I'm gonna need a Harrier for this


Where’s that? Standard scenery?

In the Gulf of Mexico added by the World Update #2 USA: USA Update: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

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Thanks, those crew on the rigs will have gone totally stir crazy waiting for the crew change chopper to turn up in 2022! :sunglasses:


I tried landing in the XCub on one of these… flew right threw the rig, neither landing on the pad nor collision. :slight_smile:

With a bit of wind you can land the Shock Ultra there.
With a really strong wind a C.150 should also work :slight_smile:

Yes we could easily land the Shock Ultra or the Savage carbon there but right now those oil rigs objects are collision transparent, so they do not allow landing, you just fly through them, it’s not the same as heliports in PG cities.