If you have stutter when flying around JFK / NYC areas

The below symptoms are regardless of whether I turn pre-cache on or off, and regardless of quality setting (by editing the .cfg file VR parameters), and only since WU6

WU6 has been amazing for me so far at almost any location, however, I experience a noticeable FPS drop at JFK and NYC at the very start of flights (as you’d expect with such a detailed area), but after 30secs - 2mins into the flight, like a light switch, the FPS suddenly jumps back up and it’s very smooth no matter where I fly in the city.

If you’ve got the same problem, I’ve found I can cure mine before take-off. After I hit “ready to fly” and before take off, slide the MSFS VR render scale to minimum, hit apply, then slide it back up to your desired setting (I’m using 100%) and FPS is good from beginning of flight. I need to ensure MSFS is the active application (not in background)

If I exit VR during flight, sometimes I need to do the above again.

I’m blown away that with WU6 I can now have perfectly smooth VR (most of the time), while flying between buildings in NYC, at TAA 100, building and terrain LODS 200 etc. no pop-ins, clear horizon…


TAA at 100? What headset and resolution?

Hi, MSFS render scale 100, Reverb G2 with OpenXR Developer Tool set to 100 and Motion Repro on

I’m just finding KLAX is the same as NYC

Nice - I certainly can not use 100 with my Vive Pro 2.
I also have Reverb G2 I used previously but really do not want to have to install WMR again. I wish Open XR would work with the VP2 like it does the Reverb.

I find something similar with the clarity. When I start a flight sometimes the visuals are off in the cockpit. Just not very clear. I move the headset around trying to make it more clear with no luck. Then after some time poof… I look down at an instrument and it’s crystal clear like normal in my reverb G2. Strange.

I think possibly your topic and my observation are related. Maybe the render scale is changing on its own. I’ll give your fix a try the next time it happens.

I haven’t had that yet, but you may be right

Hi Dogman, what CPU and GPU do you have? With my 5800x and 3070ti i can have max. OXR100 and ingame 75 (Photogrammetry) to 90 (in non-urban areas).

Hi Hyperjet. 3900x, rtx 3080 / 3090, 32gig (3600 c16) ram, 1tb nvme drive, Asus Rog Strix x570 E/F

I’m using OXR dev tools at 100 with motion reprojection on. MSFS scale at 100

Other things that might be helping me;

Game mode off
HAGS off
Resizable Bar “ON” in bios (and I’ve updated GPU bios for re-bar support)
Running latest motherboard bios
Running latest AMD chipset drivers

After several flights today, I’ve found the above doesn’t always work from the very beginning of the flight, however, moving the MSFS render scale slider from 100 to 130, apply, then back to 100 will get it to become smooth again (and make sure msfs is in foreground), and sometimes toggling aliasing from TAA to OFF to TAA again can fix it

It’s a bit frustrating to have to do this each time, but the smoothness is worth it for me

quite the same experience i had: How to get Rid of Rubberband Effect / Jitter /Judder in VR