I'm pretty sure the Quest 2 implementation is bugged

I keep reading about people getting decent frame times using 1080s to 3090s… but I can’t get my FPS above 40 even at the rock bottom settings using my Quest 2.

On my i7 7700 + 3070 with a Quest 2 connected through a USB 3.0 link I have these settings:

In-game render scaling in VR is set to its absolute lowest. I believe it is rendering at 417x417

Every setting is set to the lowest possible.

Looking at the overlay, I have a headroom of -50-60% and my frame rate is constantly moving around in the 20fps-40fps area. Constantly in flux, even sitting idle in a 152 just staring straight forward on an airfield in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. And the dropped frame counter is just constantly counting up… I think it is adding 30-40 lost frames a second

My CPU never goes above 40% and my GPU never goes above 35%

There is something wrong here.

I have used the oculus debug tool to disable ASW, and none of the settings for it (lock 45fps, disable, enable) do anything. I guess that is not surprising seeing how my frame rate won’t even hit 45.

What in the heck is going on here? Does anyone else using a Quest 2 get better performance than this?


I am using the Quest 2 with medium-high settings and I have managed to get rock solid 30fps except in New York, where it falls to 20-25, it is playable though.
Do not expect to get more than 40fps, this is very demanding even for the 3090, the CPU main thread is the bottleneck of this game

This is a bug, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. This exact same thing has been happening with X-Plane for a while now too. It’s not normal behavior, and it shouldn’t be doing this, but it’s something common to both apps when using Oculus Link.

Locking the framerate with the various ASW settings should work, especially if your performance headroom is > -100%, but it doesn’t. The frame timing is still all over the place, and the resulting experience in the headset is full of microstutters and a general lack of fluidity.

Using the steamVR runtime for openXR rather than the Oculus one improves the fluidity (it also does in X-Plane), but it has its own issue of view distortion with head movements.

There are a number of posts in other threads stemming from this same issue. When I get some time I’m going to put together more info and video samples explaining all of this so hopefully it’ll get fixed. And then X-Plane can hopefully fix it too :slight_smile:


You will be able to do better than that once this bug is fixed. You’re hitting an artificially low framerate limit that is due to this frame-timing glitch, which is preventing anyone using Oculus Link from holding stable framerates at higher values. It also creates scenery microstutters no matter what your framerate is holding (look out the sides of the aircraft at the ground as you’re flying over it… it won’t be a perfectly fluid motion, it will have barely perceptible jerkiness to it. That’s not normal.). With my CV1 Rift, which isn’t impacted by this issue, I can lock it to 45fps with ASW and it runs smooth as butter. X-Plane has been suffering from this exact same issue for a while now too, and it also only affects Link. Hopefully we can get it fixed (I’m not sure whose fault it really is… Nvidia, Oculus, or the apps themselves?)

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could this be related to the framedrop issue in the Nvidia driver ever since newer then 457.09 driver ?
(see https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/402768/valve-index-missing-dropped-frames-since-nvidia-d/ )
So basically anyone not with a 3 series card can try and downgrade to 446.14 driver
and see if that fixes the low fps count via Link…
Us unlucky ones with a 3 series card cannot even do that (as that version of the driver does not support the 3 series yet), so we have to wait till Nvidia solves the issue in a new driver release.

Try this, it helps a lot with the specific issue the OP had in this thread. This won’t do any good for other headsets, but for Oculus Link with Quest it fixes the frame timing instability and makes ASW work as it should: PSA: Fix Found for Oculus Link/Quest Frame Sync Stutters and ASW Issues

I tried this and still does not give anything near playable for me (with a 3070 and ryzen 9 processor and 32GB 3600 ram) :frowning: I upgraded esp for playing FS2020in VR, came from a 2070Super, would have run much better my that old rig… The irony!

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