IMPORTANT: Graphic settings do not match the actual settings!

I have this video seen and it’s true!

(357) MSFS - Are You Really Using Ultra Mode? - YouTube

Before each flight, the graphic settings must be changed! Watch the video and try it out. ASOBO knows about the problem and is working on it!
Message from ASOBO:

• Reduced Graphics on Ultra or High
• SOLUTION: Go to Options > General Options > Graphics > Change your Global Rendering settings to Low > click Apply & Save. Change the graphics to Ultra or High again >click Apply & Save.

So, before complaining about bad graphics, try this step and do it until the problem is solved!



Ful topic here:
[BUG LOGGED] Settings do not stick since SU5 - Bugs & Issues / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Sorry if I mentioned it again! I haven’t seen it before and I haven’t found it through the search function. But unfortunately a lot of useless comments are written here, which the important ones go through!

No problem! I understand that. I was just linking the page so that you can have a look at the main thread for the bug.

Oh wow this guy was right!

The global resolution & rendering was on low-end. I have made a custum config and gave it write-protection because it was a custum config with way beyond ultra LODs on SU4.
After SU5 some settings seem to be on low.

Doesn’t this only happen when you lock the usercfg.opt? I don’t see how that is a bug.
I checked out the airport and for me it’s using Ultra preset just fine.

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Yes I have locked usercfg.opt because otherwise every time I change the slightest thing somewhere in any of the options my custom LOD values to prevent everything (trees, buildings etc.) popping in half a mile in front of the airplane would get overwritten.

NOW it´s on ultra, excellent! The LOD settings of 5.00000 or 6.00000 must be written into the config again now.

I asked myself if this could have anything to do with nVidia game optimization. Before Asobo spends time for nothing. Has anyone tried this?

They have repeatedly shown that their testing is inadequate.

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Excuse me but THIS is the rendering distance on ULTRA??!
How far is this, one or two miles before everything (buildings, vegetation etc.) is popping up?

Ooooh… now I know why everyone is so upset and enraged!
I haven´t even noticed this problem how ridiculously low the rendering distance the super-aggressive culling and immersion-breaking the pop-ups everywhere are because of my custom config with LOD-values always on 4.000000 or 5.0000000 and with write protection on.


I can’t duplicate this either.

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I’m not everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Did you try switching the setting from and back to ultra?

Somebody in the thread I attached already confirmed it has nothing to do with that.

Nah, mine goes a lot further on ultra…not sure whats going on there for you?

Thanks for pointing out!

It has nothing to do with the usercfg.opt! The error always occurs! No matter if it is read-only or not!


no problem!

I fixed this on PC by deleting my cloud save. Sadly the only way to do that is on an XBOX, and DELETE EVERYWHERE your save.

Yes I can confirm not that the flight simulator is not saving the graphics settings anymore (even when switching off overwrite protection or even delete UserCfg.opt.)

Whenever I switch all settings to ultra and end the sim and start it new, all the graphics settings are reset to low-end (even with every option declared as “ultra”).

The autogen buildings have not details anymore, and regain these details after switching to low-end and back to ultra again. Please fix this, thanks :slight_smile:

Another video about this here:

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