Image stutter in cockpit view since SU6

After the update to SU6 whilst moving the camera inside the cockpit (happens more noticeably on the ground) usually when moving from MCDU to fly pad and back there is a large stutter/frame drop which is really frustrating when trying to set the aircraft up for take off. Has anyone else noticed this?

Is the terrain precaching set to Ultra (if you have the VRAM / RAM / CPU power for it)? It massively reduces this for me.

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I am running AMD 5800x, 32 Ram AMD 6800XT.
With pre caching set to ultra. Only noticed this since the recent update.

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Can you provide a screen recording that shows the MSFS FPS counter so that I can take a look ?

So I may have to edit the title as it’s happening on a default Cessna as well! But here is a video in the A320.

I have the same problem.

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I have the same issue, in external view too.

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Same Problem on xbox series x.

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Same for me.

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Are any of you using the A32NX ?

If so, please provide a recording of the FPS counter.

I have the same problem. It’s more noticeable in the cockpit but still can be seen when panning the camera quickly outside the aircraft. This seems to happen when terrain LOD is set higher than 200. The closer you get to 100 the better the stutters get.

I don’t necessarily think this is an issue that’s related to your FPS as I’ll still be getting stable frame rates but there will be stutters that aren’t necessarily related to frame rate.

Specs: GTX 1080 TI, AMD ryzen 5900 x, running on Corsair mp600 SSD. High to ultra settings.

My LOD is set to 200 and was set to this prior to SU6. There is a similar thread about “poor performance on the ground” which might be the same issue. People have mentioned that switching off photogrammetry helps, which I might try later. Obviously not an ideal solution but something to try in the short term.

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On Xbox you can’t set any LOD but this Image stutter happens since SU6.

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Mine was set to 200 as well. But of course I wanted to see how high I could push them and I quickly realized that setting it above 200 would increase the stutters.

I’ve seen that thread as well. I think the issue might be related. I still get the same studders in the air though. Yes turning off photogrammetry would definitely not be ideal. Personally the stutters aren’t that bad for me they’re just kind of annoying. I get stutters that only last maybe a fraction of a second or so. I wouldn’t really call them game breaking at this point. I think they call these types of stutters micro stutters?

How bad are your stutters? Do they last quite a while more like a freeze or more of a tiny hickup in the game?

Yeah that’s what makes me wonder if it’s not just related to the terrain LOD slider? I don’t know what it’s set to by default on Xbox. I definitely think terrain LOD makes it worse though.

Not game breaking but very annoying. Happens when I am planning to look at an instrument, the stutter causes me to move past the intended instrument so I have to move back again.
Seems worse going from left to right for some reason.

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Yeah it’s worse left to right for sure! I don’t know what happened!

Yes I have noticed this too. Panning the camera is definitely not as smooth as it was prior to the update.


Same here on Xbox Series X. While use camera inside cockpit, system stutters and I get some crackling noises as well during this stutter. Issue exists only sine SimUpdate6.

Same here, PC. For me, its a predictable stutter. I get two stutters (always two, back to back), maybe 1/4 second each, every 20 seconds to every minute. Checked temps and nothing is throttling, all looks fine there.

Very annoying when low to the ground. Never had this prior to SU6. Internet is fast (200mb/s).

Flying low is too frustrating at this point. All I’m thinking about is the next stutter…