"ILS Approach" and "IFR Test" flight training bug

Same issue here.


Exactly the same issue as a few of you with the ILS training. Landings are fine, but the instructor must have brittle bone or something. Always fail on the landing. So annoying as I’ve done all of the other training missions and want to get them all done.


On Xbox with Xbox controller I also couldn’t complete the IFR Test. Right after the flow turn rust the instructor asks to increase speed to 110. Despite nailing 110 on the ticker (and flying for miles waiting) the checkpoint never hits.

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Only issues I have found preventing completion are the ILS approach and the IFR Test lessons


yes this is definitely a bug on XBOX as well! I did this like 5 times each more perfect landing than the last and they all fail immediately upon touchdown lol

The training mission right after this one seems bugged as well but i don’t have the patience to try it over and over… (not that i would mind playtesting this for FREE, if they would just fix things we find =)


100% agree these last 2 tests have bugs.
IFR Navigation → ILS Approach & IFR Test both have bugs.

The ILS Approach test starts with down trim so you have to trim that out etc to stay at 1500 which is fine. But after a 99% perfect ILS approach and transition to visual, any form of contact with the ground produces an immediate fail.

Not entirely sure what is wrong with the IFR Test. The descent to 3500 at 110kt is a bit odd as you would expect a lower descent speed and then resume 110kt at 3500 although it seems to be happy with that. Then turning to 225 and maintaining 110 also seems fine but after this the task window says “Slow Speed Turns”. Something is missing here. I tried reducing speed and she warned me to maintain 110kt so I’m guessing there is a voice prompt missing for slow speed turns.


Yes, must be a bug. Same problem for me…

I can confirm this also. I tried two times ILS Approach lesson and I failed during touchdown (even if it’s a correct landing)

I’m on an Xbox Series X. For me the problems start at “VOR basics”. Terrible score even with close to perfect execution (best score I’ve had was achieved while being way of course and altitude compared to the metrics given by the instructor). The mission “NDB Basics” cannot be completed at all. I just keep heading at 180 degrees for ages without getting any new objectives. Also, the blue needle does not show on the Garmin screen in any of the IFR training missions, and the CDI is always set to GPS by default. Anyone else experiencing any of these issues?

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I have not experienced an issue with the lessons apart from the ones mentioned.



Same issue here. Even if I did the smoothest landing, the instructor says “watch out!”

(PC & Microsoft version)

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Same here, I tried 3x and same issue. Smooth approach and upon touch down I got the “watch out”. I am an instrument rated pilot in real life and this is definitely a bug. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it soon.



Edit: The following only applies when the WorkingTitle G1000NXi is installed. It seems that the lesson scripts don’t interact well with the NXi.

I was trying the VOR lesson and found a couple issues there. The lesson starts with the instructor talking about the CDI and saying “it’s the green indicator”. However, the lesson starts with GPS indicator (purple). An inexperienced user won’t know what to do to switch to NAV1/2.
Here, you have to make the lesson start with CDI to NAV1, so the user sees what the instructor is talking about.

Next, the instructor says “here comes” way early, before the bar even starts to move. Then she asks the user to head to 170°. At that point, the CDI bar is completely off to the right. But she still says great if the user starts heading 170°. She even says “keep the bar centered”. If the user follows instructions, the plane would go totally off and never pass above the VOR emitter. Then never complete the lesson.
I think the instructor should ask for a turn when the bar actually starts moving, and maybe even ask for a slow turn to 170. Then if the bar is not centered, don’t say “great”, wait for it to center.

I have used full autopilot (VOR mode, ALT mode) to intercept the course. It went perfect. Switched to HDG above the VOR emitter and the course was at 170°. The AP got a B grade, and 6914 points.

Now, without the G1000NXi, the lesson seems to be better.

I have spent some time with the lesson, to check if anything else goes wrong. Without WT G1000NXi, the autopilot gets A grade and a score of 8713 for me. I hope the information will be useful in a way or another.

Bulid version: (Sim Update 7)


The NDB lesson is good with both stock G1000 and WorkingTitle’s. However, if using the latter, you will have to manually enable the ADF needle (check the PFD options > Bearing).

The ils tutorial always crash in The touch down.
The instrument checkride request to increase Speed to 110 kts and nothings happen after that. Maybe a glitch due the G1000 WT


ILS lesson

I can second that the ILS lesson ends in a “WATCH OUT!” however you land. I first thought I was having a rough landing, but no.

IFR exam

As for the IFR exam, @ericobmm, from my findings, it’s not about the G1000NXi, for I have tried it with and without. That test is simply not paced well. They do not take into consideration the variations that can be introduced by the player.

The instructor first asks you to descend and maintain 3500 ft, with speed matching 110 kt. They did not consider that some would descend at 500 ft/minute while others would do it at 700 ft/min (2 and 3 on the image) or 1000 ft/min (see 1). This difference, even if you correctly maintain 110 kt, will put you at a different position for the next section.

So at the next section, you are asked to turn left heading 60°. Then You’ll slow down to 70 kt and turn right heading 225°, then accelerate to 110 kt. That maneuver can also be different from a pilot to another, depending on how fast you decelerate and accelerate.

From my tests, I suspect that we are supposed to turn left heading BODAH waypoint, then turn right heading ML09. But since the instructor asks you to perform tasks right when you finish the last one, you can do things too early or too late. At this, the in-game ATC does a much better job getting you from a waypoint to another when you are flying VFR.

In the next image, you can see different trials.

Actually, after trying a decent at 500 ft/min and ending at (4), I believe around 600 ft/min or 700 ft/min will be good. The trick here is to not turn heading 60° unless you are close to BODAH. From there, you can follow instructions as soon as they come.

Here is a pretty accurate test I have done (descend at 600 ft/min).
However, after the slow turn, and the acceleration back to 110 kt, I hear a “objective done” tick sound while above point ML09, but nothing happens. I have heard it 3 times while passing that point, and after that, nothing, and you’re left alone going 225° forever :confused:

The NDB lesson never ends for me with the Working Title G1000. It just says “Fly 180 degrees and watch the needle”… forever. (Worth noting that the needle isn’t visible by default with the WT G1000 either. You have to go to PFD options and select it for Bearing 1 or 2. But that still doesn’t make the lesson progress)


I’m having similar issues.

Now I’m having issues with airliner training and the new A5 training. All reset back to 0% as if I haven’t done any of them. Then the first aLaskan busy trip just dropped me off in the grass from where I last quit just instead of the run way.