ILS/Localizers on Trenton/CYTR (Ontario, Canada) Airbase are not aligned with the Runway

Like the subject says, both ILS/Localizers on Trenton Airbase (CYTR) located in Ontario, Canada - ITR and INT - are NOT aligned with the runway and instead they are aligned with the taxiway!
One doesn’t even need to fly to the airbase (although flying to the airbase will also and quickly confirm this) and all it is needed is to go to the world map, activate “show navaids” and watch that both ITR and INT ILS/Localizers are aligned with the taxiway instead being aligned with the runway.

Below there’s two (2) screenshots from the World Map showing this issue:

There are a few instances of this being reported. I’ve found one as well, but the airport escapes me.

Report it though Zendesk and maybe it will get fixed.

Some have reported that their Navigraph subscription fixes some of these errors.

There is a thread on the issue in this category already.
This is an issue with the NavBlue navigation data the sim uses.
If you use Navigraph, you won’t have the issue.
see this thread

Closing as this was also discussed in another topic. See this as linked above and advice.