If you had the power to remove/add just one thing of the sim, what would that thing be?

If you could remove just one thing that matters to you right now from the sim and replaces something else instead, what would that thing be?

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Remove the XBOX from the main game core, and split into two. One for XBOX and one to utilise the full potential of powerful PC hardware.


^^^YES^^^ This is something that needs to be done soon…


As much many would like that, it will never happen. But we are getting further enhancements with the next to Sim Updates, and to be fair there is already some divergence between the two platforms.

This thread could be construed as “what would I like fixed right now”, and I think there are other threads like that.

In that vein I would suggest removing the current implementation of static friction, and replace it with a model that simulates real world physics better.


“Sorry PC users - no updates for you for the next 3 months as the next SU and WU are solely targetting the Xbox. We’ll get back to you in 2022 though.”

The reality is that, a few teething bumps aside, maintaining a single, common platform will, in the long run, turn out to be better for everyone and that forking the code will only make things worse. We’ll probably see a fair few “PC only” options appearing, and this is a good thing, but it’s no reason to go nuclear and roll everything back.


Yes I agree although they did “go nuclear” rolling forward with update 5.


Sure, but the world has moved on now, and (IMHO) the sim has improved substantially as a result of the SU5 optimisations, so not much point in continuing to flog the horse - it long since passed away.


Remove the spinning white circle.


If I could remove just one thing?
The source data/tech/algorithm/whatever are just not ready for this. Nice idea on paper. Never seen it look good in game.

Replace it with? Explosions, lots of lovely explosions.

Consistency… One day I have trees and bldgs as far as the eye can see, then a couple of hours later, 20 miles out and all the detail is missing (all of a sudden since the last crash BTW).

So maybe more servers lol…


A more realistic business jet and remove the Longitude


Remove the Logbook Pop-up when shutting down the Aircraft…

…Replace with a nice “Press Any Key To Start” window at Launch



I would add the ability to hide the cockpit panel (legacy W key from FSX) so that when I finally finish building my hardware panel, I don’t have to look at two cockpits.


Yes, that would be a big one for cockpit builders. Simply moving the camera far enough forward so you don’t see the cockpit isn’t the same.

I wonder if developers could do that by setting certain model elements as “do not render” or whatever the terminology is within the SDK. I know there are entries for some cameras.cfg files where a certain camera is set to not render the yoke, for example. I wonder if that could be applied to the entire plane?


Fix EVERYTHING in the core program and was intended to actually function…
Which leaves one with a MSFS that has everything in the core program functional without the need for any MODS or Addons.

then, those that want to add can do so and those of us that do not can fly without GLITCHES or Mods.

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They included things that weren’t intended to function? :thinking:

I don’t know. But it looks like they tried to fix this with “Home Cockpit Mode”, which as far as I’m aware didn’t work on release and still doesn’t work today.
The Wishlist topic for this has been there since two weeks after release, although there is a request in the forums dating back to the day after release, but in the wrong category.


Fix the object pop in right in front of the plane and the terrain morphing and the cartoon tree shadows and the flight plan and the autopilot and the live traffic and the AI traffic and the night lightning and the water reflections and the oh wait that was more than one? 8)

Blue skies!

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I would add historical weather!


I would add AI Traffic to at least the level of what was capable in FSX/P3D. I really miss flying into airports in these two sims with real word liveries and models that looked and behaved somewhat well. I hope that MSFS can bring even better behavior to the AI traffic but I’d settle for we had for now. Also…I’d like the ability choose offline AI and to be able to add my own routes and planes. The ability to do so in the previous sims made it very enjoyable for me.