I'm so super impressed with MSFS! Ever been curious about what the full potential of graphics looks like? LOD 9.00s No Photogrammetry melt as far as the eye can see

No, I have set buildings in the cfg to 4… I can try put it back to 3 ? I wonder why terrain LOD and object LOD seem to have a similar effect on buildings (!?)

Yes sir, move them to 3, should look better. Especially if you were using 2 before hand. In my experience, Buildings are affected by Terrain LOD. Things like Radio towers, Wind Turbines, Cars, Boats are affected by Objects. Once you get your buildings to 3, which is Ultra, you will see a difference

hahaha superstition I guess… Above images are LOD 2.0 (both) and buildings 3, explanation: I did not leave the Usercfg.opt to readonly, MSFS tweaked me back and it set buildings to 3 (Ultra) ! try again… I’ve set both LOD’s to 5 now, buildings 3. Apply readonly. Restarting game…

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no probs, yes. if it wasnt made to read only it will overwrite your setting of buildings to 4 and go back to 2. I’m not sure if buildings 4 works, never tried that. 3 looks amazing. I hope you get better results. If not, you’ve maybe reached the maximum for what the photogrammetry can provide for that area. I am flying in a payware addon city scenery in my video. But when I fly in Toronto, I have a freeware that places some buildings and cn tower, but also uses photogrammetry. The photgrammerty can have some weird effects there. Some buildings have misshappen windows and balconies. Have seen trees that look like rocks. It’s not perfect. And hasn’t been covered by a world update. For me, it looks better than anything before and I recognize it, as having been there many times

EDIT: If not zoomed full on, it does look amazing. I have zero complaints there :slight_smile: Emphasis being on. Nothing with a Sim attached compares even a little

No significant change… alas… this time I did not change any settings, just fly in with 5.00/5.00/3, I get 1 FpS.
But the result looks very similar to the test with 5.00 terrain LOD and the buildings 4 I tried… Flying in it occurred to me the city does look much better than before ! A difference is, the texture detail of building bricks is better. The street is better (!) But the photogrammetry errors don’t really solve…

The reason 1fps is how much memory do you have? You sound deep into a page file. Try Terrain LOD 3.00. Check your PM’s I sent you a message there. Good to hear you did gain some improvements

You should have shown a video with a photogrammetry city

Toronto is shown on my youtube page. Did that months ago, and it’s been shared on these forums

I also have a 9900K, OCed to 5.1 on all cores, 3200 CL16 RAM, but I just have a 2080TI.

I would be interested in the FPS you have with the DC-6 (do you own it?) at KLAX Rwy 7L with default Ultra, no .cfgs changed.

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I don’t own the DC-6 unfortunately

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Great video (Adelaide)… You might want to consider reducing your RPM a bit to help your engine get longer life :wink: Definitely change your oil.
I was wondering how you got 130 knots in the Arrow… and that dive… Eek!


Did you load more voices? I’ve never heard some of those voices before.

Since day one this game has blown me away. I fly mostly around where I really fly (private pilot out of Nashua, NH), and I get shocked how realistic it looks every time. I’m just finishing up modding KBED where I grew up, and everything looks like, “wow. I’m here.”

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HEHE! Yes sir, I’m punishing that poor plane. I’m using the offline voices. I run live weather and traffic though. The sim keeps surprising myself as well. Always something new to see

EDIT: Oil change, hahahahaha! wish we could do that!!! I do have all damage on, and have got the black screen of “you’re dead” asking too much of my aircraft more than once. Of all the GA aircraft available, the Carenado Mooney can really take the maneuvers like no other in this sim. You can really throw it around like a spitfire.

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Im not so much into editting useropt.cfg anymore because i like the way it is by default.
But since the last two week i occassionaly while the sim is starting up in the loadingscreen i get a title like this “! hoogte update” (in dutch language) and i believe it has something to do with dem update.
Unfortunatelly i do not have screenshot of this to confirm, because it is there without warning and only for a few seconds, so far i’ve noticed it twice (maybe because it cought my eye accidently looking at the loading screen with the pictures).
Anyway i believe that blackshark or another partner company provide them ro the server
If this is possible. Im a noob to this so please do not judge,
I’ve also noticed that the netherlands still getting better with more photogrammetry
And more recent bing maps i see some solar panels appearing on rooftops in the area that i live around Schiphol also the mill at santpoort de Zandhaas is at its exact location maybe not as good looking but it is there.
Now at Ijmuiden Velsen-Noord the buildings of Tatasteel ground up to the Noordzee canal and the ports of Amsterdam are getting better and look more like in real life.
By the way i write all of this because it was not so good looking after the worldupdate 4.

The anoying part is with the piers of IJmuiden and Wijk aan zee there still growing trees on these piers, and the second tower at the the polderbaan.

I’m curious if anyone have noticed these things to, esspecially about the first things i mentioned in this post.

Happy flying

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Wow beautyful, absolute incredibe :slight_smile:
That´s a new era of graphics quality, amazing.

Thank you so much for this tip, I am currently testing the new LOD settings. Screenshots will follow.

edit1: Runs very good with LOD factor of 4 over mountain areas and over Tokyo.

Is this the correct path?
F:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-1623376217-919666565-1557720393-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache → UserCfg.opt

	LoDFactor 7.000000
	LoDFactor 7.000000

Here are screenshots with LOD value of 4, and it runs perfectly fluent:

I will continue testing later.

edit 2:
LOD of 7 gibts some stuttering when doing fast camera turns. A faster NVMe drive and faster RAM will be necessary to run it.

Here is another screenshot with both LOD values set to 4, it seems to affect the trees also and gives wider rendering range for the trees:

VR has it´s own graphics settings on the bottom of UserCfg.opt but I will leave this settings alone until I finally get a VR headset for real 3D flying.

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Your pics look stellar!!! Very happy I could help!. Yes sir, that is the correct path.

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Here is a testvideo over Tokyo with everything set to ultra and modified LOD rendering distance.
Absolutely awesome!
I love it, finally I can make my own LOD settings without having the necessity of constanly updated (and in most cases sometimes abandoned) mods for the rendering radius.

I will upgrade the NVMe to a Western Digital WD_BLACK 1TB SN850 NVMe with 7000 megabyte/second read-speed sometimes this year to give the graphics even higher performance. The Corsair Force MP6000 currently has 5000mb/sec read-speed with a Zen 2 Ryzen.

I doubt that it will be possible to buy a graphics card in 2021 from someone that is not a scalper wanting several thousend € for something which is regularly sold for 400 € :smiley: but the Radeon 5700XT runs throttled down to 75% of it´s peak performance to prevent overheating and reduce cooler fan noise still fine as long as the resolution is not set too high.

Awesome!! Finally more precise and customizeable graphics settings are possible way higher than ultra settings.

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Amazing!!! So happy to hear!!! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your results

On a plane with zero detail and at an altitude that doesn’t show all the details on the terrain :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: good one buddy. Do this on an a320 or the 747 at a lower altitude.

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… and do it in 4K resolution :wink:

I’m sure you could find somewhere else to be negative. Have a good day… buddy