Importing Flight Plan generated from Simbrief

Created a flight using the world map, landed at the destination and parked up, turned everything off and the end flight screen came up.
Went back into the aircraft and hit ESC to bring up the pause menu, loaded the new .pln flight plan and its correctly added the new Flight Plan :grin:


anyone having issues with pause/break,?
mine is not working, the old days of hitting p have gone, any suggestions please

I have no problems de/activating it but had once an issue where the flight got aborted due to an aircraft overstress event during the break.

Live pause is the default and it’s very buggy, manually assign the other pause in the controls to P and CTRL+P

I tried using Live Pause and came back to no engines running and crashed to the ground. :frowning:

Make your own flight plan folder and put it in the desktop. Once you in the world map you just have to upload it and that it. Know remember when making a flight plan in simbrief remember to choose your approach ILS. Cause simbrief won’t allow you choose the ILS approach.

When generating a flight plan did you choose FS2020 ?

Yes, I use the new FS2020 export feature.

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I’ve recently been learning how to create my own flight plans in SkyVector and import them into SimBrief.

For the most part it works well, but I’ve been finding that SimBrief often doesn’t have the smaller airports in its database, even though the airports do exist in SkyVector.

SimBrief is mostly aimed at jetliners / commuter planes that wouldn’t often fly small airports. While there is some support for smaller planes i find it’s mostly useful for proper fuel and weight planning on sim jetliners rather than for small GA planes

I see. I suppose that makes sense.

I was being irked by SimBrief not recognising a small dirt airstrip in the middle of the Peruvian Andes. :joy:


Come si fa a inserire simbrief in FS2020 ? Quale procedimento esatto usare ? Grazie molte. Bob

Take a look at this video:

Excellent, thank you.

if you are in the cockpit and hit esc you can load a flightplan there but it only looks for .flt type plans. no .pln plans show there. my issue is in the initial screen where you select the aircraft and start point i click on load /save to import a simbrief .pln i then hit the fly button it goes about a third of the way and then the music stops and the sim crashes to desktop. still cant figure out why.

Hey guys! Firstly happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:! Does someone know how to import a simbrief flight plan into the 787 ? Thank you in advance and I apologize if the question isn’t new.

There are two ways:
easy) Just load .pln file while setting up the flight in the initial screen. It will automaticly load into plane’s FMC.
hard) manually type in every waypoint into FMC before asking for IFR clearance.

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All my files are saving as flp files and not fpn. Any help?

None of this is working for me. I have created a flight plan using Little Navmap, from KABE to KDFW. Everything checks out, go and open FS2020. At the “globe” screen, with the Citation in the upper left and all FROM and TO spaces empty, I click on LOAD/SAVE, then LOAD the .PLN file from the default directory. It loads, and all of the plan info is listed at the top of the screen, along with the visual on the map. I then click on FLY.

Go to the cockpit and start turning on the controls. Battery, then engine start, then Avionics, then…No Flight Plan. Nothing is coming up or showing on the FMS. Tried re-loading it from the Pause screen, both as a .PLN and then an .FLT. Each method works, but still nothing on the FMS. Tried a different aircraft - no joy!