Ils offset

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In here i’m gonna post 4 pictures describing the problem that i’m facing atm. I tried to unistall clean the SIM and still NO luck at all. The problem is not only with ORBX but with 80% off all 3rd party airports that i have install in my sim. Right now at the time I tested this again for u, I only have FBW 320 and ORBX ESGG install in the community folder. I need help I dont know where to go or what to do. I can telll that B4 SU4 everything was working normaly now is a mess, LOC is useless.

Please dont ask if is the right freq or is both LS arde active. Short answer is YES and YES
Im runnig the lates Nvidea update, windows update and sim update
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The offset localizer issues are there since day 1 and hence not normal prior to SU4.

I cant recall that. I been using this airport a lot and never hade this issue b4 It start after the new update arrived and also not a lot ppl have this problem so I can’t understand how is that possible.

Is there any fix? I can’t find a propper answer addresing this problem and how to fix it!

Everyone has this problem e.g. with LOWI and LFMN since day 1.
AFAIK, Asobo is continuously trying to correct this problem, hence add-ons which were e.g. correct prior to SU4 are now off.

That’s the major problem for all add-on developers, if it’s aircraft or airports.
As long as the sim is a moving target, add-on developers need to update their products.

i respect ur answer tho i confirm from a frierd, yesterday he perfomace a test runing the same spec as me and no issue for him. So is not everybody which I find weird to be honest but yes that’s the case. Thanks for ur time.

Position your aircraft at LOWI (26) and LFMN (04R) you will immediately notice this bug, guaranteed.

If it’s an add on airport, you might be running a different version and/or your friend is using a different nav database.

is there any way to change it back? maybe that’s the case. I have a subscription with navigraph and yes I use the 1 up to date.

I don’t now. I’m not using any updates or mods.

@carlosmax50 A very warm welcome to the forums.

There is definitely something strange going on with ILS alignment and it is an issue that has been causing discussion for many months.

With regards to the specific example given for ESGG, there are two other recent relevant threads that may be worth a look:


If interested and in more general terms, there is also a rather large discussion thread on offset ILS here
(while not immediately obvious there is content in that thread that may be relevant- even though ESGG is not supposed to be an offset ILS approach):

I don’t have any clear answers as to what is actually going on here.
I don’t think the issue is necessarily related specifically to ORBX ESGG scenery.

I will be interested to see if next week’s sim update 5 brings any changes to this whole issue and/or if ORBX will have to update their airport scenery as a result of this update.

Confirmed still after SU5.

Is there a communication between Orbx and Asobo that way at the moment?

Offsets I have at Orbx ESGG, ESMS, ENTO, and also ESNU and ESSB from


Also confirm ESMS and ESGG are way off.

I have uninstalled third party pay ware airports to correct the ILS. Not great. This seems to be a problem that is overwhelming the developers. No more pay ware airports!

ORBX says that is Asobos faul but ASOBO say that they shoul update ther products, so I still dont know why they havent fix anything.

Seems, a developer of Navigraph knows whats wrong.


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Very interesting, thanks. I have four LVFR airports and I can’t use any of them due to the ILS getting broken. “I have figured out, that the magnetic-variation is wrong in the scenery.” From this info it would seem that it is down to the third party devs to get it right? Also interesting is…" This is also data independet, means if you use stock data or the Navigraph data."

I just received the monthly email update from Navigraph indicating they resolved the offset issues in ARIAC 2108.

I know that doesn’t help those that don’t have a subscription, but since MS does seem to keep up with the new AIRAC cycles these days, perhaps they too will correct in the next update.

From Navigraph:

“AIRAC 2107 Revision 4 (2021-08-06):Our navdata development team recently had a breakthrough when investigating a number of approaches in MSFS 2020 that had a slightly misaligned ILS course. We are happy to announce that with Jeppesen data from Navigraph, all ILS approach courses are now aligned with the centreline, and identical to the Jeppesen charts. Courses for offset approaches LDA/IGS that were previously misaligned are now also correct.
Here is a full list of navdata enhancements and issues that have been addressed during the past months…”

I bought ORBX ENTO airport via MSFS marketstore (V.1.0) Actually the 36 runway ILS is totally broken and there are not runway lights!!!

I know there is an update (V.1.1) but there is not abailavle in the sim yet. Asobo, please UPDATE the marketplace please!!!