USA Update: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

I found them while helping out a user who couldn’t find certain POIs from the USA World Update.

The Globe Map doesn’t show an exclamation point for them, but I figured there’s hundreds of them off the Louisiana shore, let’s just fly out and find some.

Sure enough, launching out of LaFourche (airport/heliport made famous in the movie Deepwater Horizon), I flew South and slewed a bit, found a whole bunch of them right around:

28° 49’ 30.11" N 90° 5’ 3.96" W

One of the screenshots shows a VFR map if that’s helpful.


I’d love to see some shots with a little weather… major wind/waves perhaps?
Just to see.

That big H is just teasing everyone desperately clamoring for helicopters. I bet you could park the Shock Ultra on there though. Or that Caravan if you cheat with a headwind lol.

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Helicopters - absolutely! :slight_smile:

@JimSim831 - give it a go - you’ve got the coordinates now!

Wait… that headwind will likely give me the surf shot I’m looking for too.
Gotta play with this weather stuff more.

I bet someone somewhere will manage to land the 747 on one of them too. can’t be much shorter than Lukla :smile:

I tried in the XCub but I just clipped through the rig. No landing, no collision. :slight_smile:

There is a whole bunch of them closer to the coast if you head 160 degrees south from South Lafourche airport. I reached them in less than 15 minutes in a Cessna 152. Nice short flight, great suggestion!

They are fantastic!

Found a butt load off of Galveston (KGLS) . Depart runway 14 straight out and not too far you will see a cluster of 15-20 rigs.

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They are not landable, flying helicopters all the time here. Who placed them in MSFS? They should contact the chap who did all of northern Europe to make tem usable.

Nice shots! We just need a little wave action!