Improve Tobii Eye Tracking: Add support for Camera Boost

Tobii presented the new Camera Boost feature at FSExpo 2024, can you consider adding support for this feature in Flight Simulator?


Tobii Gaming New Feature Presentation (FSExpo 2024) - Tobii Eye Tracker 5 and the new Camera Boost (


Yes please! :slight_smile:

Do yourself a favour, and get Opentrack, and use that instead of the default Tobii settings in MSFS. It is so much better.

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This would indeed be nice, according to the Tobii guys at the Expo there’s not much work needed from Microsoft/Asobo to get it to work.

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Just downloaded Opentrack and installed. Does appear to be more stable. Since I have never used it before wonder if you could send me your setup and mappings for use with the Tobi. Thanks.

Sure, I’ll send them when I get home.


So in images, these are my settings from the main panel.





Great…that’s fantastic. I’ll try it out.

I’m tempted to try this. I just use the standard sim sensitivity settings currently.

I’ve been annoyed at times how difficult it can be to keep my view still with my Tobii when I’m zoomed in and manipulating things like the MCDU. I’ll keep missing buttons while straining to keep my head perfectly still.

Do your settings solve this issue for you? Are there any settings in particular that will filter out noise like this?

I use this software precisely for somebody the reasons outlined above.

With the built in Tobii support I found my view would randomly change, possibly due to micro movements of my face, but certainly because it kept detecting my beard, and when it did it would set face getting larger i.e. closer, and my view would change swiftly, usually when landing!

Open track solves pretty much all these issues, but has a number of other benefits.

Ability to customise every axis independently, and even apply curves.
When turning your view rewards it will correctly lean you view left when you lean left, and vice versa. The default would lean you right.

There are many other filters to pick from , and I haven’t tried them all, but this one felt right to me.

Thanks. Prior to owning a Tobii, I used Smoothtrack + Opentrack with an old smartphone selfie camera to track my head.

Is it just as simple as reinstating Opentrack and selecting the Tobii as the input device? Is there any MSFS sim setting I need to be aware of?

I remember when I first got my Tobii, Opentrack actually prevented the sim from detecting it. I luckily found a thread here where a user has the same issue and posted a fix. So I didn’t want to break anything again :slight_smile:

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I didn’t make any changes to MSFS. I just installed Opentrack, then ensure that was running as well as the Tobii software. This is one of those rare cases where it just works! I believe it is seen in the sim as a TrackIR device, as I don’t remember seeing that when I was only using the Tobii software.

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Alright… I’m going to try this later. If it doesn’t work it’s all your fault :rofl:

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I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Should you still see both the Tobii and TrackIR in the control listing? Just curious if they would conflict. Not sure how MSFS knows which one to use.

I see both, and it works fine. The Opentrack software completely takes over control of the inputs, but will not work unless the Tobii software is also running.

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I think there are a couple big improvements. The “noise” when trying to hold my head still is pretty much gone, so that’s a big plus.

I love the Relative Translation option when enabled. It makes rotating and then translating much much more natural, and I didn’t realize how poor of an experience it was before until I saw what this setting did.

I still need to tweak curves, and I’m still not completely understanding the “Responsiveness” and “Drift” settings yet, so I need to continue to experiment with those.

This is a big improvement in my Tobii experience, and should be the default for Tobii users and MSFS2020 in my opinion.

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It made head tracking not just viable, but essential for me. Tobii only had some annoying quirks you already know of. Yet I never saw that jumping about in other sims like American Truck Simulator. It’s solid there, so I assume it’s an issue with the in-sim support.