ILS landing went wrong

I have done several ILS Landing and ever since the last update. It either fails and goes back to my desktop and or the plane just crashes etc. This video here is from my channel showing how off the plane is from the glide slope etc.

At 48:00 you ask 'why is this offline? on an ILS landing?
I assume you mean off-center. The Localizer display shows that you perfectly centered.

Looks like the red boxes are for 10L but the ILS is setup for 10C or 10R.

Impossible to tell from external view why the A320 is tracking neither runway after 48:00.

Most likely an assistance setting or AI aircraft control is the culprit.

I think the problem here is you have your flight plan set to approach to 10L, but your ILS frequency is set to 10R. That’s why the boxes are showing for 10L since that’s what your flight plan is logged as, but your ILS frequency is capturing the signal for 10R, so it’s following 10R localiser and glideslope instead.

At 6NM the localizer is already at a full scale deflection, so it’s not following the 10R LOC anymore.
The question is, why?

How come the author didn’t encounter the approach flyback bug because i get it everytime i press appr and loc buttons in A320

what’s that?

Basically during an ils landing, the AP turns you around to the last waypoint when you oress APPR and LOC buttons

Why do you need to press APPR and LOC button? Just press APPR.

Yah i meant that only

the turnaround to the last waypoint usually happens when you change STAR on approach. As long as you already set your STAR before entering it and not changing it while inside, should let you continue with it.

If you press APPR and it turns around, maybe your ILS is tuned to the wrong frequency? So it’s capturing another runway/airport ILS.

Because LOC can be intercepted further out than GS.

On many airlines it’s SOP to always push LOC first and APR only once LOC has been captured.

Yeah, but he pressed it the reverse order.

At what distance from the AP are you pushing the LOC/APR button?

I didn’t interpret it that way. Not even sure if you aren’t disabling APR if you push LOC after APR.

But i dont use any star. I jist fill in the frequency, course and when i am near runway i press APPR and it turns around. And as u are suggesting, how should i use a star

Around 15 nm

That’s the correct distance. Without a STAR, how is your route connected to the ILS intercept point?

See I just file a flight plan in the menu, see the frequency, put it in FBW A320, then when i am near runway oress APPR

It disables on my cockpit. If I press LOC first, then APPR, the LOC turns off and the APPR turns on. If I press LOC again, the APPR turns off. It’s always one or the other for me. That’s why I never press LOC then APPR in that order, since APPR can capture the LOC with the same distance as long as the signal is already detected, plus it APPR can capture the G/S as well.

That’s why I never see the reason to use LOC at all, since the APPR is behaving the same way in my sim plus the additional G/S capture. :man_shrugging:t3:

The STAR is the arrival pattern that you can set in the world map. It’ll chart a path for you to take that will line you up with the runway in the end. Once you’re lined up, activate the APPR and it should capture the signal.

Pl help me defeat this bug i beg you all