 50-60fps elsewhere, you won’t get even 30 fps in those abovementioned circumstances.


Lol I 2nd that offer as I run
Nvidia rtx2060 ultra
I7 7th gen Intel
Some sort of mini motherboard
And 32gb ddr4 ram.
128gb ssd
1tb HDD
4tb Seagate external

I mostly get about 30-40 fps even in JFK…LAX…SFO …my system use to choke a bit until I turned off nameplates for traffic…lowered densities for workers, vehicles, ships…I run a lot of ultra, but things like water waves I have at high…maybe even medium…but like soneone mentoned before…start from everything low and work your way up

Most answers here are not very helpful, because this is not a matter of config or hardware. When playing with over 40 fps the framerate should not go below 20 fps when nearing the ground. This clearly is a bug that affects many player playing in 4K resolution.

Did the original poster try to switch off photogrammetry AND set Trees to low? I recommend that for testing purposes. Does the fps drop still happen when you do that?

I have experimented a lot in the last few days and this fps drop phenomenon is not a general problem but a bug related to trees especially in photogrammetry areas. When switching to 1080p or 1440p the framerate drop does not happen at all on my system.

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Thats 1440p, right? Original poster uses 4K. I don’t have any severe fps drop nearing airports in 1080p or 1440p.

Yep 1440p, all ultra for comparison, like you, apart from some places I don’t notice a drop on frame rates near the airports I use…4K though really is a challenge for people in this sim so I feel for the OP who is disappointed. I don’t do a whole lot of airliner flying, apart from learning the FBW A330, as I prefer manually flying GA aircraft, especially the Pitts and the Aermacchi jet trainer, so that helps keep the frame rate up. I’ll usually dial down a few settings too, as I don’t like the look of ultra trees for instance and ambient occlusion shadows on ultra don’t add much to the visuals, things like that. With render scaling, my old eyes can’t really tell the difference between 100 and 90%, so that can help most people too.

Main thing is to get a setup that works for you and stop fretting about frame rates and just go fly and have fun.

MSFS used to work for me now it just crashes during flights. Zero issues on launch now it’s a mess.

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Well, easy to say if there is clearly a bug that destroys framerate in certain situations. I have at least 35 to 40 fps everywhere in the world in 4K. But when landing in an area with lots of trees fps can go down to 15. And this has nothing to do with complex scenery or so, it can happen even in the mountains or in the Canadian bush. I am at 1000 feet AGL with huge amounts of trees visible and get 45 fps. I approach a little airfield or fly very low and fps go down and down and down until I cannot really fly anymore. In those situations I put the Trees settings to low and complete the approach at maybe 25 to 30 fps. But this very clearly is a bug introduced with update 6 in November. It’s worse when photogrammetry trees are present too, like in San Francisco. If I fly the drone in maybe 150 Feet AGL and look at lots of houses I have 35 fps with all settings at Ultra. I turn around to a park area with lots of trees and fps go down to below 10. I turn around again, the trees in my back and fps goes up to 35 again.

The best thing you can do is not use 4k, 1440p is the highest you want to go with MSFS right now if you want to get close to ultra settings, at least until it gets DLSS support, tweaking the settings is also important, a lot have minimal visual impact but a big FPS impact.

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There’s your bottleneck right there! You should of gone with an intel chip for this sim…I use an i7 8086k overclocked to 5.1ghz…32gig ram…and an old GTX 1080Ti graphics card and am getting far better results than you and am at 4k with main settings mainly at ultra or high…though i do turn off some settings like motion blur and bloom which i hate. Your GPU will be CPU limited EVEN AT 4K! AMD 3950x that averages 4.2GHz is just not upto the job am afraid.

It is and trying to circumvent it is a violation of the code of conduct so I am removing your second try

You should always run your monitors a their native resolution.
A better suggestion is to reduce Render Scaling in the sim.

I performed a lot better tonight. And I couldn’t recreate the problem. But I had the low FPS all week since I tried these landing challenges. If anyone is interested in seeing 4K performance, I made a video of Chile and JFK.

I’m a new user so I can’t upload files. Copy and paste this title in Youtube: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Frame Rate Test Chile and JFK Landing Challenge

For those who don’t watch, Chile I got 50’s in the air, 40’s on ground, peak 60+. JFK peaked at 40+ in air and not lower than 32 on ground.

The dev mode said I’m GPU limited which I think is good. I’m happy with a steady 30fps. Hopefully the performance doesn’t degrade. But I have noticed the longer I’m playing the game stutters more.

I doubt my internet is having issues streaming the data unless MS servers are slow.

Dev mode says GPU limited so my CPU is fine.

In that case, I warmly recommend that you experiment with reducing Render Scaling.
It’s easily done and you may be surprised at how many FPS you can buy with almost no visual degradation.

As long as Computer Games are around…You can bring every System down with some games sliders. On your System a 2015 Game called GTA V can run with 30 FPS when you bring the sliders up. Some Settings are not noticable at all.

So play with you sliders, bring the ones down you dont notice or only a little and boom. 60 FPS on you system.

I guess people here are kind of confused, most of the hi end systems don’t suffer from low FPS, it’s the first time stuttering that came to surface after the latest patch World Update II.

So it’s ridiculous to state that hi end systems cannot achieve this FPS or that, we have just achieved sufficient FPS without any stuttering before November 24th.

That’s it.