Import flight plan into Aerosoft CRJ FMS

I have finally figured out how to import a saved flight plan directly into the FMS of the Aerosoft CRJ.

First you need a flight plan in Aerosofts .flp flight plan format. SimBrief will export to this plan.

Then the file needs to be copied here:


In the CRJ FMS:

Press FPLN Button.
Press LSK 1L/R, 2L/R, 3L/R, or 4L/R to select the desired flight plan.
You will see ROUTE LOADED (MSG) at the bottom of the FMS screen in amber.
Press the EXEC button

Note that airways are not loaded in the FMS. Instead you will get direct routes to every waypoint along the airways you specified in your SimBrief flight plan.

I got this info from the documentation in:


From SimBrief you should be able to export both a MSFS and Aerosoft flight plan. Then you could load the MSFS one at the world map and the Aerosoft one in the CRJ and they should match.

P.S. Im going to bed so I will not be able to answer any followup questions until tomorrow.


Also that path only works for MS store installs. Steam is in the appdata/roaming path instead. Found that out the hard way since with a custom package install location there is also a CRJ folder in the community folder of course but there is a work folder in there with a copy of the tutorial plans. I tried to put them there first and didn’t understand why they wouldn’t load even when I duplicated a tutorial plan and gave it a different name.


Thanks for the detailed explanation.
In my case the flight plans are here:

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Hi all,
Any idea why this is not working for me?
I see two sample plans in that folder, and they show up in the jet just fine. However, plans from SimBrief do not show. (Yes I’m downloading them in Aerosoft CRJ format) . I do notice that the capitalisation is different, but the formatting seems otherwise the same.
Any thoughts?

What exact path are you saving them to? MS or Steam? MS its easy to get the path wrong as one flight plans are saved under .\LocalState and content is saved under .\LocalCache

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Definitely double-check this – I made that exact mistake when first setting it up and had to correct the path setting to get it working. :slight_smile:

Ask me how I know how easy it is.

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Man, that is an awful place to bury the flight plan folder. In the appdata folder? Come on…

Blame Microsoft for installing MSFS in the AppData folder then

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Lol yeah, I can do that. Still trying to find my folders. I bought this plane this morning. I am reading a lot of articles of having an Aerosoft folder in the Documents folder. I bought the plane through Steam through MSFS2020 store. I have no Aerosoft folder in my Documents folder, so I am dead in the water until I can decipher Google search.

negative sir. there is no Aerosoft folder in the documents folder. there is a documents folder in the aerosoft folder.

specifically in the crj folder that was installed. manuals are in data/documentation

Haha. Yeah I found the manuals in the appdata/blah, blah…

Still looking for a flight plan folder though.

It’s in aerosoft-crj/work

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This is the proper path for an Aerosoft purchase:


Any ideas why I don’t have that folder? I suspect maybe antivirus got it for some reason? I bought the plane from Aerosoft directly on launch day, and it was there until I installed the update. If I manually create the folders, will it work?

You have it otherwise you would not be able to launch MSFS. Look in both AppData and LocalAppData

Works for me. As described, the Work-Defaults Folder in the Local-State-Root doesn´t work despite having some sample plans inside. The Local-State-Root with the Work Folder works.

I have the Standalone Aerosoft version, not the one from MSFS shop.

It´s a little strange, that you need to go over the secondary FP and then somehow click “Copy as active” to get it into the primary Flightplan. However, it only imports the waypoints itself without Airways.

You don’t need to copy the secondary flight plan to active in order to import a flight plan… unless I misunderstood what you wrote

If I just click INdex → Route Menu → select the saved plan and Execute, it doesn´t work for me. For some reason I need to click on Secondary Flightplan and do the same and this is also what the initial post says.

You have a problem with your install. Everyone else can do it that way. You should ask about this on the Aerosoft forum.