Ideas for Flight Simulator Missions

What ideas do you have for possible Flight Simulator Missions?

I would love a modern remake of the FSX fixed-wing missions.


Smugglers Blues - Carry contraband across international borders with out being detected by Radars.

Belly Wash - Fly your plane as low as you can for as long as you can across a Lake / Ocean without AutoPilot.

Lucky Lindy - Re fly Lindberg’s Historic trans Atlantic flight to Paris without going to sleep.


I would love to have rescue and search missions but also tourist flights and cargo flights to remote locations would be great.

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Round the globe trips in smaller aircraft are definitely fun. Use a good log/tracking program like ProjectFly and you unlock new country’s in your passport as well and everything is tracked. Ocean crossings are always tricky but definitely possible!

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Fly from one end of the Colorado River to the other…
VFR Mc Elroy Airfield (20V) to Boulder City Mun (KBVU).pln (5.8 KB)

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I’ve always hoped for a ‘career-mode’ in Flight Simulator. It’d be a big undertaking, but I find it would help to bring new people into the game.

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Not a bad idea but I want would that entail?

Maybe you need hours to get your private pilots license, then commercial, then get jobs earn money, get ratings on other aircraft. Flights are rated, performance, timeliness, passenger satisfaction or Cargo delivery. There has been bits and pieces done with addons but never a full scope career mode.

I agree I think it would be a cool addition and give new players more reason to stay playing the game.


Yep that’s pretty much what I had in mind. It would be more immersive than having individual missions that don’t really build on each other or lead to anything. I’ll take stand alone missions if that’s all we can get though.

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As has been mentioned in another thread, when particle effects are finished, some firefighting missions (and planes) would be awesome. Maybe even with fire in the forests that can be put out by the particle effects. If the particle effects could be affected by winds, you could even score how well the spray hit the target.

Along the same lines, there could also be crop spraying missions, again, scoring by how well the target was hit.

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We need both, but stand alone missions would be a good start. At the moment we only have Landing Challenges and bush trips if I am not mistaken. There is definitely room for more kinds of activities.

Start at KGCN and go north. When you get over the canyon, drop in and follow the river as closely as you can. Exit at Lake Meade, then head out over Hoover Dam. Finish off with a buzz down the Vegas Strip and then land at McCarran.

Other than that, grab a GA plane and pick an airport. Imagine that you run into someone that needs to be somewhere else and offer your service as an air taxi.

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