I9 9900K + RTX 2080 TI = Low FPS ?!?!

Hello all,

Here my specs:

  • Intel Core i9-9900K - 3.6GHz
  • Pro Samsung SSD 1To NVMe M.2 - 970 EVO
  • Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W RGB (4x8Go DDR4 3200 PC25600) = 32Go
  • Watercooling Gigabyte AORUS Liquid Cooler 240

I got the last Nvidia drivers.

But I have low FPS (15-20). (Not only in cockpit)
I tried everything but this is the same…

Microsoft are working on this problem ? Do we have information about it ? I hope they will fix it…




same here with my specs
i9-9900K CPU @3.60 GHz
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
Samsung SSD 500GB NVme M.2 - EVO Plus
ASSY MBD Shire Intel CFL Z390

but I have created a ticket.


Yea. There is something wrong.

In beta, I loaded in the sim and immediately had nice smooth experience. With nice FPS


I load in, 1-2 min 6 FPS. Then it gets better, but still far below what I had in beta. Every flights usually starts at some point suddenly going from 40 FPS to 20 or 15 or stuttering so strong it become slideshow. Not above city, but above a desert somewhere.

Something is not right.

And I tried to ridiculously lower the graphic settings to a super low values…no change at all


What Res are you guys running, I have same specs but 3800x and 3800mhz ddr4, running at 5120x1440 and with everything maxed out get 25-30 over London (ORBX add on), and away from cities 35-55fps?


Do you have low FPS in the cockpit only I suppose?

I have the same CPU , RTX 2080 8GB, 2TB Samsung 970 Evo SSD, 64GB RAM, my settings are most on HIGH only. I expected to be playing on Ultra with this configuration. I still have nice graphics and good FPS. I have set my FPS locked at max 75 for the moment. Playing ar 4K resolution.

One thing I noticed last night was if I disabled all other players it was a lot smoother for some reason. I wonder if there is an issue with retrieving data from servers? It’s data heavy: users, weather, atc, and scenery are all processed by azure and ms servers. Perhaps the bottleneck is there and that’s what is causing the slow downs…

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Did you install the latest windows update? helped me


They say turn off AI or live aircraft, should give you also a few frames more.

Yeah, Im getting 15 FPS with RTX 2080Ti also at any resolution including 720p, tried everything. Asobo/Microsoft need to atleast acknowledge the issue sooner rather than later.


Sort of invalidates the point of alpha/beta if you go ahead and release a completely different performing build.


No answer from Microsoft ??? :frowning:

Not only in the cockpit.


I usually get 40fps in non urban areas and I have the same specs as you. Almost identical. I have to say as well though, that when fsx came out, you needed a mega super computer to make it run with an acceptable frame rate. Whilst it’s frustrating now, as it was when fsx came out, this sim is designed to be the go to for another 10+ years and therefore user experience in terms of performance will generally improve due to hardware evolution and optimization. But I know that doesn’t help now.

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I wasn’t involved in any pre-release testing, and my understanding is that those who have are still under NDA.

But let’s assume for now that what’s leaked out here and there is true and that frame rate is, for some people, lower in the release version. And also that changing graphics settings has no discernible effect.

The biggest difference with release may just be that there are thousands if not tens of thousands more people using the service. Perhaps the data streaming and delivery is a bottleneck. Might be interesting to turn some of that off and see what effect it has.

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it would be good if Microsoft communicates on this subject.


I have nearly the same system but on a constant 5.1ghz overclock

i9-9900K @ 5.1 - delided, Gigabyte Aorus Elite MB
32gig Corsair DDR4@3600
MSI 2080Ti, Corsair H150i Pro water cooler
Winwing Super Taurus and Super Libra
MFG Crosswind pedals

I’m getting a constant 50fps at Innsbruck and around 45fps at Kennedy

Most settings at Ultra with a few, namely shadows etc on high

Running @ 2K 60hz

I have xbox game bar and graphics scheduling turned off
Latest nVidia drivers


Microsoft works on this problem or not ? Who knows ?

This doesnt even sound right

What about it ?

e calculate using a mask calculator. we inserted the command in the FSG20’s CFG and it worked, the fps went from 20 to 70

Calculator link

put your number of cores and threds and the result is the number you go for no command

AffinityMask = n