Im done with this sim on XBOX

I have had it… Few months back everything was fine, i enjoyed flying and could do flights with no issues at all. But the last few months, especially after SU9 the sim goes downhill every single day.

As of today, the sim is unplayable on Series S. Displays not working, CTD when trying to land, holding your breath everytime you do somerhing and pray the sim doesnt crash or a bug pops up. Its so extremely unstable on XBOX and i have seen no sign of improvements on Xbox from the developers.

It feels like the sim is pushed beyond the capabilities of the Xbox. The only thing that works properly is the Cessna 150, because not much can go wrong with it. Flying jets and IFR is not possible without a single bug occuring.

It surprised me how bad this sim has gotten and i hope we will see improvements very very soon but for now this sim does not give me the satisfaction it did before. If i had known i would have refunded it but thats not possible at the moment, and when i bought it last year on release everyting worked pretty well.

I think i will leave this game aside for the time being, as much as i love flying and the avgeek i am. There are games out there which do function thus give me satisfaction playing.

Peace out.


Should’ve never been produced for Xbox anyway imo. It’s very limited and Sim always has been for PCs which gives it better opportunity for hardware upgrades and file control (addon, cfg, etc).


Sorry to hear.
This may be of interest:


Hard to disagree with anything you said. The SIM is now totally unenjoyable on the Xbox right now. The constant threat of CTD make me not want to bother. It’s a mess


Sorry, big rolleyes moment. All in all it’s working great on my X. In fact in another thread I lamented how I’ve downloaded the crash monitoring software and haven’t been able to make it so.

So it might be your humble opinion, and rightly so, as most of us are happily enjoying a great achievement of porting.


Sorry to those of you who are experiencing poor performance. The good news is that you now have a chance to play a role in improving the sim experience on Xbox by downloading the beta and helping the devs to analyse, track down and solve some of the persistent performance issues. Given that you are seemingly experiencing such serious performance issues, I assume you’ll be highly motivated to take part :+1:.

As for the comment that the sim should never have been released for console, try telling that to the thousands of players - my family included - who have been introduced to the joy of flight simulation for the first time thanks to the console release.


Totally get you’re saying. If I can motivate myself to go back on this thing in near future I certainly will do the beta. But right now I don’t know if I even want to anymore.


As Radegund says, please do download the monitoring software and give it as many tries as you feel you can be bothered with as this is a positive move from Microsoft/Asobo (probably could have come sooner but hey…) and you’ll be contributing to the database of CTDs and help improve the sim.


I’m on my second flight today. First was Abu Dhabi to Karachi in the 787, now I’m on my from Frankfurt to Catania in the A320.

Had 2 CTD’s, luckily only in the start when I was starting up the planes( beta participant, so hopefully they can do something with it) After that, no issues at all. Getting ready for landing procedures, cheers.

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Series S user here, and I haven’t had any problems since the SU9 hotfix.I always sim with live weather and multiplayer traffic turned off, if that helps.


I can’t blame you bud. Honestly cannot. Back in January, I also faced the issues with airliners. CTDs and black screen bugs everywhere, especially at marketplace airports. This was introduced around SU7 I believe, for me. Prior to SU7, the sim ran flawlessly on the XSX. So I kept trying to fly the A320, and every flight, there would be a black screen and CTD right after.

I got so sick of it that I just couldn’t bother anymore. But then, I became starved, and felt the itch to fly. So I finally decided to get a gaming PC. And that pretty much scratched that itch. Not once have I had a CTD on my PC. That’s how massive the difference is between console and PC. I really hope it gets fixed and improved on in the future, especially with SU10, but the degradation of the console version from launch till SU9, gives me very little hope.


I’m prepared to make some sacrifices but live weather is my line I’m afraid. Probably also the live traffic, although I have tried turning the sliders down for cars,boats and fauna etc. There’s only so many things I’m willing to remove in order to make this thing work

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Sim update 10 can’t come fast enough for the xbox people


After their last attempt I feel they are more likely to make things worse unfortunately


Xbox SX user here…

Although I do occasionally have problems with MSFS, it’s not too bad for me. Pretty good playable.
I have purchased add-ons only no airports.

The developers have indicated that a more stable version with SU10 is being worked on. It still takes quite a while…

So, I’d say either hold on or pause playing until the update comes out.

When they port it to iOS we’re all screwed.

I’m a PC guy and what I said is true about hardware upgrade and file control. I also installed in on my Xbox x and works fine but too limited for me. Again just my opinion didn’t mean to hurt anyone by my comment

Hmm. See, I’ve been flying the A20 Neo in MSFS 2020 on XBSX without any issues. No crashes. I did discover that third-party add-ons (particularly airports and airplanes) are almost certainly to blame for any issues I was having with the sim on XBSX. I removed all of them (so just MS/Asobo planes and airports) - the sim performs without any grumbles.

I’ve reinstalled Bijan’s 4-Seasons add-on (an environment add-on), and still working just fine. Global Vessels was causing a 5fps performance, so that’s out of the sim for now.

I’m up-to-date with all the Sim Updates, but I don’t have any of the World Updates downloaded and installed as I simply don’t fly anywhere but SE Asia (and, apart from Japan, there has been nothing in the way of WU for that vast region of the world, so far).

For me, MSFS 2020 is working well on XBSX - but the cost of that is to keep the sim fairly close to ‘vanilla’ (minimum add-ons) until there is some kind of fix.


Bye. Thanks for the pointless post.

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also have this problem on the XBOX, navigation screens in the cockpit are off. and before or while flying the game suddenly shuts down…so bad